Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

Big name exits in Q1 & Q2, led to a mad qualifying session in Barcelona! Catch up with all the best bits from an action-packed session.

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46 Responses

  1. NavF1 says:

    Norris in P3, Leclerc in P19, what an unexpected quali

  2. LR Torres says:

    The moment Max noticed Lando was P3 was gold! I really enjoy seeing Carlos and Lando at the front of grid. Amazing stuff.

  3. Agam bansal says:

    Last 2 quali sessions have been pure quality

  4. T & F archive says:

    Hulkenberg just quietly making another Q3 appearance. What a legend!!

  5. Bube Lennox says:

    I hope the race behind Max Verstappen will be an exciting one.

  6. frank john alex says:

    Riccardo gonna be smiling bigger than ever it seems like..

  7. Fexafan ⌫ says:

    Considering how McLaren were struggling for most races this season so far, P3 is VERY impressive!

  8. Grumpy old man says:

    The monegasque out in q1, Perez ditched it again, hulk in p8, stroll beating Alonso, and Lewis stating his catch phrase “that’s dangerous”. Some are surprises, some just standard.

  9. biljancanin says:

    Nice to see Carlos doing well. I hope he gets his title shot eventually

  10. Arnesh says:

    Half a second faster than everyone else and still having room to improve on your time.. that red bull is clearly the best car on the grid by a considerable margin

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