Q&A With Grey: Favorites Edition

Q&A With Grey: Favorites Edition

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59 Responses

  1. lusciouslou says:

    Who needs D&D when you have your “Dinosaur Attack” cards?

  2. Quackyrole GC says:

    “There’s no hope for the Catan video”
    *_do it you chicken_*

  3. Félix d'Ornano says:

    Bee at 2:03

  4. The Great Eldian Empire says:

    Q : What is your favorite occupation?
    A : Fishermen , cause to be able to saves countless fish from drowning.
    Not all heroes wear capes

  5. dar says:

    “But Fahrenheit is still my favorite”


    • Meow? Meow. says:

      what about celsius but multiplied by 2

    • Butt Why?? says:

      +William Krause Fahrenheit is German, Celsius is Swedish.

      And Celsius is slightly better because it packs more useful information into smaller numbers. With Fahrenheit you’re forced to either be overly precise, or do some weird extremely imprecise word play. Celsius relies more on decimal point when you really need precision and doesn’t ramp up as quickly, and doesn’t needlessly complicate calculations. And the difference of 1 Celsius is about as little as human can feel.

      Also it provides a nice reference point when to start talking about increasing frost, as opposed to increasing warmth. Fahrenheit’s zero, on the other hand, is totally random and useless, and the scale doesn’t logically follow language usage patterns in any way.

    • Alex_Gaming 48 says:

      That’s beyond illegal

    • Benjamin Frost says:

      +William Krause Are you sure you want *that* to be your argument? It’s a bit… blind chest beater…

  6. Joseph Roche says:

    At 1:18, second guy on the left in the video, the guy repping a CGP Grey shirt… and glasses. :O

  7. SmarterEveryDay says:

    This video solidified the definition of the word superlative in my brain. Also thanks for referencing Sweet Home Alabama. We miss you here.

  8. Arah M. says:

    “Sometimes I can hear the memes calling me”

    (CGP Grey, 2019)

  9. MC Fatigue says:

    This video is so dense. Every single frame has so many things going on.

  10. Daniel Snow says:

    Are you ever going to address all of those moments when you said, “That’s a story for another time?”

  11. Miki Webb says:

    Goddammit, now I need to find all the bees.

  12. ohmagawsomean says:

    Nice, my biannual serving of CGP grey

  13. Daniel Rogness says:

    1,500 hours in Factorio? This is downright causal status.

  14. Veritasium says:

    Superlatives are the worst.

  15. Gameatronic9000 says:

    welp, I don’t know about you, but this video was one of my favorites.

  16. trapical says:

    0:31 “Who is the best pony”
    What a waste of a question, CGP Grey already answered that on his two hemisphere brain video.

  17. Matt Andrews says:

    Great to see you back Grey, love all of your videos. Signed up to the free Skillshare trial too as I know that helps ya out and wanted to show my support!

  18. Common commenter says:

    0:11 I love that Henry’s stick figure is exactly like in his own video’s: drawn and without a face or any other attribute. He is recognisable and unrecognisable at the same time.

  19. Ryan Allen says:

    The drawings of the people on the panel at Random Acts of Intelligence at 0:10 was absolutely brilliant. Everyone was immediately recognizeable!

  20. Daniel says:

    Moved to Hawaii… to save money…

    I’m broken. I’m just broken. There’s nothing in that statement that even resembles making sense in the real world.

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