Sony officially revealed the controller for the PlayStation 5, dubbed “DualSense.” What is it, and what does it mean for the PS5? Let’s take a quick look.

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69 Responses

  1. gameranx says:

    Some of this sounds really interesting. Some of this we’ve seen before (similar vibration tech in XB1 controller)
    Too much? Not enough? Ugly? Cool? Let us know!

  2. Virgino Rikaryanto says:

    Playstation : The Detroit Become Human Official Controller

  3. Phantom Alpha says:

    Sony—we’re changing the game and leading the industry with state of the art controllers that improve you overall game experience and a more comfortable controller.

    Xbox—we have a rechargeable battery!

    • Goat says:

      I need to break my thumbs to reach the fucking sticks

    • MICHAEL R says:

      Goat yeah 😂😂

    • Ethan Hetzel says:

      Honestly smart to keep rechargable batteries they last much longer than built in ones, and keeps you from having to buy a whole new controller if or when the internal one gives out, personally I’d rather swap batteries than opening up a controller, trying not to mess up a ribbon cable and putting it back together which I have done sadly. PS4 was an easy choice early last gen but honestly the only reason I see people staying with Sony is simple brand loyalty. I’m really pumped to go back home to Xbox 🙂

    • 3dgraphicworkz says:

      @wesley priddy Xbox fanboi. It sucks for fighting games. The left stick is in an akward position, too.

    • Say jwingler says:

      wesley priddy no only people with fat inflatable hands disagrees with me

  4. Dj Phildeez says:

    Buttons being almost flush with the controller look slick. Though i wonder how it will feel.

  5. NationJJ says:

    ps5 controller is wearing a sports bra.

  6. skyrim on the hood says:

    5:22 oh hell no forgive me god !

  7. Aayush Sharma says:

    That’s the most amazing thing since Detroit: Become Human

  8. zahid Ali says:

    Looks like a normal device from the design of “Detroit : becoming human”

  9. Dumble Dore says:

    I feel like that built in mic is gonna be really bad

    • ElectrikCryx says:

      mtx 444 are you dumb? The controller will be atleast a 100 or 110 alone, and it’s gonna have atleast a normal mic.

    • ElectrikCryx says:

      mtx 444 it’s not gonna be horrible, it’s gonna be normal.

    • mtx 444 says:

      C Alt yeah but I hope Sony adds an on and off option so people only use the mic when they need to say something cuz I don’t want to hear the clicks and background noices

    • My beautiful and amazing Princess says:

      @mtx 444 True, also the size matters when it comes to mic or speaker audio quality. In all electronic devices I own that have built in mics, I use aftermarket mics and headphones anyway, So i sound clear and I don’t annoy the other person with a bad audio

      Unless they’re going to make the controller several hundred dollars, the mic is not going to be good as a separate headset. They should just make a normal controller for a good price imo, that would be more attractive to consumers

    • mtx 444 says:

      My beautiful and amazing Princess Sony might as well include the small mic they have in the PS4 since I doubt really anyone will use the controller mics considering you can get a $5 earbuds with mics

  10. what if you says:

    Sony : All New DualSense now have built in microphone
    *F B I has entered the chat*

  11. Strippinn says:


  12. Paul Lomas says:

    Built in mic? Can’t wait to hear button clicks

  13. M __ says:

    The amount of awkward conversations in matches when this controller releases will be over 9000!!!!

  14. Ranger_ Kamaro07 says:

    Playstation 4 players: I don’t have mic.
    Playstation 5: allow us to introduce ourselves.

    • chinchy111 says:

      @Edvard Grieg they will say “i dont have a controller”

    • Red Nas says:

      All playstations come with a headset…

    • Ranger_ Kamaro07 says:

      @ZEROKOOL-20 If you play Rainbow Six Siege: ranked you could understand.

    • Ranger_ Kamaro07 says:

      @Red Nas Playstation does not come with headset, it comes with earbuds which are garbage.

    • mtx 444 says:

      It’s useful for when you need to say something important you turn on the controller mic and then turn it off because it’s not possible to create a really good mic inside the controller considering the controller might be under $150

  15. King Jiggah says:

    All the Fanatics are going crazy as sony releases crubs of the system.(Its the best controller I have seen)

  16. et de stellis says:

    Can’t wait to hear all the Push-To-Talk shit talk at the end of my Overwatch 2 matches

  17. verysgreatest says:

    I literally thought of this today and PlayStation made it

  18. Toxic Manager says:

    The kid who always puts their mic in their mouth:

    *_shoves controller in mouth_*

  19. Coals Gaming says:

    4:15 oh yeah let them leave the mic on while smacking the buttons… noiiice 👌🏻

  20. MAC says:

    Hey, remember when sony said that heptic feedback was a thing of the past

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