Pyongyang Metro Escalator

Pyongyang Metro Escalator

The Pyongyang Metro in North Korea is the deepest metro system in the world, doubling conveniently as a nuclear bunker. To reach the train platforms, it’s almost four minutes down on an escalator accompanied by revolutionary anthem and the noticeable silence of commuters. Here’s a snippet to set the scene.

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20 Responses

  1. John Cho says:

    Here that anthem everyday will drive me mad…

  2. louis porcellini says:

    I would screen awkward silence in Korean of course

  3. JK193765 says:

    Is the camera guy going up or down?

  4. Enzo Colasito (gamingpro360) says:

    Ho Ho! That is one heck of a ride on an escalator! You just……stand
    there. No smartphones, no talking, and proper posture all the way through.
    Sadness. ?. These ? are all oppressed by the ?? government, which is ⛓
    by these ??????????????, who are treated as a?, who are
    really ???????.

  5. Political Princess says:


  6. Phil Evans says:

    how do we know this is real?

  7. William Xuan says:

    Could serve for nice elevator music

  8. Xav.ier says:

    Supreme Leader must have loved the Metro Last Light announcement trailer.

  9. ALVROZ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    OMG they are all twins or they all look alike
    jk. I wonder what happens when you slide down the middle :P

  10. truth true says:

    its like living in the 90’s… notice how ppl dressed. very dated.

  11. YouTube De Carlos says:

    anyone els spot the guard lookin guy looking down to hide his face when he
    sees the camera? kinda gives me the spooks

  12. gct says:

    is that the carter 5 mixtape?

  13. SupremeStoops says:

    The music somehow manages to make the already eerie experience even more

  14. twelge15 says:

    In North Korea, the army uses their giant hats for a wok. Note 4th guy down
    on up escalator at the end of the video has an army hat?

  15. The Spooky Burger says:

    Seriously tho.. Why did I watch this

  16. Its Just A Prank Bro says:

    That would be a fun slide c:

  17. DontGetOffended says:

    so…. did they just get escalators?

  18. Neo Theone says:

    Is that elevator from hell to hell??

  19. C-Biscuit says:

    go down the middle

  20. Lucas Valencia says:

    The real question is: Which side is going up?