Quarterbacks Run the 40-Yard Dash | 2019 NFL Scouting Combine Highlights

Quarterbacks Run the 40-Yard Dash | 2019 NFL Scouting Combine Highlights

The top quarterback prospects participate in the 40-yard dash at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.

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91 Responses

  1. The Goat says:

    My boy Dwayne Haskins might be slow but he can still zip it down the field

    • Aedan Dehnert says:

      Moritz Sk the qb’s first responsibility is to throw the ball which Haskins is quite good ar

    • Adam Bose says:

      Juju Az overrated? Lmao the nfl draft class from OSU is going to be huge this year.

    • N_JAMES says:

      YoungFalcóN23 he is literally the best big 10 qb of all time. How is he overrated? And by that I mean in college, obviously Brees is better.

    • Hays Marionneaux says:

      YoungFalcóN23 who said he was cam newton he’s more like Drew Brees. He’s better than Lock and Murray. We’ll see that in the NFL

    • O derrick says:


  2. Luke Lendler says:

    Eric Dungey should be running this, he set records at Syracuse.

    • Luke Lendler says:

      First Last: Dungey’s a better runner, and is much stronger

    • Coughing Cat says:

      I was wondering if anyone was going to say anything about him tbh I think he is the most underrated player in the draft and has second or third round talent in my opinion

    • First Last says:

      +Coughing Cat
      He’ll be a first round pick in either the AAF or the XFL.
      No doubt.

    • Coughing Cat says:

      First Last he set records over Donovan Mcnabb one of the best qbs in nfl history

    • Clay Carter says:

      Coughing Cat I’m a die hard eagles fan but mcnabb was not one of the best in history he was really good for the eagles but not even top 20 qb all time

  3. Pudzian says:

    What fool made Tyree Jackson a QB?
    He should be a tight end

  4. Liam Donovan says:

    This is one of the worst 40 yrd in history so far in total

    • Aspis Gaming says:

      DK Metcalf???

    • timking1111 says:

      Keep in mind these are the QBs and these QBs are actually fast compared to others like Brady.

    • Devronicus says:

      +timking1111 Gonna play devil’s advocate for a sec: “Keep on mind that these are the QBs and these QBs are actually slow compared to others like Micharl Vick.”
      I agree that these QB’s aren’t slow, but you’re arguement does not hold any water.

    • waterboys 107 says:

      +Rightfully Owned Mike vick was a good QB

    • Steven Asante says:

      +Tj Adams What? Do you know how rare 4.2’s are? They only happen every couple of years ?

  5. Eric 22898 says:

    Why are all these qbs fast

    • Rightfully Owned says:

      Davis Tom Brady is actually still running his 40. He started running in 2000.. that’s how slow he was. All of this speed means nothing.
      “ but the nfl has changed, QB’s need to be fast”
      Tell that to Tom Brady that’s currently working on his 7th ring and as slow as a turtle.

    • greggsovereasy says:

      because college QBs are basically RBs who throw occasionally.

    • TheHuskyK9 says:

      *The QB position has evolved. No more Peyton Manning legs*

    • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

      greggsovereasy, Which quarterback here would you ever put at running back? Give me a timestamp.

    • timking1111 says:

      +Odette Rosillo not as slow as Brady also has the arm and accuracy to make up for it. He’s better than most QBs.

  6. Christian Alvarez says:

    Why didn’t Kyler run?

    • Jim the Squirrel says:

      Ashley you need to announce you will play football a month before the combine also he didn’t run because he will do it on his pro day a week from now

    • Hollowfist90 says:

      He knows he may be a #1 pick or a little lesser no matter what so why compete..

    • Shoney Carpenter says:

      Because we know he’s fast

    • Matt Scarey says:

      Bc he ain’t trying to do anything. It started when he wasn’t gonna participate in the throwing part of the combine. Now he just isn’t gonna do anything bc all he was gonna do is run.

    • iceman11sdm says:

      E will do everything at his pro day! Get ready!

  7. Larkin Hancock says:

    That QB from Buffalo can move

  8. Griffin Ellison says:

    “I see Haskins as more of a runner” – Stephen A.

  9. Monaghan Boy says:

    we just want to see kyler murray bruh

    • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

      Seriously. Kyler is the only reason I am here.

    • timking1111 says:

      “we” lol Screw Kyler. He’s overrated. Why are people so hyped about the kid?

    • Big Daddy Rikka says:

      Kyler Murray thinks he’s too good for the combine and he’s gonna make everyone wait until the day is absolutely his to show off

    • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

      Big Daddy Rikka, Kyler technically is too good for the NFL combine if he gets drafted high without participating.

    • Joshua Curry says:

      Kyler Murray runs like a 4.37 I think

  10. Harambe says:

    Bruh and Stephen A said Haskins was a mobile QB ? Racial stereotyping a bit there lol. He’s miles closer to Tom Brady than Mike Vick

  11. Caleb Davis says:

    I literally only cared about Murray and I didn’t get him…

    • TheRealMVP says:

      +ItzDaRealDeal Kyler is just a bum I don’t think he will ever be good this QB class is just horrible. Haskins might be ok.

    • CaptainCold says:

      TheRealMVP if you think he’s a bum then you’ve never watched his film.

    • ItzDaRealDeal says:

      +TheRealMVP keep it a buck, kyler gonna be good. Not saying he gonna have a great career but he gonna have a few crazy seasons in the league. If haskins isn’t a pro bowl / star QB, This might be the worst QB class ever.

    • Mr Thomas says:

      Gage Chavez kyler didn’t run because he ballooned up to 207 for the combine. He isn’t fooling anyone with that weight

  12. steal threaded says:

    Do they sell the under armor shorts they wear?
    I like those.

  13. 3Speedboy says:

    Haskins runs a 5.04

    “I see him as more of a runner than a passer” – Stephen A. Smith

  14. jensen change my diaper says:

    These guys aren’t even slower than the rbs this year wtf

  15. Braxton Chambers says:

    Haskins Is Mad Slow

    • C Moneh says:

      +xX_Tyler_X x but can he throw it like dwayne

    • xX_Tyler_X x says:

      C Moneh idk I was only arguing about speed

    • timking1111 says:

      He really isn’t that slow. I mean compared to this group, yes but this years QBs are pretty fast. Think back to what Brady ran.

    • Michael Thomas #cgm #90catchpct #flexonthemdbs says:

      +MrOasis316 what does that have to do with anything retard? Haskins is slow. That was what his comment was about, nothing else. So unless you for some reason think Haskins isn’t actually that slow you should just stay quiet

  16. Taylin’s nationnn says:

    ? Haskins thought he was gonna run a 4.8 nm that

  17. Patty Daddy says:

    Wheres gardner minshew??

  18. Jack White says:

    Who cares about these 40 times. Let’s see them sling it now.

  19. EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

    The slowest guy in NFl history won 6 super bowl. The 40 yard dash is only eye candy .

  20. Jeffrey Cansino says:

    6-7 250 qb with a 4.5 40 that’s beasty

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