Qatar World Cup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Qatar World Cup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the Qatar World Cup, the human rights violations happening in the sporting event’s host country, and what perfection really means to David Beckham.

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52 Responses

  1. Robin Hart says:

    They didn’t smash the camera. Tantholdt (the journalist) stood his ground and they left. He kept reporting. We like him here in Denmark.

    • Jonathan Pryzby says:


    • tbailey264 says:

      @Eric d’Peerik They were streaming live. If they smashed it, it would have just been visible on satellite broadcasted television

    • Iam Mahatab says:

      @Ometecuhtli 1. Drinking alcohol can definitely be one’s choice but no sensible person will advise his/her loved one to drink. While alcohol is injurious to health and its scientific research also indicates the same. Apart from this, drinking alcohol as a medicine is considered beneficial only in cold places and not in hot areas. Although alcohol is considered forbidden by Muslims because it should not be consumed according to their religion, whose scientific aspect is that the origin of Islam has happened in the hot region and due to the harm caused by it, any form of alcohol did not get religious recognition.

      2. I understand that LGBTQ rights are nowhere fully protected as they should be. This is a serious topic in itself but it does not mean that you should forcefully propagate your ideology everywhere. Protecting rights and promoting freedom for it are two different things. It may be that the government there does not want their people to discuss such a topic or they do not want to see their young generation in this debate.

      And when you go anywhere in this world, it is your obligation to follow the law of that land, unless it is harmful. So I don’t think any issues with anything there.

    • cgbleak says:

      @Robin Hart
      True, you can give no fucks without hate or contempt.

    • Collin McLean says:

      @Ometecuhtli I don’t think that first part is accurate. Alcohol is a vasodilator and causes loss of water, drinking alcohol can dehydrate you faster.

  2. garaj1 says:

    “The workers are living in a comfortable, healthy, environment” has the same energy as “Our slaves are happy to be here, look at how joyfully they sing”

    • yeti says:

      @W1erdThOughts Some people like the nazis, BTW, worked them to death and took the gold tooth out and the hair before shoving them into gas chambers.

    • Joshua Ohuka says:

      He says Alhamdulillah right after… Like right after…!!!

    • Frank Hage says:

      Note these workers give up their passports to their employer and sign contracts before visiting the country. They can’t leave on their own. Some employers have decent, dorm like, housing for their workers. Many have minimalist, crowded “flop-houses” with no women living there. What I saw in the Gulf seemed like modern slavery or, at least, serfdom.

    • W1erdThOughts says:

      @yeti You have to maintain your property to preserve the ability to make money off them.

    • pabloni says:

      @Yuca Teco southern plantation owners

  3. Cryptic Cocktails says:

    Only John can do a show about modern human slavery, get halfway through, and say “but wait, it gets worse..”

    • Matthew Calvert says:

      @Chazareth that is what is really pissing me off! We bitch and cry about everything in this country, but we can’t be bothered by this shit show.

    • YoYoRaeRae says:

      So it’s cool, cool, cool, and we should just never talk about it??? JFC, @Sol1taire 🙄

    • Sun says:

      And then say he’s still going to watch the games anyway after spending 23 minutes bitching about it.

      John’s a hypocrite.

    • GeekGirl _Luv says:

      I haven’t started the video yet, and I gotta say that is definitely not where I expected a video about the World Cup to be going(I also know jack shit about sports though so literally anywhere the piece could’ve gone would’ve been new information for me)

    • Soken50 says:

      @Chazareth Yup, it’s fricking hypocritical. Imagine saying “I’m against slavery, I know this cotton was grown and gathered by slaves but I’ll wear this shirt anyway”
      If you’re watching it and buying merch, you tacitly support FIFA and Qatar, you have these workers’ blood on your hands. Either don’t associate with it at all or admit you support these monsters.

  4. Christine says:

    My mom was deployed to Qatar when I was younger, and she used to write home and tell us about how birds would just fall out of the sky dead when they hit these pockets of particularly strong heat. I can’t even begin to imagine laboring there.

    • LeCharles07 says:

      @Christine Safer than the Bhopal method.

    • Christine says:

      @Sarafina Summers Damn, well that’s one way to test your nerve agent 😅

    • Christine says:

      @David Housman She was an airman actually (they get hilariously uptight about those things lol, she was in the airforce not army so technically not “soldier”), either a Captain or Major at that point. But yeah to @Kyle Stubbs, this was in like 2003 or 2004

    • Sarafina Summers says:

      You sure that wasn’t nerve gas? *nervous chuckle*

    • David Housman says:

      @Kyle Stubbs I believe the US has military bases there, so they were probably a soldier. Also, op used past tense, their mom is not still there.

  5. FafliX says:

    About the “One Love” Armbands: Fifa has apparently threatened teams who wear those with penalties. Not just financial ones. Yellow cards for any players who wear them, maybe even red cards. And talk behind the scenes is that they even threatened to take away points from teams.
    So yeah, we know where Fifa stands.

  6. Th3Shrike says:

    I know it’s a terrible topic, but I laughed way too hard at the audience ahhhhing at the temperature after John converted it to Fahrenheit

  7. Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht says:

    When the story began, I thought that I would probably sell out for a million dollars too. Then you showed what the laborers go through and I was like “No way, not even for a million dollar bribe”. Those assholes on the committee must be some next level evil.

    • Samiullah k says:

      Thy work in poorer conditions in thier home countries or arw jobless, thats why they chooaw this, my cousin worked in dubai for 5 yeara, lifes good if you are a skilled labour

    • Zacharias54 says:

      I mean if you are poor and have the chance to get a million I can understand that you are really tempted to look away on something bad. But theses people are already rich, they just want more faster.

    • MiPi says:

      At one point, you have to put integrity above money…

  8. f1zz-k1d says:

    that reporter interrupting his joyous screams to yell instead “OI HE GOT ME SCARF!! OI THAT’S ME MUMS!!!” and then John revealing the Scarf made me laugh so hard that I had to use my inhaler

  9. Jhoie Nordstrom says:

    My brother in law from the Philippines used to work in Qatar, same process as paying the agency fee to work there. and after 2 years the owner of the company died and the kids sold the company they were not paid for 6 months because the company filed bankruptcy and they got stuck in a camp too. They had to rely on other Filipinos and families back home to lend them money so they can buy food. He had to sign a contract to forgo his pay so he can get a ticket to go home.

  10. Chris Swanson says:

    I love how shocked that one Qatari sport agency leader was when he said “you actually went there?”

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