Queen’s 4 Children Walk Behind Her Coffin As It Arrives At St. Giles

Queen’s 4 Children Walk Behind Her Coffin As It Arrives At St. Giles

King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward walk behind the hearse carrying Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as it makes it journey from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St. Giles’ Cathedral.

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46 Responses

  1. BowtiesRcoool says:

    Doesn’t matter if her children are all adults with kids/grandkids of their own, losing both parents still gets you in the heart. All they have now is each other. God bless them and bring them peace in this hard time.

    • nadia m says:

      @Smok33 they don’t own assets, the state (the United Kingdom as a country) does.
      Having the monarch does a great deal for the tourism industry in the UK – the economy benefits greatly.

      If you can’t see this, or understand it, then I’m sorry. Frankly what Britain has given to the world is unmatchable (for the good) ; and maybe one day everyone will realise that.

    • Molly Jackson says:

      You can support those animals all you want. But me, I’m gonna give All my respect to Diana 🤍

    • BowtiesRcoool says:

      @The mysterious Miss X are you serious? Gets you in the heart is a saying, OBVIOUSLY people handle grief in different ways. I think everyone understands that my comment was in a general sense. Relax.

    • Audrey Baldez says:

      Yes, and does matters how bad persons they are too

    • j gp says:

      @bj agreed

  2. BranBranShenanigans says:

    I don’t care the age the loss of a parent is a huge life changing situation. Condolences to them.

    • DeadBoltZz says:

      No crap Sherlock

    • Pamela Carroll says:

      @In your dreams I lost my mom in 2019, and my father 2010, I experienced a feeling of emptiness but thank god I became involved in Christianity and learned on my own that our parents was only supposed to be on this earth for the amount of time given. The soul lives on in heaven. Tune in to Matt Fraser sometimes and everything he shares is the honest to god truth. Your love one give signs to us everyday, they are always watching over us. Put your angels to work for you, they never leave us just because we are all grown up. Talk to them , ask for their daily help. God bless everyone.

    • Ks says:

      I agree 100% it’s very hard losing a parent no matter what age!!! I lost my daddy in his 80’s and people would say he lived his life he was older would break 💔 my heart over and over 🥲

    • 2020 Crabtree says:

      Condolences to the colonized countries and their posterity now and forever. I mourn Diana.

  3. Julie Green says:

    While all of her children are grieving, my heart especially goes out to HRH Anne, the Princess Royal, as a daughter losing her mother. Princess Anne has always conducted herself with such dignity–and does so here–but her heart must be incredibly sad.

  4. Michele Leimbacher says:

    A true honour for the young men who are carrying the casket.

  5. Fear No One says:

    Pay careful attention, everyone. We’ve NEVER seen anything like this; well most of us anyway; and I seriously, seriously doubt we’ll ever see & experience such a lady again. She did nobility, grace, humility, kindness, dignity RIGHT. There’s only 1 better & we’ll see Him again soon as He descends from heaven.
    THIS here, THIS is history worth making, watching & talking about. As I watch this extraordinary event unfold, I can’t help but imagine how this must’ve looked & felt before our day/today, when modernity for those days were cars or running water. *sigh
    What must it have been like then, especially if even today we’re in awe of the spectacle. It’s sad on the one hand, as we’ll never again witness such a woman. Soon there’ll be nobody who remembers & can regale us w/ so many stories about how far away & treacherous their journey to school was. How poor they were & couldn’t get any Sorrels, not even galoshes!😁
    Let’s lift up this “actual Queen” (not the meme/fad) her family, her country, her subjects & anyone else mourning while celebrating her extraordinary reign; let’s lift them all up in prayer. Thanks for a lifetime of memories, Queen Elizabeth. Sleep well & in peace.🌹👑

    • Vlačko says:

      @Fear No One I quote: “her family her country, *HER SUBJECTCS* “

    • Fear No One says:

      @Vlačko Gee, no. Thanks for sharing. So what? What’d u just learn that & now anyone who compliments her gets to read about your new findings? Who doesn’t know that? Maybe u can point out where exactly I said she was ruler of England.

    • Fear No One says:

      @P J It’s my comment, I’ll say what I want. Keep your negative discriminatory hate to yourself. It doesn’t belong here. God bless.

    • P J says:

      i agree with you about the queen, bot your religious belief doesn’t really belong here; keep it to yourself.

  6. Lit life S says:

    I love how people are so supportive of them, feeling sadness with them thinking that losing both parents, no matter how old you are is really hard

  7. Land GirlGB says:

    The late Queen would have been so proud – well done this is about the Queen and her children. Beautiful service and such respect and admiration from all walks of life! Rest In Peace. Well deserved.

  8. Kathryn Roberts says:

    The twinkle in her eye, the warmth of her smile, and the dignity, and grace with which she ruled her kingdom will never be forgotten.
    Those who follow will never hold a candle. Rest in Peace, your Majesty.

    • 2020 Crabtree says:

      @Jutta Pluhar
      You “still struggle with Camilla,…because of what she did to Diana” but you do NOT struggle with what Elizabeth did to the colonized. You are such a hypocrite! “You need not judge” because you have no sense of right or wrong. Each time we make a decision we have judged!

    • brian cox says:

      @Jutta Pluhar Glad you mentioned Charles’s murdered victim poor Diana.

    • Jutta Pluhar says:

      I really finally have great fait in King Charles after listening to all his speeches he’s given , that he will want to continue Queen Elizabeth’s example . He has learned a lot from her . I still struggle with Camilla , liking her because what she did to the beloved Diana but I also know with certainty my own imperfections faults and mistakes I made and still make daily , that therefore I need to not judge her any longer . Kisses by Charles loves her and so I will support both of them ! So sorry for their loss !!

  9. Joan Gordon says:

    If you think about it this wasn’t planned years ahead and practiced dozens of times. Her coffin would not have been expected to be in Scotland. Good old Edinburgh, pulling all of this off – so beautifully – at such short notice. I am so proud of my city. God Bless the Queen. God Save the King

    • Arlene Hill says:

      Good point, Scotland came through for her and surely so honoured to do so.

    • Joan Bell says:

      @Firepoet1 and how much are people from the various commonwealth countries watching that have no way to be there. Have respect for them too

    • Carolb74 says:

      @Nikki Jayne yeah it’s an interesting read and each part of the uk has a different national animal
      Scotland – Unicorn
      England – Lion
      Wales – Welsh Dragon
      Ireland – Irish Hare

  10. Ariana Anggraeni Sarah says:

    so touching 🥹 btw Princess Anne is too way cool! doesn’t look like she’s aging, such a strong woman real strong figure❤️

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