Pup Quiz with Ben Affleck

Pup Quiz with Ben Affleck

Jimmy and Ben Affleck face off in a trivia game where the winner of each round gets a puppy dressed up as a superhero to snuggle in honor of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Pup Quiz with Ben Affleck

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20 Responses

  1. Toastelele L. says:

    Jimmy looked real pissed at the end :^)

  2. Deni Hatesyou says:

    Can Ben Affleck at least ACT like he has a personality?

  3. Beatriz Komura says:

    please, please, puppy quiz with Tom Hardy!!!!!

  4. Karina Schumm says:

    I wonder how many sets of puppies they have went through. Imagine they kept
    the same dogs and they put 80 pound dogs on their laps

  5. leslie martinez says:

    love you ben affleck ❤️❤️❤️

  6. LadyBizarre says:

    Poor puppies ;(( I wonder what they give them backstage so they are so

  7. messi kobor says:

    Ben looks so tired

  8. retnavybrat says:

    My answer to Final Puppardy was based on there being nearly 9 million
    people in New York and guessing that 10% probably have dogs. Then add in
    that some people have more than one dog, plus the poor homeless doggies, so
    I guessed 1.5 million. I really was surprised that the canine population
    for such a huge city was less than a million.

  9. SAGE says:

    You cut off before we see him with all the puppies?

  10. LazyBazooka says:

    No ones knows what it’s like to the Baaaatman, to be the saaad man…

  11. Dyslexic SnD says:

    lol i see Fallon has to steal bits from CONAN now?? oh and nice i see you
    still have the fake laugh. keep it up

  12. Anton Nzl says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the greatest Batman/Bruce Wayne in
    the history of cinematic history. Well played, Affleck, you showed us all.

  13. Yuck Mouth & Friends says:

    Super heroes and talking doggies make the perfect duo! Just ask my daddy!

  14. chang man says:


  15. Taio Cruise says:

    Why does this comment have so many likes?

  16. Giselle Gutierrez says:

    So far Kaley Couco was the most excited contestant about the puppies lol

  17. Pearl Honorio says:

    Cutest game :”)

  18. spazzyhilo1 says:

    wait, so Batman was a puppy this whole time?? THIS WHOLE TIME?!?!

  19. TheTMshadow says:

    The best kinda of tonight show game

  20. Tadashi Stark says:

    noooo, i wanted to see batfleck with all of the puppies!!!