Pumpkin Girl: An Animated Horror Story

Pumpkin Girl: An Animated Horror Story

Lock your doors… she’s out there….
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Thanks to Michelle Khare and Zach Craley for voicing some characters in this spoopy horror story. I can’t believe I never thought to tell a scary story… this one turned out great! p.s. this was originally suppose to be a short 4 minute video – now its two parts and almost 20 minutes long. whoops!

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68 Responses

  1. Vishu Mishra says:

    Man Alex always bringing youtuber cameo 不不不不不不不first Logan , KSI and now shane

  2. Renee Ella says:

    I can’t believe I hadn’t found this account sooner! Based on this one video, I can already see that you’re a very funny and nice man with a lot of skill for storytelling and animation! Keep up the great work! (and here’s a subscribe, too ^_^)

  3. 蛂-蚸 says:

    The Shane Dawson diagnose killed me!… just like pumpkin girl

  4. Waahaa _1 says:

    “The next closest thing to murder”

    *T-series passing pewdiepie*

  5. Amina Show says:

    I live in Erie PA I dont have to look it up Where did you go there so many places but its still kind of small

  6. VioletHeart says:

    that was soooo good!!! I was watching it then i move my mouse on the video and it was already so close to ten minutes, i was like NNNOOOOOO DONT END NOOW!!!!!! But i liked the video and cant wait for more!

  7. FroyoHead Animation says:

    What if pumpkin girl and the evil sister team up?

  8. Fourxs says:

    I liked that Shane joke.

  9. Bidoof Games says:

    The amount of likes on this comment I add 1+yeet


  10. Out to Lunch says:

    The closest thing, to the closest thing, to the closest thing to murder.

  11. SlackerTV says:

    Vegans ruin everything

  12. Blah BlahBlah says:

    1. I got a dig bick
    2. you that read wrong
    3. you read that wrong too
    4. you checked
    5. you smiled
    7. you are wondering why you’re still this reading this
    8. you saw that mistake… right(on 7)
    10. but did you see I skipped 6?
    10. but you checked
    11. and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9
    12. I said saw you. not you saw
    13. I also skipped 2
    14. You got tricked
    15. Im just wasting your time go back to reading the comments

    Have a nice day, good looking person guy girl yeah…

  13. AudioKritik YT says:

    OH SHLIP! I’m in Virginia. And your coming to Richmond. IM COMING TO SEE YOU!!!

  14. CasualGamer101 says:

    Wow your videos are much better now the quality has really gotten better congratulations!

  15. Alex Clark says:

    Plz like if you love Alex Clark or want to see him

  16. Nicholas Vargas says:

    Alex this was the most funny video you’ve ever posted

  17. Deathkillerlion says:

    Tour dates : Boston,- (pauses video) *Y E S*

  18. STUSSI BOYZZ says:

    You’re literally the best storyteller ever

  19. John David Craig says:

    Holy moly this video is number 13 on trending!!!!!!!! Good job! Itsalexclark I knew you could do that!

    Edit:BTW I liked my own comment.

  20. Pearce Brana says:

    This is the best video animation I have ever 10/10 Grate job Alex and the animators I can wait until pat 2 of

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