Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

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20 Responses

  1. Markie W says:

    *”I talked a lot of shit”*
    – John Oliver, 2017.

  2. Gabriel Faraco says:

    “Our human rights record is far from perfect, but it does no compare to Putin’s Russia.”
    Russia’s never been on a war against another country since the soviets fought in Afghanistan in the ’80s, but the US have been in so many wars that I lost count. Obama’s administration is responsible for droping more than 20.000 bombs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan (which means that a lot of civilians were killed by drones). The US respect for human rights is far from perfect, it’s the worst in the world.
    And I’m not deffending Putin here, he’s a piece of shit, but this video is pure propaganda.

  3. ToySouljah says:

    Man the paid Russian trolls work fast. They are already doing their damage in the comments.

  4. shehryar ashraf says:

    what moral high ground? it was lost since the war on iraq in 2003.

  5. Dane Aillón says:

    well… you cant denied that americans are killers

  6. Ryne Green says:

    “America and Russia are not the same”
    I love America but at the same time, this country went to war with a country that did not attack us, killing millions, start NSA spying, open a torture regime, we don’t give healthcare to everyone in this country which cause over 45000 people to die every year among many other problem, so how are we better than Russia?

  7. BiGSH0TROB says:


    Why are liberals, socialists, and communists so eager to start a war with Russia? Could it be because Russia is an independent nation state, almost entirely filled with White people, most of whom Christians who support traditional values?

  8. ToldYouSo says:

    Can someone please explain to me why it is in our best interest to topple Assad? I’m not looking for bullshit answers about how he’s such a bad guy and a dictator. The Saudi King is a fucking absolute monarch like in medieval times and we have no problems with that. What benefit do we Americans get from removing Assad? What’s the end game? Say we get everything we want in Syria (we never do, it’s always a cluster fuck when we do regime change but let’s say we get it right this time). What do we gain from it? Because it seems to me we are fucking with a very dangerous country that has 7000 nuclear warheads for no benefit of our own. Truth be told I am sick of America doing Israels bidding on foreign policy and having the Jewish media here feed us lies about our motives.

  9. TsukiNaito1 says:

    No offense to Russians, but I just cannot understand how people there can idolize their leader like they do, especially when their country has had leaders like Stalin and Lenin. How can anyone be fooled into believing their leader is superhuman in the way they see Putin? Putin is basically a sanitized version of the dictators of the World Wars in the way he convinces his people he’s benevolent and a god. I just don’t understand how Russians can fall for that again. How can you not question your leader? How can you not question when he tries to present himself as perfect? Russians of all people should be hypervigilant to that sort of thing.

  10. chris123sm says:

    This is some Alex Jones level of conspiracy. Funny how the British twat who is known for criticizing the US all the time, decides to defend it when talking about Russia even tho let’s not forget who destabilized the Middle East or bombs civilians in the Middle East. There is still also 0 evidence Russia took part in hacking the election, it’s literally just an outlet the people who lost can blame. Hell the left are even blaming Russia for interfering in the French election.

  11. Mike Walker says:

    John Oliver, thanks for standing up for America.

  12. Erik Arustamyan says:

    Wiki leaks is not Russia. The DNC was hacked because they have shit cyber security. If our elections were ALLEGEDLY hacked by the Russians that shows that even under Obama presidency our elections aren’t safe. Our country is literally built on the Democratic process of elections and if they were hacked then our country is in serious trouble and Obama did nothing to stop it. I think everyone would be glad if Russia and the US got along, maybe we’ll finally defeat ISIS stop destroying the middle east and who knows maybe we can convince Russia to stop Invading other countries which the UN and the Obama administration failed to do.

  13. G33Tube says:

    Where are the Russian Nazi’s? 143.5 million should be here right now

  14. Fireball Flareblitz says:

    We used to laugh a comedians and listen to politicians. Now we laugh at politicians and listen to comedians. I love this country. Keep up the good work John!

  15. xXxMartin96xXx says:

    Has actual proof of the russians messing up with the elections ever came up?

  16. Anshul Kumar says:

    I would rather have Trump than Clinton. Do you know how bad Clinton would fuck up with Russia if she became president. Do people know Hilary, and the Obama Administration threatened nuclear war with Russia. Do people not know Hilary wanted to put sanctions on Russia, just to Fuck them with them ever more. Trump is by far the better candidate.

  17. Anthony S. says:

    Getting tired of youtube putting this liberal shit on the trending page, please make another section where you can cry about how you lost the election

  18. Dead Channel 5 says:

    7:03 why don’t you ever talk about some of the people Killary has allegedly killed you bias piece of shit.

  19. Laylla's Locker says:

    When Trump said that US also had/has killers, lol and the interviewer. I honestly don’t understand in what delusion US citizens are living, fighting bad guys, protecting freedom.
    People brain up, real life in not Hollywood.

  20. IDEAGAME says:

    Oliver common – go to Russia. You must speaking with Putin about your true..

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