PSG 1-3 Manchester United (3-3 agg.): Champions League Recap, Highlights, Goals, Moments

PSG 1-3 Manchester United (3-3 agg.): Champions League Recap, Highlights, Goals, Moments

Paris Saint-Germain were stunned by a controversial injury time penalty as Manchester United won through on away goals with a 3-1 win in the second leg of their Last 16 clash.

The Red Devils got in front through Romelu Lukaku before Juan Bernat levelled. A second Lukaku goal gave United fresh hope.

And with a controversial handball decision going against Presnel Kimpembe late in the game, Marcus Rashford scored the penalty that completed an astonishing comeback.

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75 Responses

  1. Daniel Urewuji says:

    Barcelona should watch out for Lyon anything can happen

    • Os o says:

      +No Name a 50/50 handball. This is the exact same handball as the one they checked in VAR from Argentina vs Nigeria and they said no handball lol

    • No Name says:

      +Os o we barça fans didnt sleep on lyon, that was my point. Also, the hand was extended and it deflected a shot, I dont see what you’re saying here. Even if that WC game mattered, you said it “50/50”.

    • Os o says:

      +No Namena mate psg did fuck up but not enough to lose. Psg got robbed

    • No Name says:

      +Os o no they didnt, they where just inefective with the ball. Over 70% possesion and all you can do is 4 fucking shots on goal all game? Theyre deserving of this succulent L

    • Hmong Yang says:

      Not a chance Barcelona is inform at the moment, I give 3 and new

  2. King Philip says:

    Greatest choke team in the planet
    Got beat up by Manchester academy team lmao
    Neymar is going to get hurt next season again

    • Steve Ibrahim says:

      +Jefff Ledle that’s not luckz thats lack of execution from psg and great discipline from united. They played with a reserve team today what dod you expect to play tiki taka and domimate? We played 5 backups for our front six, we played mcmayonaise blood. Fred and Pereira havnt played all season.

    • Roidnelius Mastertren says:

      +Steve Ibrahim First of all, United are no where near the EPL title so maybe they should play their “academy” and “reserve” instead of their starters. Secondly, they got completely ran over the whole game by PSG. Look at the possession, and look how bad the United goals were. If those were the goals PSG scored you all would be crying and making fun of them. Look at last season when Madrid completely shut down and dominated PSG with all of their starters. Thats what I call a win. Also, PSG have a at least 5 starters who are garbage like Buffon who shouldn’t even be playing anymore. The fact is, PSG is not a “EU Giant” without Cavani and Neymar on the field, the team actually needs a lot of work.

    • Steve Ibrahim says:

      +Roidnelius Mastertren so you expect Uniteds b team to do better than madrids a team? That doesnt make sense man obviosly madrid have ballon dor winners on their team experianced back four and the works. You literally just compared mason greenwood, Chongy, Pereira, mctominay, and rashford to the galacticos. You really sound dumb. Bruv united midfield today had never played with each other yet you expect them to perform like a midfield lead by luca modric? A balon dor winner?

    • Steve Ibrahim says:

      +Roidnelius Mastertren and uniteds starters are injured this wasnt an ideal decision to play 17 year olds that never played a game of first team football. United had 11 players out. 5 out of their starting front 6 was out.

    • Luccas Reis says:

      No Name Florentino Perez is obsessed with Neymar lol they’d get him if they could

  3. Truth Rulzz says:

    PSG: We are going through….OLEEE OLE OLE OLE!!

    Referee: Yeah right…hold my beer

  4. Monsterrr ATLETIII Fan09 says:

    The penalty call kinda looked unintentional but also looked like kimpembe blocked the ball from other angles.. 50/50 for me but psg should’ve done better with those 2 lukaku goals.. They invest soo much money on attack but their defence and MARQUINHOS questionable since 2015

    • Mch Cdo says:

      +Andy Burch it doesn’t matter where the ball would’ve landed kimpembe was looking at the trajectory of the ball before he had turned around and extended his arm intentionally to block the shot

    • Mch Cdo says:

      +Chris Douglas you can tell his arm out like that was intentional

    • Fundings GT says:

      Mch Cdo not really he had no idea where the ball was going

    • Christophe Floto says:

      If that’s a PK and the new norm. Every corner kick should result in a PK with all the fouls going on when players tustle for position

    • kdrast03 says:

      +Andy Burch VAR has improved massively if you ask me. They have been implementing it in MLS for the past three years. You want to talk about a shit show year one with VAR in MLS was a shit show. it is a close call. I personally didn’t think it was a pen. But the refs thought otherwise.

  5. Luis Mercad says:

    Next game *Man city gets eliminated*

  6. That guy that spreads his legs says:

    United have had so many rediculous comebacks this year

  7. Jose Shaji says:


  8. sam1492 says:

    SEEING that snake Di Maria’s face at the end was soooooooo satisfyinggggggg?????

  9. RomanNoodles says:


  10. Sihan Xiong says:

    I like how although you omitted some of the highlights of the game but you kept THAT DI MARIA FACE IN THE END

  11. Maxi rède says:

    Fair play to United… I’m a French Lyon fan and I hate PSG, and I’m sort of happy that they’re out because they were really arrogant. It wasn’t with a considerable amount of luck, but United accomplished something incredible. Congrats.

  12. MKB Mugen says:

    And lets see whos under the mask of buffon ??? it is ??? LORIS KARIUS !!!

    • P.U.M.A says:

      +Wolves777 Nah… He only screwed because of one reason, mans’ too old, that’s why. He needs to hang up his boots already.

    • Truth Rulzz says:

      Buffon’s buffonery is getting out of hand…

    • danielacti says:

      Everyone missing the 442oons reference…

    • STROKER 209 says:

      You are stupid my guy, buffon has done so much for his clubs. But retards like you will only see a goalkeepers mistakes not their saves.

    • MKB Mugen says:

      +STROKER 209 and retards like you will go full analyze on comments like mines and will try to make me look bad when it was supposed to be a JOKE only and nothing more, I know that buffon is one of the best GK out there

  13. Maxi rède says:

    This wasn’t a 11 v 11 game. It was a 14 v 8 game. Kehrer, Buffon and Kimpembe switched sides.

  14. taltezy29 says:

    I got so excited and emotional watching the game, that I cried at the end. Luckily I was home by GLORY GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!!

  15. Mmoncada Playzz says:

    Psg just have story of start off winning and just getting blown away drastically in the second leg

  16. Vevxo says:

    The stats vs the scoresheet… FIFA in real life

  17. TheFnames says:

    I wish I wouldn’t have fallen asleep during the game
    Mistakes were made

  18. Huy Nguyen says:

    Why is everyone surprised?
    They both perform the usual way.
    Man Utd wins at the last minute. In a dramatic way.
    PSG loses at the last minute. In a dramatic way.

  19. Nkegoa Ekokobe says:

    PSG lost to Manchester United U23

  20. M Jordan says:

    Next Year: PSG win first leg 15-0 .. then loose second leg 16-0

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