Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Miami Grand Prix

Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Miami Grand Prix

Watch all the best bits from a dramatic qualifying session in Miami!

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46 Responses

  1. ThisUsernameWasn’tTakenSomehow says:

    Leclerc + barriers, still one of the most tragic love stories of all time

  2. Octave Ekewou says:

    Alonso going crazy this season. What a fantastic driver

    • VColossalV says:

      ​​@Firebolt yes. In other words, while his rivals were making mistakes and cocking up, he was there, making no mistakes. Alonso does not do the bare minimum, he does everything possible.

    • Marcel Polman says:

      @Firebolt you say second fastest car but I don’t see Stroll strolling away as easily as Alonso, a middle aged man.

      Alonso is one of the very best to ever do it.

    • Sergio Espina says:

      ​@Firebolt can you check in which position his teammate qualified in?

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @Iago VAMOS!

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @Firebolt Alonso MASTERBLAN on AMR.

  3. Vihta says:

    02:07 You can tell Alonso is becoming mellow when the pit crew is now complaining before he does 😀

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @Arnaldo Enriquez Arnaldo Enriquez, have you watched clips from PROJECT CARS 2 UNSEEN? It is in my Youtube channel. One clip featuring all 12 Nijigasaki members singing Yume ga Bokura no Taiyo Sa. 👍 Those clips are based from the 2017 PS4 game of Project CARS 2.

    • exempt___ says:

      @Arnaldo Enriquez dont confuse cool and friendly with weak mate

    • Dario Laseri says:

      The relationship with Taylor is making him soft 🥹

    • Arrow Zen says:

      Surprised me as well…

    • hkpkppq says:

      @Rajisg he didn’t lock up because he already brakes before the haas come out. Maybe he saw the haas engineer waving at that moment. It’s amazing that he always noticed every movement on the track

  4. Lina Dicktator says:

    Does anyone notice Bottas got P10. Nice to see him again to have chance to scoring point

  5. DemoDem says:

    Seeing how aggressive he was on that sector, I kinda expected the sad ending for Charles.

    • RC-Fan NL says:

      @Purwanti Allan Maybe they should make a front wheel drive version of the car? 😉

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @RC-Fan NL yes. Leclerc seemingly always got Ferrari’d.

    • RC-Fan NL says:

      Yeah, it seemed almost like a kamikaze run. Speed is only useful of you can keep it on the track, right?

    • Water Snort Moment says:

      That’s how I felt when I watched it live. I saw how hard he was pushing and I just felt like he was going to lose grip. I didn’t think he was going in the wall though.

  6. Just a Dummy says:

    Perez, Alonso, Sainz, KMag, what a lineup!

  7. Asmodeus says:

    Definitely wasn’t expecting the grid to turn out this way. It’ll be an interesting race. Hoping for some clean but thrilling action from those at the front.

  8. Lord Winterisle says:

    Love to see K-Mag going beast mode!

  9. chana_has_no_mana says:

    Checo stacked his cards right this year. He is out for blood lol. I mean if not for the incident Max was clearly gonna take pole, but still, checo seems really confident this year. And given how it’s hard to overtake on this track, he can win easily and take the championship lead. This season just got a little interesting. I’m kinda hoping he rosbergs max 😂

    • Not_dev1 says:

      True, but Perez can be better than Max in one or two or three races,but over the season Max is faster and more consistent,but I hope its not an easy cruise for Max this season.

    • M W says:

      @Andre Shooter Checo ISN’T on Max’s level…he is above it, as the Saudi race showed…and now this. Checo is just the better driver and is now able to show his skills and abilities considering his contract with Red Bull is up this year and has nothing to lose but the title.

    • S B says:

      Checo drives a car which is 0.5s faster than Ferrari and 1s than the others. The fact is that he is just taking advantage of Max’s mistakes or bad luck. In normal conditions, he has not even a chance…

    • Andrie Susanto says:

      not yet for rosbergs moment yet i think . f1 needs to be boring first , where max and redbull keeps winning 3-4 years and no contest from the rest 🤣🤣

    • Johnny TopGun says:

      Rosberg as a verb, lol

  10. Kevin Moran says:

    I like Perez in pole and everyone that can slow down Max behind him. It will be fun watching comebacks from Hamilton, Max, and Lecrerc

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