Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Watch all the best bits from a dramatic qualifying session in Baku!

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44 Responses

  1. SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago says:

    Vettel once said Leclerc is singlehandedly the best qualifier he’s ever seen. He’s really living it up to that

    • Lee Martin says:

      @Don Forbes All of those several years behind Max in terms of top level championship experience. Which is what they’ll need to get past Max. It took Max a few years at that level to learn also.

    • fer262 says:

      @dot connector you clearly dont know much about how F1 works. When your car is trash during the race, like the Ferrari (always suffering from high degradation), then you gamble in qualifying and hope you can avoid losing many positions during the race. Ferrari is only built for qualifying, it only gets worse from here on.

    • dot connector says:

      ​​​@fer262 im not sure we can say that as a fact. If RB also wanted to be morons and throw away points with a pointless over the top quali setup, maybe they would dominate quali 100% of the time. I think unlike Ferrar who are ‘we still checking’ the rule book, they understand you get more points the higher you finish in the race, not quali.

    • dot connector says:

      ​@El Gato why? They always take home the lions share of the points? No points for a quali setup.

    • dot connector says:

      ​@SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago lol, if he is better than his teammate, he can still win with a quali setup. You are comparing two different variables.

  2. Will Patterson says:

    Charles Leclerc: the first person ever to make it to the iTunes Charts and pole position in the same week. A true renaissance man.

    • Andre Hernandez says:

      @J. Hamilton too bad she has…

    • Vinicius Ledesma says:

      What do you mean? Did i miss something for him to be in the iTunes Charts?

    • André says:

      @Qwistro yeah, that’s true. But even here he is taking it with dignity and decency. And he is never giving up. 😉

    • Qwistro says:

      @André the only thing he doesnt have is luck

    • André says:

      @2941oksirhC D of course he needs the title in F1 to fulfill his biggest dream. A competitive car for a whole year and a competent team would be the first step for this. But although he hasn’t achieved that title yet, he is really impressive as a person and driver, at least for my taste. He is just a great mixture of so many things. Talent, friendliness, humbleness, politeness, versatility, prettiness… One of the very few celebrities I see a lot in and where the abilities are as beautiful as the character traits (at least as far as I can judge and know).

  3. Dragon says:

    Yuki in Q3 is unbelievably cool and Charles on pole hopes for a Ferrari comeback

  4. F1 & Shogi says:

    Great! Yuki TSUNODA P8! His car is very slow but his driving ability is extremely high! Thank you, Yuki! We are proud of you!

  5. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Incredible how performances have changed so much over the break, great improvement by McLaren especially!

  6. Crossfire112 says:

    Love f1 but this break between Australia and Baku almost killed me

    • nayrb 88 says:

      I thought the f1 season is over

    • Helix Beats says:

      @Don Forbes funny how you cry randomly under a comment that has nothing to do with max

    • sɪɴᴄʀᴏ says:

      @Don Forbes The “rocket engine, micheal masi and breaking cost cap” has absolutely nothing to do with the (any) driver of any team. It is the team that deals with all those aspects not the driver. But than again, emotional unrest and psychological challenges – especially in a fanatic -, can lead the said person to say things like you commented.

    • ricky says:

      @jun z8
      I don’t invest my ego onto Formula 1 drivers like so many fans do.
      I hated Schumacher so was happy to see Britain get more world champions. Drivers I’ve liked I’ve been happy to criticise. They are all spoilt brats. I watched several as kids in Karting so the driver worship makes me cringe.

    • Zeon Did Nothing Wrong says:

      ​@jajang what

  7. Josef Malina says:

    Yuki pushing the tractor on P8 is spectacular effort. Way to go Yuki!

  8. James the NAME says:

    1- Not a fan of Charles, but this is absolutely incredible for him. He outqualified both RB cars. Seriously an amazing qualifier, even in general. Unless Ferrari ruin his race like last year, Leclerc can win the race. I’m looking forward to it
    2- Yuki in P8. Hes challenged for top 10 in like the entire season so far.
    3- I knew Mclaren would improve. They’re like this

    • Jesuis Crissant says:

      @RickMar yea, ig so… after reading bernard’s comment I recalled how powerful that honda power unit of rb can be while still maintaining reliability. if leclerc tries to maintain an aggresive pace the ferrari might go kaboom as usual, or he might have another “i am stooopid” moment. still cant know for sure, and if i had to guess i would say that fred would probably let charles go wild while keeping carlos a bit tame to guarantee some points

    • Chris Edralin says:

      Kind of getting bored of watching the RBs winning all the time. A little excitement awaits

    • IMIBUKS says:

      @Lil Redbull has great race pace, even last year, Leclerc got alot of poles. Leclerc is a great Quali driver, but max is probably going to W the race(s)

    • RickMar says:

      mate, I’m a diehard Ferrari and Charles fan, but I still think Red Bull will win

    • Levi👻 says:

      @Lil Yeah, it was stated that due to the rb19 front suspension, they can’t get heat into the front tyres so easily, hence in quali they are more or less closer to rivals but in race trim, due to that suspension… It makes their tyre deg lower and their rear suspension geometry makes them monsters in the straights, so if I’m to put my money, I would put it on Max

  9. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Leclerc beating de Red Bulls is the most impresive thing in this season so far

  10. KouAthalla says:

    After 3 weeks of waiting we got:
    – Sargeant finally getting to Q2,
    – Charles matching quali time with Max before beating him by .2 sec,
    – Two MCLs on Q3,
    – Yuki dragging his tractor up to 8th

    Domenicali giveth and Domenicali taketh away

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