Qualcomm WiPower: Wireless charging for metal devices

Qualcomm WiPower: Wireless charging for metal devices

Up until now, smartphones with a metal design had to go without wireless charging. Qualcomm WiPower technology has cracked the code to enable wireless charging through devices made of metal, including smartphones and tablets.

Learn more at https://www.qualcomm.com/products/wipower

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20 Responses

  1. Joery Clements says:

    Awesome! Do they mean you can build it into any phone?

  2. KayB TV says:


  3. michael99uk says:

    OMG this is innovation Qualcomm you guys rock Finally yeah.

  4. SauS Gaming Shizzle Channel says:

    Why show with a shitty Samsung phone when their flagship has abandoned
    you?? Why not use a premium device that’s made out of proper metal quality
    AND is using your flagship chip?! So you thank those that stay with you
    instead of sticking your dick up Samsung’s ass.

  5. Omid Khalili says:

    Finally we can have handset with metal back and wireless charging
    capability. Thanks to Qualcomm.

  6. BennyDACHO says:

    +Omid Khalili It still doesn’t change the facts. A company is an entity
    consisting of individuals. Everyone plays a role, but the innovation itself
    is what leads to progress.

    The technology is not a worldwide collaboration, however. Far from it. What
    you are referring to is the collective instruments used to sell and
    maintain products abroad.

    This includes customer service, legal department, PR department,
    maintenance personnel, etc.

    But these people are not the innovators.

  7. Omid Khalili says:

    +BennyDACHO​ I prefer to think about the effort for innovation from
    international employees from a company has 157 worldwide locations and not
    to think about individuals or what they gonna achieve from market.
    Thanks by the way.

  8. BennyDACHO says:

    +Omid Khalili Yes, remember to thank the Jews behind this, my friend.

  9. carl Martin (jay) says:

    Things are looking up.😍

  10. Terry Choo says:

    Qualcomm’s wireless charging solution is better, faster, stronger, than Qi
    – and now it goes through metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnvhabwjMZA

  11. Jason Allen (Jsilvermist) says:

    But does it melt?

  12. Felix Gunawan says:

    So.. How to charge phone with it? Do we need another accessory or it’s
    embed in phone chips. If it’s embed in Qualcomm chip Wow just wow

  13. Nicolas Bour says:

    And Qualcomm did it ! 

  14. ANDROIDPIT France says:

    Qualcomm va permettre le rechargement sans-fil pour les terminaux mobiles
    en métal :

  15. Qualcomm says:

    We’ve cracked the code to wirelessly charge metal gadgets. See how our
    latest #WiPower technology will help bring the technology to more phones
    and tablets.

    Read more: http://bit.ly/1Myk9Hk

  16. sang wan joo says:


  17. Anuj Saroch says:

    So the next level of wireless charging is here! Hope the charging speed
    will also be improved!

  18. Ankita Katdare says:

    Qualcomm Is First To Bring Wireless Charging To Devices With Metal Exteriors


  19. Aak jun says:

    Handphone Berlapis Logam kini Bisa Pula Gunakan Teknologi Wireless Charging

    Pemakaian teknologi wireless charging pada ponsel kini semakin meluas.
    Smartphone yang hadir dengan casing berbahan logam pun turut bisa
    menggunakan cara pengisian baterai tanpa kabel tersebut. Hal ini
    diungkapkan oleh Qualcomm berkat keberadaan teknologi bernama WiPower.

    Qualcomm mengatakan kalau mereka telah berhasil membuat teknologi WiPower
    yang memungkinkan pengisian baterai secara wireless melewati cover berbahan
    metal. Dan teknologi yang mereka kembangkan tersebut pun sudah memenuhi
    standar Rezence.

    Qualcomm mengungkapkan kalau untuk pengisian pada ponsel berlapis logam,
    WiPower membutuhkan tenaga tak kurang dari 22 Watt. Teknologi WiPower ini
    pun diklaim mampu mengisi baterai dengan kecepatan yang setara dan bahkan
    lebih cepat dibandingkan teknologi wireless charging lain.

    Selain itu, pengisian baterai menggunakan teknologi WiPower ini juga bisa
    dilakukan secara bersamaan pada berbagai perangkat. Hal ini karena
    teknologi WiPower dibangun berbasiskan pada resonansi NFC yang punya
    jangkauan lebih besar.

  20. Captain Harlock (ハーロック) says:

    #qualcomm #mobile #technology