Putting A Homemade Interior In My 64 PERSON LIFEBOAT!

Putting A Homemade Interior In My 64 PERSON LIFEBOAT!

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if you’re reading this, watch your back, gravy is watching you, he’s always watching…

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29 Responses

  1. AYO Fishing says:

    Download Fishing Clash for free https://fishingclash.link/AYO_Fishing & use my gift code LIFEBOAT for a reward worth $20  💰

  2. Danny Kyle says:

    The only complaint I have about your videos is that I wish they were longer. I could watch this all day.

  3. charlie boozer says:

    Davey is the friends everybody needs. He is awesome and uncensored.

  4. ML Pencola says:

    I love seeing how Ayo’s growth with working on these boats has evolved in just the past year!!! Great job!!! You should be sooo proud of yourself! ❤

  5. tbirdracefan says:

    Glad you decided to fix up the interior a bit to make it livable for a few days at a time. Progress so far is top notch. For extra bunks maybe explore the possibility of installing hooks or rings to attach hammocks to. They would not get in the way of the interior and are pretty relaxing though I have never attempted to spend the night on one.

  6. achap42 says:

    That sure is fancy TEMPSC you got there. I’ve spent over a decade inside these things as a survival instructor and I’ve always wanted to see one turned into a floating RV /party vessel. Kudos to you sir

  7. Kyle O says:

    Would definitely be a good idea to put a Maxxair fan or two on that thing. They can either blow air in or exhaust air out.

  8. Andy Brown says:

    That is a fantastic quick remodel, the only recommendation I would have is to add a little bit of bracing to the bed doors to keep it from bowing when you walk across… If you place a 4×4 brace at the top and bottom of the doors where they meet and then give each door a 2×4 brace along the long edge it would be perfect and feel like a solid floor when closed

  9. Steven Jarrett says:

    So glad to see Davy Gravy say he will spend a night in it. That should be another great video. I have enjoyed watching your skills and confidence grow in these boat builds. I look for a new video from you daily.

  10. Rick Bienapfl says:

    This is so cool. Your improvements made a huge difference in the feel of the interior. I can’t wait for the adventure with Davey!

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