PS5 – The Future of Gaming

PS5 – The Future of Gaming

Join us for a look at the future of gaming. Watch the live stream June 4 at 1:00 PM (PDT)

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88 Responses

  1. Abdesslam Dai says:

    PS5: *is coming out soon
    Le poor Me: I will finally be able to buy a PS3 😢

  2. ツjAm says:

    Even my unborn son is excited about this

  3. Arentu says:

    Me: looks at wallet
    Wallet: Do it! DO IT NOW!

  4. Amal John says:

    I think the background sound is going to be the ps startup sound

  5. Egide Muhire says:

    All of this crazy teasing and foreplay, so much that it sounds like Sony wants us to watch the event in an Incognito / private tab.

  6. FTY STEPDOWN [GD] says:

    -If video games finally
    -and the console?

  7. Enrique Castillo says:

    Sony: Execute Order GimmeUrMoney Me: Yes my lord

  8. Abhrajit Ray says:

    I see. The entire console will be inside the controller itself which can cast at 4k to a display. Nice

  9. ConstanceKueffer _ says:

    Finally its here the day we have been waiting for

  10. Jo says:

    Don’t watch PS5 reveal on PS4 that Will be so heartbroken to him

  11. QadeerYT says:

    Is it me or does it sound like a start up sound for the new console idk ots because xbox did it aswell with a cheeky little 40 second video and alot of people noticed that ot sounded like a new start up sound but idk im just guessing but still I’m hyped for both consoles I cant wait

  12. Essa2008 Games says:

    My frined: did you buy PS5

    Me: yes

    My friend: what did you get in the box

    Me:just a controller

  13. Young D says:

    In 7 years we will come back here and say „i chose the right console“

  14. Führer says:

    Xbox : the most powerfull console in the world

    Sony : Hold my dualsense


    I’m starting to think the controller is the entire console.

  16. Tyijuoy says:

    I’ll find myself watching the event even though I have a PC

  17. Dark Mode says:

    This start up noise feels like they’re going back to their roots!

  18. Javier Rodriguez says:

    BUT BUT those PS2 vibes in the sound!! Let’s hope we can get in our feels with that PS5 startup music!

  19. Zacco says:

    I’ll coming back to this when the ps6 is announced

  20. M .S says:

    Why do I keep replaying this? There is literally nothing much to see😂

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