Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.

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42 Responses

  1. Roland Lytle says:

    This was an excellent interview Alvin.

  2. Biniam Makonnen says:

    I really enjoy your shows but now you got my respect.
    Thank you

  3. doug b says:

    wow, a funny and yet empathetic topic. kudos oliver.

  4. Sarah Garner says:

    Monica Lewinsky is a charming woman. I’m very happy she seems to have come through this okay. I’m sure it’s still difficult for her but she seems to have taken her power back.

  5. Alex San Lyra says:

    Wow! I had no idea Monica Lewinsky was such a great person. She’s actually amazing.

    Oh, and #tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba

    • Daniel Garnett says:

      She is, I can’t blame Bill for wanting a piece of that.

    • Sibyl 1 says:

      Maybe Bill Maher should be ashamed of his Twitter account , flying off to Pedo island , wanting to be balls deep in s Russian whore ! What a bunch HBO bullshit !

  6. Eric Larkin says:

    Monica is very well spoken. This is made more impressive by the subject matter that she was discussing here.
    Massive props.

  7. luvz2spooge1 says:

    since no one is asking the hard questions around here, I guess I’ll have to do it


  8. Ashen-Phoenix says:

    “Every twenty-two year old is some version of an idiot.” Love it. This was a phenomenally on-point, thoughtful, and powerful episode, John. Thank you.

  9. Palestine Exists says:

    John Oliver is a comedian/entertainer, but is more of a journalist then actual journalists.

    • Matthew Westmoreland says:

      Ok…but John Oliver has also spoken in interviews about how much the show relies on the hard reporting of actual journalists and hates when he gets compared to a journalist.

      Commentary is different than journalism. Interviews are different than journalism. Give actual journalists a break. Jobs are disappearing and local news is very important for communities but goes unnoticed because everyone only thinks of CNN and Fox.

    • Statikal says:

      John Oliver is a propagandist pretending to be a comedian that pretends to be a journalist.

    • Nick Bell says:

      One of the Heirs Apparent to Jon Stewart.

    • Kevin Ames says:

      +Matthew Westmoreland But he’s still the face of the product. The one in front of camara .Reporting news whatever the venue makes you a journalist…my opinion

    • Docktor Jim says:


  10. Rick Niu says:

    Im 22. Still gonna keep watching you John. No worries.

  11. Joshua Noe says:

    The dignity in which Mr. Oliver conducted the interview, and the strength with which Ms. Lewinski has endured are both great examples of what we should all strive for. Thanks to both of you!

  12. John Chessant says:

    I remember I made a joke about Monica once to a friend, when I was in high school, and I felt horrible about it. The joke wouldn’t be something I’d say about someone I knew. I was only saying it about Monica because she was someone I didn’t know, and someone whom the media had long de-humanized. As a society we need to be more forgiving to those who repent. A bad decision shouldn’t haunt someone for the rest of her life.

    P.S.: The interview was great. She’s courageous but also very funny. Watch her TED talk if you haven’t already!

    • Justin Kerr says:

      There really shouldn’t be anything for her to repent. She was the victim of her story. Girls like her are taken advantage of every day the world over. That and the way we treat each other are the problem here.

  13. Arturo Lemos says:

    One of the best LWT segments ever. Great job, so happy to see Mrs. Lewinsky in good spirits.

  14. Mohammed Alsalloomm says:

    Am 22 and am heavily offended.

    John Oliver: not you because you’re watching

    Am smiling again never mind I knew you were joking Johnny

  15. KaikalaMoon says:

    Great interview with Monica Lewinsky. What a journey thru time. She’s a great lady. Definitely refined and funny. As for you John O. I got married at 22? … JO, You have my type of humor. Thanks for making me laugh in this mean a$$ world.

  16. peach star says:

    You can see the genuine interest that John has towards Monica’s POV and doesn’t interrupt her throughout the interview. She’s an amazing, well spoken individual. Brilliant interview.

  17. Juan Luna says:

    You’re doing God’s work, John. The internet needs this video so badly

  18. James Farnan says:

    Somebody started a twitter account for tucker Carlson’s roomba, it is hilarious.

  19. Aderack Online says:

    The applause coming in when she observes no one ever asked Bill Clinton if he should change his name. Wow; forgot there was an audience watching this clip in the studio.

  20. Justin Watterson says:

    If Jay-Z and Eminem don’t drop a single with John Oliver’s name This planet is dead.

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