Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

Relive the best action as the drivers battled for pole under the lights in Bahrain.

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51 Responses

  1. jozeee says:

    Hulk performed as an absoulute monster
    props to Sargeant too

  2. Hieu Luu says:

    Twelve months ago, Aston Martin was fighting Williams for last place in Bahrain. Twelve months later, they’re fighting Mercedes and Ferrari, this has to be the biggest turnaround I’ve seen in modern F1.

  3. Sebs says:

    can we just appreciate the fact that the whole field was 1.1 seconds apart in q1 WOW

  4. Xhanet Lekaj says:

    If Aston keep up the momentum of the car’s developement as they did last year then this might be Fernando’s biggest masterclass move.

  5. Kelly Rock says:

    Anyone else impressed with Stroll even with his accident? He’s using the pace well clearly. And Sargeant was a beast especially for a Williams rookie

    • RayRiders34 says:

      @The sAAAm Show Finding a use for an incessant tongue merely to be carping. Little people need to belittle. Otherwise it reveals their own failures when they are unable to find their favourite body part.

    • Brandon Lagaert // KAIHO says:

      @The sAAAm Show Yeah it is, he’s a F2 champion and current FE World Champion.

      He was one of the unluckiest drivers to have joined in a moment where McLaren wasn’t just slow and unreliable but were doing everything to please Fernando.

      Saying he’s bad does first of all not take his accomplishments into consideration nor does it take into account the bad luck he’s had on his side.

    • Shibe says:

      @The sAAAm Show It’s like pay drivers are a new concept to you? Skill & Money got a lot of drivers to where they are today. The 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s would’ve blown your mind with the amount of pay drivers that stacked the grid, lol.

    • The sAAAm Show says:

      @Brandon Lagaert // KAIHO hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha serious question?

    • Brandon Lagaert // KAIHO says:

      ​​@The sAAAm Show What do you mean? Are you saying Stoffel’s a bad driver?

  6. perfectfantasies says:

    Yuki did so well pulling that car into P8 for Q1.
    Unlucky he had no fresh softs left, could’ve been an even better time.

  7. I_like_stuff says:

    Hulk was an absolute monster! Williams looking better than expected too. Was fun to watch

    • lol what says:

      ​@Adam Wolf if you think that formula 1 is boring, why are you watching a formula 1 video?

    • TUTEX11 says:

      @an human For who is the slowest

    • Agdem_ says:

      @Adam Wolf Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that all teams develop their own cars, so one team has a better car than the rest based on engineering??!!!

    • brendan zhang says:

      @Adam Wolf well redbull is just building lots of cars while relatively spending the same money as everyone else, while the merc dominance was because they spend much more then anyone, I think the dominance shown by redbull is just everyone failing to make their investment work

    • Accent says:

      ​​@Adam Wolf then maybe F1 isn’t simply for you, stop watching

  8. Tima says:

    Sargent n Hulk looked impressive. Alonso N Checo trying for pole was refreshing. Stroll’s effort n build up to the qualy was amazing. Meanwhile in middle of all these two frenchmen fighting n Ocon outscoring Gasly another battle to watch out for entire season.

  9. Sue D Lamb says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how the race pace fares for the top 4 teams.

    • Twevyy says:

      @thebandit1974 okay whatever you say

    • thebandit1974 says:

      @Twevyy at this circuit, for this race they will be on their own.

    • thebandit1974 says:

      @Brandon Lagaert // KAIHO I think this season is only going to be interesting for who comes third unfortunately.

    • Brandon Lagaert // KAIHO says:

      ​@thebandit1974 That could make it interesting as well actually, they pull a gap in the beginning and then start falling back would result in battles past the halfway point.

      This season could become real interesting with AM in the mix.

    • Twevyy says:

      @thebandit1974 that may be the case, but I wouldn’t say something along those lines it’s literally the first race of the season. Sure they look strong but to say a race of their own? That’s a bit of a reach

  10. Jonathan says:

    I’m getting 2012 vibes from Alonso this year. Once again RB seems to be the best, and AM is the underdog. I wonder what magic Alonso can provide this year

    • Adam says:

      Haas did the same last year as am doubt it’ll hold

    • Joshua Tam says:

      stroll definitely improving as well

    • paper plane says:

      @Richard Golya Ferrari and Mercedes were struggling throughout qualifying and the practice sessions. They just put in perfect laps at the end.

      You can see Alonso’s lap was very scruffy, missing apexes, messy exit. And he still beats the Mercs and is close to Leclerc

    • VicGo says:

      The only one to match or outdrive Alonso is Máx… the others maybe in qualy… but really far from him in race and tyre management. Alonso, maybe not in qualy but in race is a beast

    • Richard Golya says:

      @paper plane How? LOL. Ferrari is better, Mercedes is on pair with Aston. And Alonso overtook both Mercs with a not perfect lap

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