Putin’s War at Home (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Putin’s War at Home (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Meet some of the defiant Russians pushing back against President Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on critics of the war in Ukraine.

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FRONTLINE tells the inside stories of activists and journalists risking arrest and imprisonment to protest and speak out about the Kremlin’s war effort — from a young woman whose TikToks have gone viral internationally, to an artist facing up to 10 years imprisonment after posting anti-war stickers in a grocery store, to a university professor whose parents live in Ukraine, to independent reporters seeking the truth about the war — including its death toll among the country’s soldiers, information that Russia has deemed a state secret.

As Russia’s war on Ukraine approaches its ninth month and evidence of potential war crimes continues to mount, “Putin’s War at Home” is a powerful look at the Russian leader’s efforts to stifle domestic criticism — and some of the people in his country who are speaking out anyway.

“Putin’s Russia is based on fear,” one journalist says in the documentary, adding that, “we decided to continue without censorship, whatever the cost.”

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“Putin’s War at Home” is a Hardcash production for GBH/FRONTLINE in association with ITV. The producer and director is Gesbeen Mohammad. The producer is Vasiliy Kolotilov. The senior producer is Eamonn Matthews. The executive producer for Hardcash Productions is Esella Hawkey. The editor-in-chief and executive producer for FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

FRONTLINE is produced at GBH in Boston and is broadcast nationwide on PBS. Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional support for FRONTLINE is provided by the Abrams Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Park Foundation, the Heising-Simons Foundation, and the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund, with major support from Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Foundation, and additional support from Koo and Patricia Yuen.


‘I Wanted to Give a Voice to People Who are Opposing the War That Russia Started’ – 00:00
A Protest of Russia’s War on Ukraine Through Grocery Store Stickers – 4:20
Russian Journalists Defy Crackdown on Independent War Reporting – 8:11
Young Woman Uses TikTok to Share What’s Happening in Russia – 13:35
Professor in Russia Worries About His Parents in Ukraine – 18:38
Journalists Investigate a Russian State Secret: Soldier Deaths in Ukraine – 22:04
Inside a Bail Hearing for a Russian Anti-War Protester – 25:34
Personal Impact of Russia’s War in Ukraine – 30:43
A War That Has ‘Entered the Homes of Every Russian’ – 35:46
A Russia Where Dissent is Not Tolerated – 42:40
Russia Announces Partial Mobilization for Ukraine War – 45:26
Credits – 51:57

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37 Responses

  1. Loving Life says:

    I am in awe of the courage these people have to be in this film.

    • John W says:

      Agreed! I’m also very worried for them and pray for them! It’s obviously very dangerous speaking out against a repressive, totalitarian government.

  2. Zhana says:

    Thank you so much PBS/Frontline and those brave enough to make this documentary possible. We’ve witnessed the masses that oppose the war, but it’s important for the world to see the extreme risks they take and the torturous consequences they endure for refusing to be silenced. Truly heartbreaking 💔

    • Lisa says:

      Yes! Thank you PBS/Frontline. Putin surely is a genocidal madman. I hope all those opposed to the russian regime remain safe 🙏

    • Ellen Michiel says:

      I deeply respect and admire all those in Russia who are standing up against Russia’s illegal was against Ukraine and those demonstrating against the present regime and seeking a more open and free civil society. God bless them and reward their courage!

    • Zhana says:

      @tanner ​ just because you don’t agree with them, that doesn’t make it untrue. Nothing they’ve said and or proven was fabricated, if so please feel free to do a documentary showing us otherwise.

    • Judith Forsythe says:

      @WRAITH! so necessary. The west and members of NATO started this war by breaking a promise to Putin and Russia after the Cuban crisis when we didn’t want nuclear weapons in Cuba next to our boarders. The US and Europe agree that NATO would not grow or touch Russia’s boarders. He didn’t start the war until we broke our word. Notice the US has not sent their own men to die. The president of the Ukraine has a crooked history, maybe with Biden, and the history of the Ukraine area is that it has been inhabited by Russian peoples since the time of the Gauls and Scythians. The guilt does not lay with Putin even though he is not a wonderful person, Russia was doing well before the sanctions. And I don’t care at all about the mean nasty comments I receive, just be fair enough to look at true history.

    • sean berthiaume says:

      Except they are a leftist leaning outlet.

  3. miss rayelyn says:

    I hope everyone in this documentary is safe. I am so in awe of the bravery all of you have shown to get the truth out there. Godspeed, and respect from Colorado, US.

    • Cries & Smiles says:

      Russia 🇷🇺 is fighting trained terrorists for a better world 🌎
      From west Africa

    • Darina Sklyarova says:

      Hi neighbor from CO 😉 before you start cheering up ruzzians think how many rallies ruzzians run in CO since February to show their disapproval of the war- only two and both times less than ten ppl showed up. You know why? Because in reality most all of them don’t care about killing Ukrainians and are truly obsessed with idea of rebuilding ussr, they have “Z” signs on front yards and their cars (I personally saw it in CO), do you know that they had a big party in Washington Park in May 2022 with ruzzian and ussr flags and St George ribbon (which nowadays is a symbol of ruzzian army)…certainly viewers feel sorry about several people from this video but as a nation they are lost for civilized world. I wish I could post pics here about ruzzians in CO

  4. litneyloxan says:

    thank you to all who risked a lot to get this very necessary information out

  5. DarkSide2377 says:

    I pray for all the people interviewed here. They’re putting themselves at great risk just to tell the truth.

    • Chad Zeller says:

      Living in the U.S., there can be some social stigma for protesting a war you oppose, but that’s generally the extent of it. Hard to imagine how much more (potentially their lives) people in Russia face for opposing a war. Hell, they can’t even call it a war without putting themselves at risk of arrest.

    • Tung Mai Bung says:

      Absolutely. They’re literally risking being tortured and imprisoned. Unbelievable. I can’t even imagine the fear and despair these people are feeling.

    • JesusSaves3:16 says:

      God bless them and may God make Ukraine victorious!

    • Russell Kasprzyk says:

      For real.

    • WindorSolarPlease says:

      Yes you are right, many have put themselves at risk. There are Russians who are against what is happening in Ukraine and some don’t know the truth. I honestly do not want anymore Ukraine & Russian people hurt or killed. There are so many Countries who are disgusted by this invasion of Ukraine.
      Glory To The People For Peace

  6. diane9247 says:

    Thank you for putting this heartbreaking story together. I hope that people are still able to make it out of Russia, though I imagine the traffic has lessened. There is room in my heart for buth Ukrainians and Russians who are sympathetic to them – especially if they are speaking out.

  7. Stacey Adams says:

    Absolutely terrifying to sit here and watch this, knowing our journalists are in such deep danger. I’m shaking like a leaf and crying, please, guys, stay safe!!!

  8. AJ Churchill says:

    The interviewees in this and the crew/journalists responsible are true heroes and patriots of their country. May we all have the courage to stand up to the rising fascism in the world today.

    • notsodelusional says:

      @Jake Bredthauer The U.S. stands for freedom. You and Putin do not.

    • Ronald Jewell says:

      Yes! American people could learn something?? That our freedoms differ very little!!!!! The reason our govt attacks our gun rights!!! Not crime violence & their gun violence!!

    • An American says:

      Amen to that🇺🇸💙

    • crowdancer5 says:

      @Jake Bredthauer I AGREE! Have any of you ever wondered just why men feel they must kill and war to settle problems? and it never really settles the problems…..they dont even care , most just wan power, not to settle problems atall.

    • crowdancer5 says:

      @robbie brumby Biden has done nothing but good, especial or the PEOPLE! Quite the opposite of his predecessor

  9. Lizard People says:

    These people are incredibly brave. If I was in this situation I would just nod and smile.

    • Jesse K says:

      I probably would too. Their prisons are aweful and it’s totally ok to torture and beat prisoners.

    • Brent Beacham says:

      I’m sure there is an underground. I’m sure there is a cell to join. I’m sure there are safe houses. Smile and be very patriotic in public. Undermine the solder state security Apparatchik. Many many things to be done if you are willing.

    • Toni Wilson says:

      @Chief Silver Stacker agreed.

    • Chief Silver Stacker says:

      Then you don’t care enough and you are part of the problem.

  10. Derek McMillian says:

    What a wonderful country to live in. One where you can’t disagree about a War that’s wrong in many people’s opinions. To disagree will put you in harm’s way. Sad

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