Quarantined With My Twin

Quarantined With My Twin

Here are some thing we as twins have been doing to keep ourselves entertained during quarantine.. hope you guys are all staying safe 🙂

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Grayson’s Things

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56 Responses

  1. Claire Rummery says:

    Shave Ethans head like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender and recreate the intro scene! 😂👏🏼

  2. Najaatu Yusif says:

    “In the world” Dolan Twins 2020.

  3. Lauren Lavigne says:

    bro a woman can just breathe near grayson and he’ll be like “children”

  4. Jasmine Isabella says:

    “… I wanna have kids”
    Me: *RAISES HAND SO FAST* I volunteer as TRIBUTE!

  5. Mardivina Escalante says:

    ethan: “i’m sweating, i’m giving up”
    words i live by everyday

  6. Think_freely_00 _0 says:

    “I wanna have kids”

    Every fangirl: I know how we can make that happen.

  7. αngel s says:

    “wE shOuld plAy wiTh ouRseLves”
    – Grayson Dolan 2020

  8. Raphael 15 says:

    Another title: Adults going crazy cause they are grounded

    Edit:thanks for 200 likes 😀 😀 😀 😀

  9. Lyla Schmidt says:

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Not even Ethan:

    Grayson: wE’Re MaKiNg A fOrT

  10. Its Jordyn says:

    no one:
    no one at all:

    grayson: *drinks smoothie*

    ethan: your drinking it, you psycho

  11. isabella s says:

    no one:

    not even a single soul

    not even Jesus himself:

    grayson in quarantine: I wAnNa HaVe KiDs

    everyone else:😕

    Ethan next to him: dude, we’re going iNsAnE

  12. Grace M says:

    Can’t believe you passed up the chance to call this “Quaran-twin”

  13. Malia Breezee says:

    Grayson: “wHy aRe yOu sO hElPlEsS!?” Ethan: “….why are you so mean…?😒😡” I CANT LMAO

  14. Kylee Ginger says:

    Grayson casually touches turned on light bulb.*gets burned* “Ow” like what did he think was gonna happen? 😂😂😂

  15. Adna H says:

    When Ethan was doing the “speaker” during charades I LOST IT

  16. Ariel Reta says:

    when you realize the Dolan Twins don’t say “peace✌🏼” anymore😔

  17. Lauriana says:

    Ethan: Grayson you said no going outside…
    Grayson: that’s not inside, that’s inside
    9:32 😂😂😂

  18. Amina says:

    Dolan Twins : “Stay safe and inside”
    Meanwhile : *putting soap in their mouth*
    To anyone out there who needs to hear it, don’t try it.

  19. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    Grayson: “that’s not outside, that’s inside”
    Ethan: “you found a loophole…” 🤯

  20. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    no one: gray: as close as we “pastably” can, you’re going “nuts”… he’s rlly turning into a dad with all of the dad jokes

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