PSG 3-0 Real Madrid: Champions League Group A Recap with Goals and Best Moments

PSG 3-0 Real Madrid: Champions League Group A Recap with Goals and Best Moments

All the action from Paris where PSG crushed Real Madrid with a resounding 3-0 win on the opening day of their Champions League campaign.

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114 Responses

  1. Papi Chulo says:

    Yeaaaa hopefully Madrid realizes their mistakes on selling Navas

    • Samuel Gonzales says:

      chuy rod miss is a miss…

    • Steven Dominguez says:

      Suliman Mustafa he’s done more then courtois has ever done in Madrid

    • xïøñ 10th says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if you actually watched the goals he conceded, those are absolutely brilliant. All you see is TC, what about that shambolic defense

    • Eliud Muñoz says:

      Luke Psaila I agree. That’s why I think the fans that think they don’t need Ronaldo or that Madrid can win the UCL because “this is basically the same team that won it 3 times in a row” are delusional. Madrid got discovered last season, this isn’t news lol

    • El señor de la tienda says:

      Lol Perez never learns not even after those 3 back to back shit show seasons from 2003-2006. He keeps on making the same mistakes he buys useless sacks of shit like Courtois and James for marketing purposes and sells actual players like di Maria and Navas only cause they don’t look like super models. He did the same shit with del Bosque he sacked him only cause he looked ugly despite him winning 3 la ligas and a champions league. Perez is the cancer of Real Madrid.

  2. Daniel Bobmanuel says:

    Name a Better love story than di Maria and curved goals ill wait. Damnnnnnn 1k views thanks soooo mucchh.

  3. King Yousif says:

    300mio. € for new players, one goal each 100mio€, they are nothing without CR7

  4. jas c says:

    Courtois haven’t kept clean sheet since when ?

    • Mustapha says:

      since mia khalifa was still a virgin

    • SAUCE says:


    • David Cartagena says:


    • E_M_E_T says:

      so, the last three times real madrid kept a clean sheet in competitive games (cuz that 1-0 summer friendly against salzburg doesn’t count, let’s be real) were all games in which Navas played instead. The last time courtois kept a clean sheet in a competitive match was a 3-0 win against Alaves on February 3rd, 2019. Courtois has gone over 6 months without a clean sheet. Let me repeat, in that same timeframe, Navas has kept 5 clean sheets, 3 of which were for real madrid, and the 5th of those being this game.

    • jim crossop says:


  5. crabalocker fishwife scheisse says:

    it’s so weird to see psg in white and real in dark blue

  6. Axel Santiago says:

    Where’s the Madrid fans that said Madrid’s back ??

    • Wolves 2.0 says:

      @Luvv Cris it’s always nice to see Madrid lose not gonna lie. Not making fun of them but I just enjoy seeing them lose. For example I like seeing man United lose too.

    • ben says:

      @Luvv Cris lmao you’re probably a plastic indian fan from bumfuck nowhere and started supporting madrid in 2017 LOL please sit down and shut the fuck up

    • Sam bayeh says:

      @Zeusツ That’s what Man United fans said too when Alex left. You will be a sad comedy club for a long time. All hail the Belgian giraffe Courtois.

    • Aram Rodriguez says:

      Chicho they said that when they got Zidane back and they said that when they bought hazard.

    • Jakub Kuzmicki says:

      Madrid, like Athletico Madrid? Theres a new king in town!

  7. Bullet Ploof Grass says:

    When you sell the wrong keeper…3-0

  8. Qwency Valentino says:

    Well Played PSG , Real Should’ve Never Sold NAVAS thats what they get , clearly he’s the better Keeper

    • Mav2208 says:

      @Covfefe Hispanics being Spanish and Spain having produced the best players of the last 10 yrs….soo youre a fuckin moron. Go back to school little boy. Get educated and stop being so ignorant.

    • El Rey says:

      Mario Sibaja how do you know he’s American?

    • Mario Sibaja says:

      El Rey his username is something Trump said. He hates Hispanics and used the word “nigga” in a derogatory way. Obviously American

    • Mario Sibaja says:

      El Rey also he’s ignorant about the rest of the world and doesn’t know anything about football. So yeah, American.

    • El señor de la tienda says:

      @Covfefe you do realize Costa Rica is just Navas and 10 no names? Courtois plays in a stacked Belgium side.

  9. FCU Gaming says:

    And PSG without mbappe, Neymar and Cavani

  10. Vic Williams says:

    *honestly, di maria is underated, in fifa and real life lol*

  11. dulce rivas says:

    Every like is a victory for kaylor

  12. Junior Júnior says:

    Was hazard playing? Couldn’t tell….

  13. Vishnu Mahesh says:

    The way Idrissa Gueye picks up the ball and runs reminds of n’golo kante so much

  14. Sebastian Santaella says:

    Di Maria and Navas happy to be out of a Madrid shirt. Also, when will Real Madrid realize Bale is their best player?

  15. xChaleur says:

    Varane is not a leader. He just likes to do what Ramos and Pepe tell him.

  16. FIFA MOBILE Zahin says:

    Zidane “I came back to revive the team and win back 3 champions league”
    Courtious “you can’t revive me”.

    • ashupashu says:

      @Javier Cisneros Herrera Imagine if Coourtois becomes super good later on and people start talking about how Zidane was stupid to sell him lol.

    • FarawayTundra008 says:

      Not even Quick Revive can save Courtois’s career

    • FIFA MOBILE Zahin says:

      FarawayTundra008 it takes 9sec to revive him

    • Andrew G says:

      @FarawayTundra008 Courtois to CSL for huge sum of money. Make a sensible transfer request. Good lord the CSL transfer request for Bale is rejected because he’s solo carrying the team.

    • Ays Perez says:

      Did he actually say that fucking dumbass he was lucky enough to win 3 times in a row but Real Madrid won’t be winning a champions league in the next 10 years

  17. Vyse Sniper xd says:

    To even think Zidane wanted to sell Bale… He was the only one performing for them.

  18. fernando ordonez says:

    Who else is happy that Real Madrid lost against PSG? Justice for Navas!!!

  19. MarcusPlier11 says:

    Courtois couldn’t save his wife a seat in the movies let alone a goal

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