PSG vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

PSG vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

European juggernauts face off as Messi hopes to bring PSG their first UCL title, while Vlahovic looks to re-establish Juventus as Italy’s premier club.

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55 Responses

  1. R says:

    There are times in a game when you think this PSG team can steamroll any team in the world and there are times in the same game when you think they can also easily lose to any average competitive team in the world.

  2. Deolu Akingbade says:

    Can we just appreciate Neymar’s assist at the start of the game? He makes something out of nothing with an incredible chip that is harder than it looks. Of course, amazing volley from Mbappe to create the goal too

    • Fyneskills says:

      @Morning Lift Chill out bro. If that chip shot is so simple, you wouldn’t be here chatting with me. You’d be playing in the Champions League.

    • Ver Cetti says:

      @friendsshare I feel like he ruined it for himself cus he’s always diving.

    • Morning Lift says:

      @pmwc gaming Uh…that’s my point. That chip shot is easy even for me. If you ever played, you would understand. 😉

    • pmwc gaming says:

      @Morning Lift you’re not a pro my g relax 😂

    • Morning Lift says:

      Actually, that chip isn’t as hard as it looks. I’m not a good player but I do it all the time. I even did it last weekend in a pick-up game. What’s harder are those multiple one-touch passes. Initial one-touch passes are easy but to do several in a sequence is amazing.

  3. Devin Pruitt says:

    Can you imagine how different things would be if Juventus had picked up Veratti instead of PSG? The guy has been a class midfielder for a decade now.

  4. Diego Ornelas says:

    What a goalkeeper from Juve, wow he stopped 3 shots destined for glory….

  5. upper_cut says:

    “It’s the calculus of football’s equations solved in two movements” Stupefyingly magnificent second goal Mbappe

  6. ZeRo says:

    1:05 Kimpembe elbowing Verratti in the face has me dead😂😂😂

  7. Luan Henrique Gomes Ribeiro says:

    Neymar and Messi are pure magic together. If Mbape was willing to pass the ball this would have probably been 3-4.

    • Eric Rossoni says:

      Since when did Mbappé go from being top assister last season giving Messi the majority of his 6 league goals last season, to be all of a sudden selfish? Lol

    • DJ says:

      ​@Eric Rossoni Exactly. And Not only that, these Messi fan boys will act as if Mbappe is at fault for all of PSG’s ills

    • Morning Lift says:

      @Larry Jin You don’t understand football. You can’t run past the ball or its offsides. It’s common sense.

    • Onyx_Antonio says:

      @Zero your slow

    • Morning Lift says:

      @Larry Jin You don’t understand football. Neymar has to be behind Mbappe or else, it’s offsides. Mbappe has to lead the ball so that the ball and Neymar meet in front of the goal at the same time.

  8. Alfredo Reyes says:

    Mbapee never passes the ball when it matters. Mbapee always wants to be the hero of the team. He cares about scoring goals, but he fails on clear chances to score when he could have pass the ball to Ney or Messi for an easier goal. And the truth is that if Mbapee still wants to be a hero, he will go to bed and cost us in the long run in quarterfinals or in the round of 16.

  9. Skyler Perkins says:

    Coaches have to start to understand Leo’s body language. When you’re up 2-0 but things are falling apart, just give the balls to Leo’s feet. Over and over. He’ll slow the game down, start the possession and positive passing chemistry, and STILL link with Neymar and Mbappe.

    • Angel Caban says:

      Facts I agree 💯

    • Morning Lift says:

      @sibogama Age has nothing to do with the quality of the shot. Actually, shot selection gets better with age, and both CR7 and Messi shoot better than when they were younger.

    • WorkInProgress says:

      @YelsonDaze ENT If you’re not selfish you’re not scoring, he needs to be, with some limits. I agree that he should have given then ball to Neymar on one of the scoring chances. Other than that he played well. Messi isn’t scoring as much as he plays differently and doesn’t run as much as when he was in his prime with Barcelona years ago.

    • WorkInProgress says:

      @Anthony Garcia Seriously, every game now there’s a crisis between Mbappe/Neymar/Messi according to the drama queens here. It’s getting more pathetic than the Royals and Meghan Merkle 😂

    • Matt Royce says:

      @sibogama huh? like CR7? I’m a Cristiano fan all day, but the hgh Messi received when he was young clearly shows, he’s not as quick physically, but everything else is literally still there, Ronaldo has no such advantage

  10. Ethan Tremblay says:

    Mbappe was very selfish on that chance he had to pass to Neymar when he was wide open on the other side, definitely needs to change that also, Neymar also messed up when he had a wide open guy in soler making the run that would’ve left him 1v1 with goalkeeper almost at the end but decided to keep holding the ball.

    • Zico Tu says:

      @Deolu Akingbade Well, a player is called selfish when he has a little change to score and his teammate has a much better chance, but he decides not to pass the ball like in 05:61 of this video. Mbappe was in an acute angle and Neymar was with open goal. Back to this play, Mbappe faces the goalie in his favorite position. How many time we saw him score at this position? Neymar is behind him. Therefore, he is not blamed as selfish.

    • Deolu Akingbade says:

      @Zico Tu No it’s not. If Mbappe shoots at the angle, you all would call him selfish. It’s not a great pass, and obvious Neymar wanted the ball back instead of just passing to the teammate early on

    • The Big O says:

      Soler should’ve kept running towards the box he had a bunch of space behind Bonucci I don’t know why he ran towards Mbappe

    • Zico Tu says:

      Half the truth is not the truth. Neymar held the ball and finally passed to Mbappe at his favorite angle. Isn’t that a smarter pass? 😁😁

    • Myth says:

      @Anthony Garcia how? ☠️

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