Put it in the Shoe!

Put it in the Shoe!

Training your kitten at an early age to put things in shoes is vital to their mental development.

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20 Responses

  1. WTF says:

    Kids is Africa could have eaten that shoe

  2. Great Scott says:


  3. Fuq UrMum says:

    HAH. I can’t tell if your cat or you is more stupid. I see you giving away
    that cat or spending all your money on new shoes.

  4. RazerRazel says:

    The only thing that my dog will do with shoes is steal the sole and hide it

  5. deez gottem says:

    You sound like GW Bush saying “alrigh”

  6. anzov1n says:

    That “alright” fuckin kills.

  7. La Sombra Del LoBo says:

    Put Lego in wife’s shoe…

    Now we play the waiting game.

  8. HONNE says:

    That “alright” at the end, fucking got me.

  9. James Barlow says:

    Technically, hasn’t your cat trained you to say “Put it In the Shoe”?

  10. whoisjukes says:

    How high were you in the making of this video on a scale of 1-7?

  11. Brandon Dean says:

    Kids in shoe could have eaten that Africa

  12. Zoink says:

    Leather Velcro wannabee loafers, that might be the most sad shoe I have
    ever seen.

  13. Robin Seplut says:

    Fun kitten!
    I love you Cat Kitten

  14. The Point and Click Guy says:

    My cat does the same thing. She loves to take her toys and put them in my

  15. chickenceiling says:

    I’m not sure why this video is so popular?

  16. Danielle Porter says:

    what kind of cat is that?

  17. Celeste Hamon says:

    it put it in the shoe! it did the thing!

  18. KhalosPlays says:

    This guy sounds totally like Jackfrags

  19. Nadeen Shehadeh says:

    I love cats so much I have one of my own??????

  20. Samuel Barna says:

    my little pony