From the October 2015 full length release, “Money Shot” from Puscifer Entertainment. Directed by MJ Keenan, Puscifer and Ghost Atomic. Shot by Gavin Fisher and Odin Wadleigh. Edited by Odin Wadleigh and Michael Marlett.

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20 Responses

  1. Stefi B says:

    I love simple music videos like this. Song’s good too.

  2. Jay Konopka says:

    thank you for posting

  3. Carlos Spicy Weiner says:

    So called “MJK fans” bitching about no Tool album yet. It’ll be worth all
    the wait. In the mean time, enjoy some fuckin Puscifer & shut your cock

  4. Isabel S says:

    <3 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kyle McCarraher says:

    This track just shows you where MJ is at his current moment in the physical

    He once mentioned his connection with being a vortex of energy. well,all
    energy needs to be recharged. His spot happens to be right where he is,
    tending to his fruits.

    the sound of the tribal, the voice that echoes like that of the original
    dwellers on this nation.

    just imagine him, cliff edge. overlooking the vastness of mother nature.
    the once running grounds of native america. spiritualism, energy. it is as
    if this track was to be a poet’s way of taking the audience and putting
    them right their next to him with feet dangling over the abyss below.

    freeing, but sadly depressing. because, the digital voice is a distraction
    from his vision. as the digital world is our spiritual distraction. its
    hard to ground ones self, center the spine and connect to the universal
    mind when wireless frequencies are disturbing the air and burying the
    spiritual truths of the past that the current digital world is trying to
    mask us from.

    I hope the rest of the tracks are of him showing us the visions and
    whispers and, spiritual energies that still scream to be heard over our
    digital anti Christ of technology and disconnection….

  6. Ginger Ninja says:

    This is art.

  7. harry wilkinson says:

    This is a perfect example of how not just music, but images of a beautiful
    place can make just as much of an impact on peoples emotions and feelings!
    This song and video defines the meaning of true art!
    MJ Keenan’s vocals ftw!!

  8. Brian Greene says:

    Sweet. They’re an earworm for sure.

  9. Elijah Andersen says:

    I’ve got a boner big enough to fill the grand canyon right now…

  10. Shaun de Malmanche (#BringDadHome) says:


  11. Ebenezer Gatsby says:

    Kyuss, QOTSA, and Josh Homme called— hopefully MJK will kick back a few
    royalties or atleast acknowledge the source material.

  12. asa bischoff says:

    No sir I don’t like it

  13. HardBoiledGregg says:

    Such a famous band, doesn’t know how to 60fps :,(

    • Dustin Rudzinski says:

      +HardBoiledGregg 60fps is a creative choice. 24fps has a much more epic,
      filmlike look to it. Since a good bit of this video is timelapse, it also
      makes it much easier to shoot/edit since you aren’t having to shoot almost
      3x as many frames. I personally think 60fps would have ruined the look they
      were going for. It’s best suited for high action footage.

  14. Nevertilt Green says:

    Another musical masterpiece. Ty James.

  15. Laura C. says:

    hits replay for at least the ninth time

  16. Marco Vecchi says:

    Con i Tool è tutta una telenovela, ma Maynard di suo diciamo che certamente
    non se ne sta con le mani in mano… ;)

  17. Евгений Музыченко (Predator) says:

    the ending is kinda weird

  18. Marco C.S. says:

    is this a library music project?

  19. SA S says:

    Beautiful song, loving it and it was a lovely taste of what’s to come! This
    video was breathtaking…well shot and very well edited!