Public Restrooms Around the World

Public Restrooms Around the World

We sent our producer Blaine around the world to capture footage of public restrooms.

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20 Responses

  1. Young J says:

    Vanoss had this idea first XD

  2. neuroticrepress says:

    Outdoor urinals?! WTF INDIA? Yes, you have normal toilets too but that shit
    is fucked up!

  3. Mr_Swedish says:

    I thnik the”Best” is India !

  4. Mohammed Ebrahim says:

    Addis ababa, Ethiopia

  5. chingchonghuang says:

    Amazing video

  6. Aliah Cornie says:

    I hate nasty toilet

  7. velezarlen says:

    Whoo! Adelaide!

  8. Alison W says:

    what just happened

  9. Kate Nikova says:

    Bang kok lol

  10. Unique and Hilarious Username says:

    why can i instantly smell the powerful pang of aged urine ugh i hate

  11. Nihad Asadov says:

    Why is India like that?

  12. benchong chong says:

    The cleanest toilet is India look at that I would like to lick it

  13. Lela says:

    Why did I just watch that?

  14. ThreeSingle and co says:

    False. They were all suppose to have shit inside of all of them

  15. rubber chicken says:

    I get the feeling Blaine really wanted to be filming glory holes around the

  16. WatchTheWorldBURN says:

    New Delhi, Shanghai and Tokyo: What the fuck, guys?

  17. Tony Crony says:

    God, enough with this stupid Buzzfeed shit

  18. Tierra Nauman says:

    why all urinals?

  19. Yoshi Luvs Minecraft says:

    Wtf India is so unsanitary…

  20. jackinator1232 says:

    Datsa Toilet!