Pusha T On Grieving His Parents, Fatherhood, Marriage and His New Album #ItsAlmostDry

Pusha T On Grieving His Parents, Fatherhood, Marriage and His New Album #ItsAlmostDry

As Pusha T prepares to release his new album “It’s Almost Dry” he sits with Charlamagne Tha God to discuss grieving the loss of his parents, fatherhood, being married and the evolution of an era of rap music.

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38 Responses

  1. Ayr Mendina says:

    “… I’m not lost in grief. I’m selfishly grieving” is such a poetic, and sincere manner to explain such a loss. He’s not seeking reason. He’s not seeking a why. He understand. But it still hurts irrespectively. My condolences Pusha.

    • TheOne says:

      @Raz Perignon I’m so sorry and hope you get the healing you need. He’s always with you. Peace and love to you!

    • Blvd Todd says:

      Condolences, Pusha T.🙏🏾🙏🏾👑🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • Raz Perignon says:

      @Will Forever PUBG some people do that when they feel uncomfortable

    • Raz Perignon says:

      My pops just passed, i lost it when he said it was like losing a super hero.

    • Will Forever PUBG says:

      What i didn’t like was ctg laughing while Pusha moments of his both parents pass.Dat was disrespect to ,He don’t know what it like lost a love one,I lose someone close to me she knew me since I was 11 yo.R.i.p Aunt Shirley/Push mom and Dad.

  2. Ralphy H says:

    From the youngest of the team to standing alone and being doubted to overcoming all the odds to now be one of the most relevant rap artist over 40+ we’ve ever seen. Never conformed, did it your way the whole way ! You’re a champion Push !

  3. Shawn K The King says:

    Pusha T as GOAT 🔥 Very Humble Dude 🔥

    • Damon Harrison says:

      @Shawn bruh you might be right because if HOV call P.T. to say, “you was me to come after that”?

    • Shawn K The King says:

      @Jason Au any one can be a goat it’s a preference for different people , everyone doesn’t like the same people. For me he is a goat

    • Jason Au says:

      Not a goat. An incredible lyricist and creative though forsure. Not even humble. Braggadocious but sometimes deservingly so.

    • Shawn K The King says:

      @eucVibes no he had way more bangers g lol , you only know that one song lol you don’t know about Keys Open Doors , Mr Me Too, Ma, I Don’t Love Her, Cot Damn , When The Last Time … Dude where have you been lol

    • Russ McGruff says:

      Dog we toss around the word GOAT way to much

  4. King of Reads says:

    This is a really good interview.

  5. Bridgette.B says:

    Had the pleasure of working Pusha T’s wedding – he is beyond humble ..him and his brother Gene . Loved the interview !!! He’s been the goat 🐐

  6. Charlie Crenshaw IV says:

    Dope interview. I enjoyed how Charlemagne captured the human side of Pusha. Your favorite rapper has feelings too. I think it makes you even tougher homie because we fight for love ⚔️💪🏾….God bless your mother and father and I’m about to check in on mine now!

  7. Proud Brother says:

    Pusha T is a legend. He’s in the perfect position unlike any other artist in history. He has brotherly relationships with two of arguably the best producers in music history being Pharrell and Kanye. What many of artists pay millions of dollars for he’s gifted because of respect and admiration. 🏆

  8. King of Kixx says:

    King Push is a legend n has stood the test of time!! He’s been relevant for a long time. The growth is impeccable. Definitely one of the greats!! Salute 🙏🏽💯💪🏽

  9. Anastas Godzo says:

    Seeing Pusha T cry and getting emotional is a testament for how great an artist he is, how real his approach to music and art in general is. Respect to this wonderful human being!

  10. KingLifeJay says:

    This interview is so powerful. I always admired Pusha as an MC and in the new age as a man. My condolences to him for the loss of his mother and father. Peace and love to you, wife, and child!

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