Pyra / Mythra in Smash!!! Nice!!!

Pyra / Mythra in Smash!!! Nice!!!

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  1. Yoshie 360 says:

    We all were thinking how hard Jacob was popping off for them

  2. Zytrux 1 says:

    “I finally have a main in this game”

    Joker: Ah, screw you too then

  3. Radioli says:

    Alpharad literally gets everyone he asks for and then says “I finally have a main in this god forsaken game”. This man.

  4. Skyler Brown says:

    This would’ve put a tear in etika’s eye.

  5. Heavenly Tsai says:

    Alpharad: “I finally have a main in this god forsaken game!”

    Joker: “Allow me to reintroduce myself.”

  6. TheHolyGiraffe says:

    “Don’t ask it’s a JRPG”

    I love how you can literally use that for any JRPG

  7. Indezjree 239 says:

    Alpha…you’ve gotten FOUR CHARACTERS RIGHT


  8. Akirex 5000 says:

    Rex: “I thought I was gonna be in smash”

    Spring man: “Me too kid”

  9. MysticShade says:

    “I don’t know who they are but they are anime so I’m cool with it”
    This is the most relatable Jo moment ever

  10. [ Mazurome ZERO ] says:

    “Etika loves Minecraft.”

  11. Sommeguy says:

    Rex’s “I thought I was going to be in Smash!” absolutely kills me

  12. Nautilus says:

    Alpha when Joker got announced: “I”m gonna main him”
    *Alpha doesn’t main Joker*
    Alpha when Pyra/Mythra got announced: “I finallly found a main!”
    sure, sure

  13. Wirya K.C. says:

    “the character i want, pyra and mythra and also joker”
    *Descends Into The Battlefield!”*

  14. VGE says:

    “I’m done with Smash.”
    “I got all my characters.”
    …Sad Lyn noises.

  15. Mew2King says:

    Even though I never played xenoblade, I’m also just as excited as you, there’s 2 swordfighters who I can swap between!!

  16. AquaJet738 says:

    “I would love to see Pyra or Mythra in the game.”

    I swear this man has Shulk’s Vision

  17. Matthew Marchbanks says:

    Alpha: “I got everyone I ever wanted in Smash!”

    Lyn: *sad waifu noises*

  18. KnivesALot says:

    “The only two characters I want in smash were pyra and mythra, and joker.

    Lin: “well I guess I’ll die now”

  19. Carbodude says:

    The fact that the characters in-universe actually acknowledge how mean it was to not invite Rex is quite hilarious.

  20. Shavocs The Avocado says:

    When she was announced I instantly said: “Jacob is losing his shit right now”.

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