Queen Naija – Artist Spotlight Story (Official Trailer)

Queen Naija – Artist Spotlight Story (Official Trailer)

Coming Soon. Queen Naija Artist Spotlight Story (Official Trailer)

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31 Responses

  1. Saniya Faith says:

    Probably the best trailer I have ever seen !! Can’t wait to hear your story queen ?♥️♥️

  2. Adrienne Miichelle says:

    Queen honey I am soooo proud of you and all your accomplishments ?✨✨✨? God bless your soul.

  3. Bella Maria says:

    OMG IM SCREAMING!!! I CANT WAIT!!!! BEEN WAITING ON THIS!!! When is it coming out though? ?

  4. NYC Reign says:

    Staaaapppp look at my cousin (in my head) just flourishing !!!!! ???? I’m so PROUD!!!!! This almost made me tear. I’m so proud of you Queen! Watching you from the very beginning to see what you have become is so rewarding for ME. I really feel like you’re one of my family members who “made it”. Crazy feeling! ??? Can’t wait to see you go even HIGHER!

  5. Issa Jayy says:

    This really made me cry ?❤️ you are truly an inspiration like honestly I’ve never really looked up to anyone in a while but you have changed my whole perspective and outlook on various things and I appreciate the fact that you may not know me and I may not know you but you have impacted my life at this very moment ❤️ thank you !

  6. Midajah Davis says:

    Omg I started crying BC queen been through alot n look at her now

  7. Ailin Tapia Venegas says:


  8. Maggie reylina says:

    This is beautiful I cant wait for the whole thing to come out !

  9. Nia Nicholson says:

    Queen Is Such A Good Role Model For Females, Just Such A BIG inspiration ???

  10. K'Vaughna Stubbs says:

    This was short but you can already feel the impact from it . Can’ t way for the full thing? hurry drop it✅✅

  11. Tammy German says:

    Aww it touched me to see Queen cry I know she would succeed in this journey LOVE YOU QUEEN ??

  12. Bella Maria says:

    This legit look like a movie that’s about to be released in theaters. I really would pay to see it too lol. Shoot I’d even pay to go see it multiple times just because is Queen ?? lol

  13. Raven Anderson says:

    Y’all are girl is just growing up on us? ??? I’m emotional af right now.

  14. Dennise Guerra says:

    Who left watching Cardi B at the iHeart Jingle Bell! Love this! Queen is an inspiration to the world!

  15. SEI MYNAME says:

    *+Growth is REAL, Ladies Believe in Yourselves* ??❤️

  16. Leila D says:

    I read somewhere she should have made a Xmas song. That would have been fire
    But i thought about it and that would.have been a lil to much cause she was on tour. But its still time. Like of u Would Love to here Queen make a CHRISTMAS SONG.

  17. Clarena C Balles says:

    WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIEEEEEEE!!!!!! Ughhhhh she IS the STAR!!!!!!???✨✨✨✨✨?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. MiamiGirl305 says:

    Can’t wait to see the whole documentary ! Can’t wait for Queen to tell the story of her upbringing ! The raw and uncut story !

  19. The Gomez's says:

    I cried watching this did anyone else cry watching this ??

  20. Rico says:

    Queen Naija is my favorite with Xavier White ??❤️??❤️

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