Queen Naija – A Way Out (Artist Spotlight Stories)

Queen Naija – A Way Out (Artist Spotlight Stories)

Directed by Kanyessa McMahon and Produced by YouTube music, “A Way Out” tells the story of Queen Naija’s phenomenal rise to fame. Growing up in Ypsilanti, MI the young R&B artist transformed from YouTube sensation to Billboard No.1 star seemingly overnight. Queen’s story is one of perseverance, and this documentary explores the trials of her childhood and her fierce drive to succeed.

Featuring the song “War Cry”, Listen Now: https://QueenNaija.lnk.to/WarCryYD

My self-titled EP featuring “Karma” & “Medicine” is out now!!! Listen here : http://queennaija.lnk.to/EPYD

Social Media Links Below:
Instagram: http://instagram.com/queennaija
Twitter: http://twitter.com/queennaija
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QueenNaija/

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46 Responses

  1. SimplyPops says:

    This film inspires me to never give up.

  2. Diana Q. says:

    I love this girl..she is so real don’t care what ppl think of her.. just because she is famous doesn’t mean she has to act and dress a certain way. That is something I notice ppl comment it about it’s petty. Love u queen! The struggle is real went through this and now. My son keeps me going. Many blessings too u and ur family

  3. Bella Maria says:

    Loved this!! Wish it was longer ?

  4. Bella Maria says:

    Why did I tear up again when they showed the ultra sound pic and gender reveal ?❤

  5. Beky and Es says:

    Queen let me be honest, the path you are taking is not good for you, spiritually. But I love you and I will pray for you

    • Kayla Marie says:

      Wtf you make no sense

    • ateera says:

      How she just posted a whole gospel song sis

    • ateera says:

      Also if u have her on twitter she said that she is working on herself

    • Brian Smith says:

      After watching the documentary, I actually think she is on the exact path that God wants her to be on. I feel like God has given her the gift of transparency and music to reach millions of people, just as she has done for years now. He is working on her right in front of our eyes, which will show people the love, grace, mercy and abilities that he blesses us with every day.

    • King lum says:

      But this path got her from being homeless to living in a apartment boo up with hit music and hey two babies

  6. The Attack of Shaq says:

    When she cried about Jesus possibly not knowing her… that was a real moment. Ppl really don’t understand that’s a real fear for Christians.

  7. Its Amiaaa says:

    that is my songgg… “here i am to worship, here i am to bow down..”. im 17 yrs old and im still trying to get into & fix my relationship with God. Forgiveness is a big obstacle but u can never truly get God’s forgiveness until you forgive others and yourself ?. Yea im 17 but i’ve done things that didn’t make didnt God happy but you have to repent, meaning asking for forgiveness and correcting the sin u committed. It was hard at first because I was ignorant to the things that were displeasing to him at first but attending bible study and learning more about my religion has opened so much in me. I used to not forgive myself and beat down on myself for it but Our God is forgiving ? He knows that we will mess up from time to time but how you handle it and fix it afterwards is what matters. Everything happens for a reason Queen. We may not be able to know the reason but God puts people and obstacles in your life for reasons. I hope you continue to grow mentally, spiritually, financially, & in every other aspect of your life ❤️

    • Christabel Hammond says:

      I am happy for you. I can praying for you sister. You should listen to Transformation church pastor Todd. I feel like that will help you

    • Brian Smith says:

      This is a great comment and I’m glad you shared it. While it’s good to be repentant, you can not beat up on yourself every day and let pity overtake your life. I feel that’s a trick of the enemy. I hope Queen realizes that.

    • Taniya Davis says:

      Amen ??

  8. Fatima Stevens says:

    Queen wow I am speechless but may God shower you with his blessing and may God bless your family and everything you do. I love you so much and I support you no matter what happens thxs for everything❤❤❤. Much love.

  9. channing b says:

    Congratulations ?? You Deserve everything you have and more baby girl good bless

  10. Tania Evans says:

    This was so beautiful ??

  11. Key Smiles says:

    Wow! Queen and Chris really struggled a lot after she left her mom’s house. And I’m sure her mom’s door was open for her to return home any moment if she wanted. But Queen and Chris has to figure it out on their own. I guess it really is safe to say that after moving from their parents house, Chris and Queen started from the bottom, and despite everything else God blessed them tremendously.

  12. RĪRÍ BBY says:

    Ar’mon ND Trey are some good supporters

  13. It’sJada Tv says:

    Wow started tearing up when you told us your worst fear? that’s mines too

  14. Sasha says:

    I can’t think of someone who deserves this more than you. Your story is so relatable and inspiring, I can’t stop crying tears of joy seeing this video. It shows who you really are and how humble you are. You can come from the bottom and end up being who you always aspired to be. I’m SO proud of my baby Queen, I’ve been a fan since day one & I’ll be a fan when you’re at the TOP. You’re one of the most talented humans on this earth in my opinion. God bless you and your family ALWAYS! I love you SO fckn MUCH!!! ??????✝️?

  15. ❤Shay❤ says:

    Why was patty’s face blurred ??☕️?

  16. Afinna Liete says:

    This is why I love you. Youre so real and relatable. We all make mistakes and you using your platform to share the word with others is amazing. Thankyou for sharing your story, its only the beginning!

  17. K BABES says:

    Believe it or not she gone be the next thing ‘!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️she gonna be a legend!!

  18. Ashanii The Shawtyy says:

    $8,500 a month?…..

    *records a video on phone*

  19. Christianna Olivia says:

    If she ever has an 1 hour documentary that lands on tv I feel like it would be soooooo inspiring.

  20. Madyson Moore says:

    She’s gonna be a legend?

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