Quentin Miller: Meek Mill and His Crew Beat Me Up Over Drake Ghostwriting

Quentin Miller: Meek Mill and His Crew Beat Me Up Over Drake Ghostwriting

Quentin Miller confirmed a relatively-unknown tale involving him and the Dream Chasers while chopping it up with DJ Vlad. During the interview, Vlad shows Miller an unreleased clip from his Taxstone interview where he revealed knowledge about Meek Mill confronting Miller at a Los Angeles Nike store. After reviewing the clip, Quentin admits “it’s true” before describing what all happened that day.

According to Miller, Meek Mill didn’t care for his statement denying he was Drake’s ghostwriter last Summer. “I shed blood in the Nike store,” Quentin confessed as he recalled getting confronted by the group who first wanted him to retract his claim in front of paparazzi. After telling them no, the Dream Chasers proceeded to beat him up as he made Meek Mill out to be a liar. “I’m not a street n***a so you can have it,” Miller states in reference to Meek. “You can have the tough title – that doesn’t do anything for me.”

In the Taxstone interview, the media insider also claimed Miller was beat up because he wouldn’t write for Meek Mill, a rumor the rapper wants no parts of. “I’m not going into detail about that,” he firmly stated.

Catch the entire story above.

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20 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    good luck to that nigga qm

  2. frnny2728 says:

    Since Meek is such a tough guy, I want to see him hit Drake since that is
    who he is really mad at.

  3. Ricky Mula says:

    Meek a typical darkskin nigga do some snake shit he would hit you and run
    away like a bitch

  4. Samatha Johnson says:

    Now Meek really taking an L. Mad cause dude didn’t write for you. So you
    beat his ass? Qm ain’t no hood dude. All bad

  5. Shermarke Garad says:

    Meek can have the tuff title, he sheds blood for Nike.

  6. But Black Dynamite I Sell Drugs to the Community! says:

    ‘Finally a good interview.’

    Written by Quentin Miller

    ‘Damn this nigga be writing everybody shit.’

    Also written by Quentin Miller

  7. richard campos (ATrichardcamposd) says:

    Vlad that type of nigga that if you say you shed blood..he wants to know
    how many drops of blood lol..

  8. Alex Forseth says:

    How wack can you be? Beating somebody up because they wouldn’t write for
    you? What are you 7 years old?

  9. Takudzwa Nzuma says:

    all this Nike shit on me expensive .qm ?

  10. Wildest says:

    Y’all will believe anything..??

  11. Rohanzo 2K says:

    bro drake must be paying shitloads for this nigga to lie about this, i mean
    where’s the dignity? no way in hell meek mill beat this dude up, this whole
    story just sounds f’d up and im on drakes side…

  12. kourtney reedd says:

    Aww poor QM but I still love Meek, them Philly niggas dnt play tho

  13. GAZA-Z says:

    yo respect to this man. i really like this Guy. & Meek Mill crew is Gay for
    that. Honestly wtf happened to hip hop with this bitch shit.

  14. AROB ROBINSON says:

    homie seem to be mad cool i just lost respect for meek mill this mam didn’t
    deserve this shit

  15. Og Militia says:

    Meek Mill & DC own this L

  16. KZ1994able says:

    well meek …. see u in 6 years bruh

  17. coolwatersmusic says:

    wow so make blowing this whole ghost riding crop way way way out of
    proportion all in the spirit of cock blocking and hating

  18. D Castro says:

    Whats sad is that a dude from the suburbs was able to follow one of the
    cardinal rules of the streets which is no snitching. While other mofuckas
    like 40 glocc who supposedly come from that lifestyle not only break that
    rule, they have no shame and try to justify it. Shits crazy to me but it is
    what it is.

  19. Chris Lee says:

    And at the end of the day this nigga write better then the both of them??
    lol both them niggas haters if you really think about it. How you gonna
    steal on the underground 2015-2016 writer of the year. OvO and DC is super

  20. Rell Bands says:

    we should beat him up just for lying