PSG vs Angers | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 1/11/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG vs Angers | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 1/11/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG continues to add points to maintain first place in the general table in Ligue 1. With goals from Hugo Ekitiké 5′, and Lionel Messi 72′, the Parisians beat Angers 2-0.

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48 Responses

  1. EP 91 says:

    The way Messi sees passes is insane. It’s as if he’s playing Fifa and is getting a full scope of the field. The GOAT back at it again.

  2. Gökay Deniz says:

    The offside line wasn’t from the shoulder of the defender, it’s from where the ball is..i can’t believe the commentators don’t realize this.

    • FamousQuan says:

      @el magnifico Europa league 🤡

    • el magnifico says:

      @FamousQuan where? Top of the league?

    • FamousQuan says:

      @el magnifico let’s see where mesita turns out , y’all laughed when he left us in Madrid & look where y’all at now 💩.

    • el magnifico says:

      @FamousQuan sure kid. Go watch your fake goat in Saudi league

    • FamousQuan says:

      @el magnifico clearly seeing mesita missing pens it takes skill to score them & im saying just like the la liga Spotify team shitters aka barcaaaaa 💩 they don’t win against big teams that’s why they in the eruopa league 😂😭 & what else yeah farmers league .. Premiere league & Italy league is Better than la liga and Uber eats

  3. Erik Collantes says:

    Messi is definitely winning the balon de Oro he is just different the way he creates chances is otherworldly

  4. Just a Random Guy without a Beard says:

    What psg needs is not another striker, it is need a DAMN good defender

  5. braineatingcats says:

    that disallowed goal by neymar though 😳

    • China Virus says:

      @Bikram Singh find toilet 🚽

    • Michael Clayton says:

      Neymar made that shit look so easy.

    • Michael Clayton says:

      That shit was a beautiful

    • Kitana T says:

      @braineatingcats Yes, exactly. I think that more lenient rules (pun intended) would benefit lower levels, referees, and players. Not to mention, forcing defenders to play better than they currently have to in tracking players.

    • braineatingcats says:

      ​@Kitana T i hate that it counts if you’re leaning forward. idk i mean i’m a casual viewer, not like i can claim any expertise, but at what point does it just reward lazy defending? the guy from Anger is just standing there drooling with his back to goal even as messi is clearly setting up a pass. Neymar and the Anger defender’s feet are level when messi shoots, it’s just that neymar instinctively leans forward to receive the ball while the defender is too slow to react. they had the same opportunity to prepare for the ball, neymar just did a better job of staying alert. I don’t see how it’s not fair play but oh well dems da rules

  6. Jonathan Hardman says:

    Both Messi and Neymar’s goals were insane.

  7. Kris says:

    That Messi to Neymar goal that was disallowed was sick.

  8. Trumpet Music says:

    Messi is the only player I watch play without yelling at the TV to make the obvious pass (obvious for me as I see the entire field on TV). Not only that, but he will often make the pass I couldn’t even see, as I have a full view of the field.

  9. Eli says:

    PSG’s defense is gonna cost them horribly one day because this is just unacceptable at this point.

    • Khubani Family says:

      Offense is the best defense

    • Bryant says:

      @Joseph Antony true, but not all 6 goals were assisted by ref. maybe like 2. still PSG shit the bed that night lol

    • 6ix says:

      @Jorge Herrera u right Danilo is horrible technically, Kimpembe always manages to choke in Clutch times, Marquinhos has horrible luck but u cant replace him. Ramos always solid though he a Goat

    • Joseph Antony says:

      @sergioortizz How Marquinhos overrated bruh? Barely anyone talks abt him, plus he made one mistake vs Madrid that doesn’t mean he is not good. Plus he was carrying our defence in the 20/21 season unfortunately for him he was playing with bums.

    • Joseph Antony says:

      @Bryant It is cursed but Barca was more due to the ref than anything, the other games I agree tho.

  10. Jules Tjamak says:

    Good win but I’m not happy with the performance. after the 1 nil up, psg started to mess around instead of playing serious and killing the opponents. I hate when PSG played that way and I hope for better performances before Bayern Munich. Good return by Messi and his second goal pure art of beautiful collective football. Ekikike is getting better games by games, so good to see. well done boys

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