Puppies Test The New Star Wars BB-8 Droid Toy

Puppies Test The New Star Wars BB-8 Droid Toy

In a galaxy far, far away the new Star Wars BB-8 droid meets its match: a group of adorable, pint-sized puppies.

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Puppies Test The New Star Wars BB-8 Droid Toy

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19 Responses

  1. kittykatsmash says:

    BB-8 Toy? More like Oh My Fucking God How Much Does That Cost Toy.

  2. Pumpkin Graham says:

    I need one, I will die without one

  3. Plebchok says:

    The midget inside that droid must get really dizzy.

    • Austin Parker says:

      +I only go to Costco for the samples Midget is pretty much the best thing
      to call them, they can get mad all they want but little person just sounds
      like someone trying to make the word kid sound more mature… we could call
      them dwarves I guess, but midget is probably the best possible word to
      describe them. Like I said, they can get mad all they want but it’s true.

    • I only go to Costco for the samples says:

      *little person

  4. Endergizer says:

    These are the puppies we are looking for!

  5. evodevo says:

    ? If it really is $150.00 ….. Then someone should be jailed for not
    feeding children ❗️

    • Chorp Squatch says:

      +evodevo Woah holy shit! It’s only $150? That’s cheap! I have no clue what
      you are talking about.

  6. Tara Spears says:


  7. Incertus Veritas says:

    That BB-8 wouldn’t last one spin with my dog… it would be fun for cats

    • podfun says:

      so are you telling me its the cats meow because if so that’s perfect by the
      way meow don’t be such a sourpuss you had enough somebody was going to
      reply to your comment I hope you have a beautiful day I was thinking the
      same thing awesome cat toy

  8. DrunknAzn says:

    ELI5 how this thing is able to roll around with the head still on ?

  9. Alexander Macias says:

    Downvote for no puppies.

  10. Mark Plott says:

    skip the BB-8 toy, and adopt a puppy.

    • F'Dangle Shadang-a-lang says:

      +Mark Plott
      Nah, BB-8 will bring more joy and material value to my life than a dog,
      which I would have to feed, and clean up after.

  11. Ravail Sandhu says:

    Star wars = :(

  12. Lorena “Lolo” Gutierrez says:

    It Seems Like Cosmo Is Not Very Fond Of BB-8