PSG vs Montpellier | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/13/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG vs Montpellier | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/13/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

Paris Saint Germain took three points after scoring five past Montpellier’s goalkeeper in Ligue 1 action.

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45 Responses

  1. Iftekhar Aqib says:

    Neymar+Messi combination is delightful to watch. They always seem to look for each other. Neymar has been criticized a lot for not performing but he is a man on a mission this season.

    • Richard J says:

      @joe matan

      Lmao, no United should have won those games. It’s not an accomplishment to lose against English farmer’s clubs

    • Richard J says:

      @Stan Smith

      Every league practices scoring goals against farmer clubs 🤣 just look at Bayern Munich

    • Ground Trader says:

      @John Pedraza I guess you dont know much.

    • Tejas Bansal says:

      Farmer’s league

    • дайтемневонючейдешевойводки says:

      @Alfredo Reyes It’s not useful to argue with fans of other teams. We should think about our team, PSG. As for me I worry about Mbappe. Messi and Neymar were and are absolutely amazing together but as for Mbappe he is too arrogant and selfish. It’s obious unfortunately. He won’t become new Suarez like MSN trio in Barca. Maybe it’d be better if he had gone to Real, what was his dream for years.

  2. Mumtaz Mannan says:

    Aside from the goals, ive never seen psg that defensively composed since tuchel.

  3. Adan Vazquez says:

    I hope they show this class outside of the ligue 1 they’re a good team really good team it’s just injuries and small mistakes that hold them back 🙁

  4. Erik Collantes says:

    Neymar is in beast mode mbappe and Messi play excellent the team plays different than last year I see the concentration now this year psg is candidate for everything

  5. WorkInProgress says:

    Nuno Mendes is really talented. Renato Sanches is a great signing, underrated player.

  6. theazizs says:

    that goalkeeper still had the game of his life shame it was an L

  7. Joseph Antony says:

    Another good performance! Galtier is doing well! But this is only Montpellier and much bigger tests await. Neymar and Messi playing very well, Mbappe gonna take 1 or 2 games to be back in full force. Happy for Renato debut goal!!! Vitinha played very well to again! Overall great match, defensively we were good but lapsed on those goals need to improve that.

    • Nehemiah Obongono says:

      @Alejandro Casarubias bro your so weird 😂 before u wrote an essay to explain y Mbappe has an ego (mind u this a guy u haven’t even met and u spend much time writing essays on y u hate him) u misunderstood my comment. Obviously one player doesn’t guarantee the UCL but a player of his caliber will surely be the difference. Mbappe has proven last season (and seasons prior) that he is able to compete and score against the best of the best but Psgs defense let them down. If Mbappe stops performing and is taken out of the equation, psg has no chance reaching another UCL final. Mbappe brings flair, explosiveness and the finishing in the final third in big games that PSG needs. It’s not a coincidence Madrid has been after him.

    • Alejandro Casarubias says:

      @Nehemiah Obongono dude you understand nothing do this sports
      One man doesn’t win trophies if you want that go and watch golf, gymnastics or tennis, this turtle is playing with a team what he has is no confidence he has is a huge ego because he feels he is the only one who need to score or to be the one who is always in the newspapers.
      Tell me what do this dude has brought to your team that only win the poor ligue 1? The French cup? He hasn’t even win the ballon d or or FIFA The Best.
      It’s funny because you say “ if he doesn’t come back PSG won’t win the champions league “
      Yeah In the 4-5 years this dude has been in the club he won the champions league ? What makes you think that he’s attitude of selfishness is going to make PSG win some mayor trophie?
      Yeah his 30 goals a season is going to make PSG a champions league winner you don’t watch football? Didn’t you watch how Vinicius-benzema and Rodri literally were a team Without ego?
      Or Salah, firmino and sane ? Or when have you seen any team with a selfish player like mbappe wining mayor trophies ? Well Cristiano and real but the problem with PSG is that mbappe is no the only one that’s is selfish also hakimi, Mendes and Neymar use to be like they until Messi came he started to change but we’ll I really hope this turtle ruins your team with his massive wage and I’ll see how In the future PSG will want to get rid of this turtle and the will have to wait until his contract expires and then the turtle will have to wait until a team really wants him with his ego and wage is a played that only creates problems to the teams

    • Luis Lorenzo says:

      Donnaruma 🤔👎

    • Nehemiah Obongono says:

      @Alejandro Casarubias if he doesn’t come back PSG won’t win the champions league, it doesn’t matter wat u like, PSG needs to win trophies and a healthy, confident Mbappe will be the difference in this PSG side

    • Joseph Antony says:

      @Bernardo Diaz Well if you want to think that then okay. 👍

  8. Larsen William says:

    That first half touch to Ramos, Hakimi, Messi, Neymar… though stopped, set a tone.

  9. Larsen William says:

    Neymar’s header was a great play but… Hakimi has to play better… bc that deflection could’ve gone the other way.

  10. J N says:

    This the neymar we expect every game🔥🔥

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