Quando Rondo – 10.27 (Official Video)

Quando Rondo – 10.27 (Official Video)

Quando Rondo – 10.27

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28 Responses

  1. Debo Gaming says:

    If you’re thinking about quitting don’t something big is coming! Stay blessed

  2. Snap dos Rappers says:

    Brabo 🔥🔥

  3. Zay22 53 says:

    I love Quando, been there since day 1 as a fan, but honestly I’m ready for him to change up his flow, and I know he got the talent for it. His best songs are when he digs deep and talks about something fr other than the usual

  4. ·〰Poofie~Baku〰·💘 says:

    Happy birthday Brodie appreciate the hard work and classic music 💚

  5. damarion. says:

    Quando’s songs have been making it on the trending page lately, his consistency is crazy 🔥

  6. NewYorkMadeYadi TV says:

    Just sitting here thinking about how far this man came. You cannot deny talent!

  7. ·〰Poofie~Baku〰·💘 says:

    Happy birthday big dawg u helped me get by heard time fighting with my heart with your heart warming melodies and even making me feel like a gangsta at times💙

  8. MazaDii says:

    Quando been consistently hitting with his music 🔥 sucks that he for real blackballed 🥲

  9. JustBrandon says:

    I love you quando so proud of how long u been killing the game

  10. Jose Bravo says:

    Quando so underrated man , can’t wait till he gets his and people start to realize he’s up there with YB and all the big names

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