PSG vs Nantes | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 11/20/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG vs Nantes | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 11/20/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

A vibrant match at Parc des Princes that will be in the history books thanks to the first goal by Lio Messi in the Ligue 1. PSG won 3-1 over Nantes.

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44 Responses

  1. Nibble says:

    Finally a proper highlights video posted…

  2. Rod’s rooter plumbing RRP says:

    The link up play between neymar and Messi and mbappe coming together

  3. Joseph Antony says:

    Honestly this is the best PSG have played this entire season, relentless attacking, Neymar played one of his best games shoulda had an assist and a goal tho, Mbappe fantastic as usual, Verratti, Paredes, Gueye and the full backs played pretty good too. And lastly La Pulga breaks the deadlock, his best game of the season! 👏👏

    • jay4go says:

      Its because Kimpembe wasn’t playing and as far as I can remember this is the first game this season. He needs to go

    • jay4go says:

      @Joseph Antony Kimpembe is trash and only gets callups to Les Bleus because he plays for PSG. He is mistake ridden and has no offensive IQ. Just a bully basically. Ramos needs to get healthy ASAP

    • Joseph Antony says:

      @jay4go He ain’t that terrible I mean he pocketed Ferran Torres in the nations league final, he has caliber to play cb, he showed that in the last two seasons, give him time, plus even Messi and Neymar had slow starts this season. Yeah ik at times his mistakes are annoying but he can improve himself, and I trust he will.

    • Cobra Kai Never Dies says:

      @Joseph Antony dude Every time their is a goal he is the cause! Like the Fucken Lipzieg penalty! No need to foul him and lost 2 points

    • Diego Gandara says:

      @Everardo Calvo at what??? 😂😂 keep on dreaming parisians 😉

  4. Nawid Haz says:

    That was an amazing goal from the 🐐 he is finally recovered from injuries what an amazing performance

    • Alex S says:

      They played a team that’s #11 and they’re #1 so I’m not impressed. I’ll be impressed If he scores against man city tho

    • John Salchichón says:

      @Alex S I get what u mean but he did last time they played. I agree he should be scoring more. But with time we’ll see

    • safue says:

      @Alex S what???? First it was no goals then when he scored one against man city they said no league goals and now the excuse is that its not against a top team. I swear these excuses are getting out of hand.

    • Steve Felix says:

      @safue I swear bro, haters are gonna hate, but Messi still does his thing😁

    • dheeraj namburi says:

      Sure, Messi and his fans are losing sleep over broke dumb kid impression on the GOAT messi. Your mom and dad are definitely not impressed the way you turned out to be.

  5. Riuzaki says:

    Hakimi is like the student who do not study but always pass

    • John Uptimus says:

      Correction you think he doesn’t study

    • Rusty says:

      Hakimi needs to improve on his runs, Messi got mad at him today for not making the run and offering support on the overlap, those are pivotal for drawing the 2nd defender away from Messi allowing 1vs 1 opportunities for him

    • Armen says:

      He needs to watch a video of jordi alba and dani alves lol

    • Cristofeer Neri says:

      @Rusty he did it all game tho , Messi made a few mistakes like that for Hakimi so don’t say that lmao and Messi could’ve easily scored another one earlier in the game if he just tapped it in

  6. ThisweebRick says:

    i really like this PSG team, Messi isnt forced to create chances as he was in Barca

    • Efe Aigbe says:

      That’s why he’s not under any pressure. The guy is having fun

    • Rusty says:

      Messi had created a lot of chances in this game, actually, but Nantes GK was having a great game. Messi should have had a hat trick and Mbappe a brace, they both missed great chances, but their form in front of goal will come. They are still getting used to playing with each other since someone always injured in front 3 and miss game time

  7. Rafael Rivera says:

    12:16 when you want Messi’s jersey but your teammate beat you to it.

    • Rusty says:

      I think he promised their GK 😭😭 but that guy deserved Messi jersey tbh, he stopped him from scoring a hat trick

    • albert ngene says:

      Thanks for directing my mind to that. That cat is so fast only deflections beat him. He deserves Messi Jersey. 💗

  8. Stay Blessed says:

    Lafont deserves props for saving so many shots. PSG couldve won by 6+ goals

  9. AdmiralS 11 says:

    Messi Neymar and Mbappe smiling and laughing with each other is the most wholesome thing evah

  10. John El Hanafi says:

    Messi is getting his groove back on the new pitch! Classy performance by PSG!

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