Purplecliffe Reacts to NEW Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Trailer

Purplecliffe Reacts to NEW Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Trailer

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THESE GAMES!! What did you like the most in this trailer!?

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30 Responses

  1. Purplecliffe says:

    I still can’t believe there are three different stories

    • JumpStart says:


    • Mike Campbell says:

      1. Gym challenge, 2. Villain team, 3. Terastal Phénomène

    • Jeffrey Chapman says:

      Love your content man, im excited too

    • RikkuEcRud says:

      I doubt it’ll be _actually_ three different stories. I expect that due to the open world design they’re claiming they just made different plot threads modular and let you do each separately instead of in a specified order. Like instead of “do Brock’s Gym from the gym challenge” then “do Team Rocket’s Mt. Moon takeover” then “do Misty’s Gym from the gym challenge” it’d let you go straight from Brock to Misty to Lt. Surge and so on, and then do all the Team Rocket story beats in their own time.

      So I kind of expect one “story” to be the gym challenge, one “story” to be the evil team and the last to be… I dunno, school/the treasure hunt, and you’ll be able to progress each without regards to the progress of the others.

    • Noah Abbas says:


  2. TheOnlyAli 21 says:

    Plz tell me I’m not the only one that’s excited for them bringing back Gogoat.

  3. 1Nc1Na says:

    I like how Kraiodon when he was first introduced he looked noble and kinda intimidating, but in this it looks like a dragon dog 😂

  4. BigSussyEDP says:

    This is really exciting. I really do hope that this game is as good as it looks.

  5. StormCloud says:

    The stream was really good Cliffe
    I enjoyed being in it

  6. Jarred Castro says:

    i love how the wooper looked like a normal wooper but covered in mud

    • Noremac says:

      @Goddy_Goddy I mean that’s subjective but regional forms are creative and I think most of us want them to stick around. They reimagined wooper as a terrestrial salamander which is a thing that exists and they made his gills look like a skull and crossbones to reflect his poison typing. Plus we got a land narwhal how is that not cool?

    • Goddy_Goddy says:

      Where are the creative styles for Pokémon…

    • Noremac says:

      It’s got different feelers on the side of its face

    • Jaden Wright says:

      @1fellswoop I was like bruh they seriously put a pooper instead of a wooper

    • ★『 ʅσƚυʂ 』☆ says:

      It has cross bone gills

  7. carlosramiro says:

    I like how Jack screamed after seeing wooper

  8. Tuney says:

    I love how he breaks down and cries upon seeing pidough

  9. Richdude29 says:

    I love how Jack sounded like he was having an aneurysm when they revealed regional wooper

  10. Giggle Gal says:

    I am so excited for the type changes in tera form and seeing how that will change how the game is played. This game looks so good!

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