PSG vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

PSG vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

For the first time, Leo Messi faces his old archnemesis Real Madrid in a PSG kit. Will this battle of titans feature Europe’s eventual ultimate champion?

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60 Responses

  1. ManuelBaut104 says:

    Such a deserved victory by PSG
    Created more chances
    Defended well
    And just overall the better team tonight

  2. Jacob says:

    PSG never let Real Madrid attack the whole game, what a performance in that category! 👏

    • ForYouLol says:

      @Dan M what are your talking about psg controlled the game. Real couldn’t get thru psg defense

    • ChrisChras 9000 says:

      @POW3R103 true but still he scored

    • ChrisChras 9000 says:

      @Abel Montes lmao I was just speaking the truth no need to be so toxic.

    • Chevon Petgrave says:

      @Dan M really only Mbappe. The wings were overloaded. Hakimi and Di Maria/Neymar on the right and Mendes and MBappe on the left and the forwards would switch it up every now and again. No to mention that Real pretty much parked the bus down the middle to do what every team that plays against Messi does. It was more or less affective in slowing down Messi but that freed up the wings.

      They had way more to worry about than mbappe.

    • Jboy312 says:

      @KDINK n cr7 I’m yours who uses that reply still? So old since 2012 old

  3. rhythm451 says:

    PSG’s defense wasn’t having it today…they played so well that mathematically the end result would have to be a win 🔥🔥👌👌

  4. Edis Lettuce says:

    I was absolutely amazed by Mbappe’s goal, just had me screaming like crazy like no way. PSG deserved it 100 percent, what I will say though is that they need to score more goals, had messi’s penalty went in then I would say they 100 percent are going through but there is still a second leg to be aware of, this is how PSG should be playing, as a team

  5. NikeBoy4590 says:

    Messi, I’ve been following you throughout your whole professional career and am a great admirer of yours. I really hate to say it, and I’m almost certain that you’ll agree, penalty kicks are your imperfection.

  6. Wisco9er says:

    These are one of those games where the future is going to be like “wow man look at all those legends on the field.”

  7. JayCFC says:

    A moment of sheer brilliance by Mbappe. What a goal.

  8. Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 says:

    *Courtois deserves to be talked about too for all those amazing saves including the PK from Messi*

  9. Kaden Moubayed says:

    Mbappé, he’s truly exceptional.

  10. Wisco9er says:

    This was such a phenomenal game to watch. Two great jacked teams battling it out and displaying phenomenal defense. It was going to take something brilliant to score

    • Wisco9er says:

      @Gato 69xxx But how do you know? How do you know that if it was 2 minutes Mbappe wouldn’t have scored? Last minute changes everything. Tactics. Positions. Attacks. Everyone knows when it’s the last minute of the game, and it’s when players try to do one last push. You clearly never played a football game with a clock. You should know about how last minute works. You’re thinking numerically right, but reasonably you still cant comprehend, and I think it’s because you’ve never actually played a serious game of football.

      How do you know, that in the 4th minute, Mbappe was like “it’s the last minute” and attempted what he did? How do you know? How do you know he wouldn’t have done the same on the 2nd minute if it was the last minute? You dont.

      By your hilariously stupid logic, mbappe would have scored exactly on the 4th minute of extra time even if he was given 9 minutes of extra time 🤣🤣

      Don’t go saying that Mbappe wouldn’t have scored if he wasnt given 4 minutes. That’s snowflake things. He scored in the game, and a game is a game. He got the goal against Real Madrid, and that’s all that matters.

    • Gato 69xxx says:

      @soek-_- how so? See another idiot that doesn’t comprehend. The guy stated if it wasn’t for mbappe that psg wouldn’t have won. Then I asked well what if they only added 2 minutes, by that time mbappe was still in the game
      And had missed at least 3 clear chances therefore the whole “if it wasn’t for mbappe” argument is absurd yeah he scored but he could’ve scored way before right? Now is it for mbappe or the fact that they gave 4 mins? Not blaming mbappe nor anybody for it just the whole if it wasn’t for mbappe argument is funny . And I get it he was the best player in the game but that’s not my point

    • Randy Flores says:

      @pras vasu you don’t know much about the sport I see. PSG won and deserved it. We will comeback 2nd leg.

    • Sxmih_🐐 says:

      It was very one sided, not even being bias, courtois kept real in the game

    • soek-_- says:

      @Gato 69xxx by your knowledge if the ref added 6 min instead of 4 madrid would have tied the game up😂

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