Quarantine Dispatch: Trump Gets Serious & NYC Shuts Down | The Daily Show

Quarantine Dispatch: Trump Gets Serious & NYC Shuts Down | The Daily Show

Trump seems to be realizing coronavirus is far from a hoax, and New York City shuts down Broadway, bars, and more. #TheDailyShow #TrevorNoah #AloneTogether

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73 Responses

  1. S says:

    This is Our World War. We humans must unite and fight together to protect each other🌏❤️

    • Wise Owels says:

      S sounds like you’re blaming this on aliens 👽.
      It was “humans” that made it.
      Humans should consider consumption consequences before consuming.



      co: J.L

    • Eric Wood says:

      I guess it is like that in a way. I know I share your hopes that people still set aside their petty squabbles and unite in these times. We might see all sorts of nice new peace initiatives come out of it.

  2. MrMercury82 says:

    Italy is a great example to follow: singing from their balcony, performing from there, etc. It is a way to ease the quarantine

  3. Man T says:

    “We’ll go a little bit crazy and come out on the other side”.

  4. Alice Kirunda says:

    I’m in Rome, you’ve been my source of happiness throughout this crisis.

  5. Danny Boy says:

    I mean..everyone’s always staring at their phones and have been “social distancing” for decades now… so shouldn’t be too much of an issue coping with quarantining at home. 🙄

  6. fullbarneystinsoness says:

    Trevor: just 15 days guys

    Me 4 years in my room: rookie numbers

    Edit: lots of classy gentlemen in this comment section, I’m so humbled we all came together here

  7. S. O I says:

    ” *Try to remember that we are human beings existing with other human beings*, fighting against something together for a change” This comment needs to be posted somewhere.
    Thanks Trevor!!

  8. Prerna Kumar says:

    “Us serviving is more important than us meeting deadlines.” “15 days could make a huge difference.”
    Well said Trevor.

  9. Ink 6 says:

    When being antisocial makes you feel like a hero 😉

    • Eric Wood says:

      That’s right! Come to me, those of you who are troubled, and I will offer my sage advice based on a lifetime spent in self-isolation. My first recommendation: Cats. As many as you can reasonably house and care for. 😉

  10. hairy plopper says:

    There’s a guy at my work who’s had corona virus for years. Every time he gets paid, buys a bunch of coronas and self isolates until he’s drank all of the coronas, then decides it’s time to return to work

  11. jermaine588 says:

    All the dumb idiots that gave this a thumbs down are people who would get exposed because of stupidity and ignorance…great vid and great facts..

  12. Funny Disease says:

    Now’s the only time I want to get out of bed. Everyday fells like a Monday before but now I’m full of energy.😁

  13. X Lama says:

    “Idris Elba has Coronavirus and he is still one of the best-looking men on the planet. So luckily Coronavirus didn’t take that away from him”

    You mean from us, Trevor. We still have him.

  14. S J says:

    I’ve been social distancing for years….. While everyone is reeling from this I am just doing my normal.

  15. Richard Lim says:

    Respect to you making this video, I didnt see any other late show host doing any of this video so far

  16. Vic Nsi says:

    0:52 Delivery people ever more so are becoming the life blood of this our modern society. My sentiments exactly. And also,
    my heart goes out to all the healthcare workers on the front-lines fighting against this “invisible enemy”, many of them seeing all of their tireless efforts rewarded by repeated loss of life 😢

  17. LAOMUSIC ARTS says:

    The Berlin Phillarmonik is given their concerts online for free!

  18. Aesthetic Soul says:

    Corona virus : * Exists *
    Self Isolation : * Exists *

    Introverts : *This is the moment I’ve been waiting my whole life* .

  19. Some1 No1 says:

    People with social-anxiety , GAD and people who are introverts THE MOMENT HAS COME.

  20. messi 10 says:

    These comments are too close together. We’re all going to get coronavirus.

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