Queen’s Funeral: King Charles Requested Prince Harry Be Allowed to Wear Military Uniform

Queen’s Funeral: King Charles Requested Prince Harry Be Allowed to Wear Military Uniform

A source tells ET, Palace officials have informed Harry he can wear his military uniform at the Vigil on Saturday at Westminster Hall.

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  1. YYC403NOYP says:

    Search result says that Harry served for 10 years in the Army and was deployed TWICE. FORGET the military honours / title given to him that were taken back when he stepped down BUT as a soldier who served the military, he has the right to wear the uniform that he had worn before at the funeral services of his GRANDMOTHER.
    ANY SOLDIER who had served in the military have every right to wear their uniform in any form of formal gathering.

  2. Beth Morris says:

    Im happy they will get to wear the uniforms regardless of how i feel about them, because it shows mad respect for her. She was a military woman. And they are military men. So give respect where its due. No matter how you feel about the individual. They earned it.

  3. RO Williams says:

    I’m so happy to hear that. No better time for them to stand united. Our condolences goes out to their family as they grieve such a great loss.

  4. Maria Washington says:

    When my mother passed, my nephew who has since retired from the marines, wore his uniform(all white) I thought it was such a great expression of respect for his Gram.

    • Mark Van Bommel says:

      his pride is more important than that trash title or uniform

    • Marren Pink says:

      But your family member probably didn’t talked wrongly about his family and country, your family members would probably not harm any elders job, and devotion for country. Etc. And most important you’re not ashamed by his behaviors.

    • running_girl says:

      And you are not British where their rules are different than your countries

  5. Carmelita Tolosa Brutas says:

    Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth! 🙏❤

  6. Yemisi Moweta says:

    That’s a great gesture from a father 😊

  7. Emilio Mazariegos Williams says:

    Sir David Beckham is the epitome of a “real” modern British gentleman !!

  8. Xhogun says:

    UK law prohibits them from wearing military uniforms.

    Under the uniforms act is illegal to wear a uniform if you are not currently serving. Retired British military personnel are not allowed to wear uniform unless they are in an honorary appointment and had been authorised to wear one. Instead, they wear their military medals pinned to civilian clothes.

    However they can get special permission, hence why both Andrew and Harry can wear uniforms at the vigil.

  9. Jessica J says:

    He doesn’t have to request it, he’s the king!

  10. Ann Willett says:

    These people know honor, duty & respect!❤❤

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