Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.

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69 Responses

  1. Ciara Bradley says:

    That was the first thing I noticed when I visited the U.S. psychics everywhere. So weird

    • CWolf20 says:

      +Joshua Sweetvale If you’re white, you’re fine. Being non white can be dangerous though.

    • Spencer O'Keefe says:

      +StL ChuckO I think it might be more accurate to say that the so-called Bible Belt has no need for psychics because they already put their faith in something else. Psychics, like all professions, go where there is demand for them, so if there was any demand for them in the Midwest they’d have set up shop here long ago, religion be damned.

    • Nathan Cassidy says:

      There are barely any psychics where I live. I didn’t even know it was still a major thing until now.

    • 3.14159265358 says:

      I went on holiday to the US last summer. It made me realize how much I take for granted here in the Netherlands. America is pretty messed up.

    • Nathan Cassidy says:

      Joshua Sweetvale
      It is NOWHERE near as bad as news outlets and YouTube makes it. Same as going anywhere in the world.

      Americans are a lot more welcoming than people claim. Maybe don’t go to the more rural areas on your first trip, but I’d recommend a visit.

  2. Milton Munoz says:

    Didn’t know Mob Psycho reflected reality so well

  3. Edwin Chan says:

    “He is smart. He is a sophisticated Manhattan sex monster”
    …From NYC and have a new fav putdown for friends

  4. It is Me says:

    Psychics completely depend on Barnum Effect and people’s misery

  5. Daryll Ndemmayah says:

    Watching this reminds me of Mob psycho 100

  6. Pragnan Saha says:

    I want to see psychic talking to a dead psychic.
    Best free business tips.

  7. Jordan Will says:

    Best psych bust was when a post op trans woman asked a psychic about getting pregnant… It was juicy. When asked if there would be any complications with the pregnancies, the psychic said there’d be none? lmao transition goals – dupe a psychic

    • Katha DasEinhorn says:

      +Oscar Simansky I think it was a video by Blaire White.

    • Salene Brom says:

      Plot twist there have been successful womb transplants between women and it’s only a matter of time before they enable it for trans women and since the women that got the transplant successfully delivered a little girl it’s a possibility of the future

    • S L says:

      Is your profile picture a kraakhan?

    • Jordan Will says:

      +Salene Brom a womb transplant sounds like a bit of a complication! Also that sounds like maybe the next generation of trans folks in terms of how far out that is.

      As for whoever asked for the link, yeah it’s Blaire White.

      Normally I don’t enjoy her content, cuz I’d rather deal with irritating Twitter posts about hundreds of genders than not have insurance coverage for my transition, but this was pretty damn funny!

    • Jordan Will says:

      +S L lol you caught me! Former Bionicle fan turned trans girl! Never bothered to change it?

  8. Arkues says:

    “Update your antiquated Irish stereotypes” so something like the idea that lucky charms are in Ireland

  9. Richard Servello says:

    So great to see John doing a story about con artists not named Trump.

  10. Humanoid25 says:

    On an episode of Hacking the System they did a thing about con artists and there was a segment dedicated to cold reading. The host (Brian Brushwood of Scam Nation and The Modern Rogue here on YT) got a bunch of people and did a cold reading on a kid telling him about his grandfather and all that and it was exactly like the mediums from the clips. The only difference is that at the end he explained to everyone that he basically was just shot gunning general statements until something stuck and then went from there and that they should all be aware that psychics are usually just scams.

    Also on the H3 podcast not too long ago Justin Roiland (creator of Rick and Morty) and Alex Hirsch (creator of Gravity Falls) got together with Ethan and they called a few psychic hotlines to troll them and they were being charged like $5-10 a minute….so when John says it’s a billion dollar industry I believe it

  11. Kenneth See says:

    Can’t all be Reigen Arataka.

    • NightWolf Jr. says:

      @Kenneth See I see there is still hope in this world.

    • JunLim 96 says:

      Weaboos are everywhere huh


      We all have reptilian dna and the reptilian part of the brain. I heard our humanoid brothers & sisters amongst the stars weren’t happy about the reptilian part of the brain being included. The reptilians farmed dinosaurs for a food source. The reptilians went underground after a certain time period. Satanism. They cannibalize humans, especially infants and babies. Some of them are not even human beings they are demons/reptilians/greys/parasitic entities/archons. Some are half human hybrids, others are in human ”host” bodies. It does exist…underground, in secret societies , freemasonry, government and royalty. This entire world is a playground to evil entities who prey on the unsuspecting people who have been indoctrinated into a fictional reality based on mental, physical and spiritual slavery. Consuming human flesh causes demonic possession through the pineal gland, it causes the person who is cannibalising the flesh to become merged with a serpent/reptilian/demonic spirit…which then urges their lusts to sexually abuse and cannibalize children, because demonic entities feed on negative energy/emotions. They kidnap thousands of children each year. There are underground bases worldwide. They have human farms underground. They are doing the same on other planets and in other realms. Farming human beings in camps, they have the same planned for us here on earth, They want everybody disarmed so they can put the remaining people in camps and turn them into cattle and farm their children. This is not a joke, I am not crazy….or trolling. This is the truth . Please spread it before it is too late!

    • BaneOfTechnology says:

      I was totally thinking “oh man, one of John Oliver’s writers has been keeping up with the new season”

    • NaseMaser says:

      Was looking for this comment

  12. Dhanuja Boyagoda says:

    Who else thought the title was physics ?

  13. mori1bund says:

    WTF America!
    Flat Earthers, Creationists, Anti-Vaccers, Televangelists, etc… and now Psychics?
    Are there no reasonable, rational people in this country?
    No wonder a third of the country falls for a conman…

  14. DrumWild says:

    Of course psychics are not real. If they were, then I would have been told about them by an invisible man in the sky who created everything and cares about whether or not I touch my own penis.

    Too many people believe too many stupid things.

  15. DrumWild says:

    A psychic once told me that my bicycle was at The Alamo, in the basement. Not once did she mention Francis.

  16. only truth ! no bullshit !!! usa says:

    So that’s what happening in America , people are busy talking to dead relatives and ignoring those who are alive.

  17. Ichiban Moto says:

    with James Randi retired, Penn & Teller should make a spin-off reality debunking such exploitation.

  18. Insert Clever Username says:

    “Wait a minute…you didn’t disappear?”
    “I’m right here.”

  19. Portantes Beneficia says:

    I thought that John Oliver was gonna talk about physics.

  20. DarkStar says:

    I read “Physics” in the thumbnail and got super excited. I only realized my mistake when he said “Psychics” and I died inside. Sooo depressing.

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