Questions still unanswered about motive for Las Vegas mass shooting

Questions still unanswered about motive for Las Vegas mass shooting

Suspected shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino with 10 suitcases full of weapons; he set up cameras inside and outside his hotel room.

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  1. EB-Killerz says:

    1 man with 10 suitcases is pretty fucking suspicious…

  2. duunes says:

    He rained hell for 9 minutes… Why doesn’t the news mention it took a whole 70 minutes for the cops to bust down his door?

  3. Rebecca Hall says:

    Such Utter NONSENSE — who can believe this EVER SO CONVENIENT open & shut account of this Las Vegas Sting? Not me! This is simply Just More of a REPEAT JFK Set-Up.

    Also, there is already YouTube Film Footage — showing SHOOTING @ the 4th Floor Area — Gun Fire matching bullet sounds.

    Now how this 64 year old man was chosen to become the fall guy, is an example of how easy it is for ANY PERSON to be Set-Up for a “FALSE FLAG” Operation.

    OH YEAH … after working his entire life to amass enough wealth as a Real Estate Hound — so that all of that work — could then be trashed in a stupid heap — just so he could all of sudden decide to do this kind of attack?

    NO WAY!
    Absolutely NO way he could have done all of this.
    And then — that he did so just so he could then take his own life or go to jail for life?

    And just how many American 64 year old’s have you ever met who have the level of stamina / energy for such INSANITY?

    ESPECIALLY someone who is so very much addicted to his intake of alcohol?

    HE’D HAVE TO BE A “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” Tom Cruise Type of Stamina RECRUIT TO PULL This kind of an Operation!

    AND For what?
    Interesting how their is Now a Total Black-Out on the Truth of what this is all about.

    THIS IS Such a STRANGE SET-UP — & with every hour going by — this entire matter has more & more LOOSE ENDS… for the people behind this — they simply did A SLOPPY JOB … LEAVING ENDLESS Clues — and inspiring endless QUESTIONS.

    Not to forget to mention that some Hispanic Couple — at the concert — actually stopped to tell certain people that they were all going to die that night — while at the concert — being informed of this — all just 45 before minutes the shooting occurred.


    AND FOR WHAT? ME THINKS IT BE: …… GUNS, GUNS, GUNS… and on it goes.

  4. Michael Hermes says:

    Yes many answers un answered like why it happened on route 91 with 91 days left in the year, mirror this and you get the 91st day of the year April fools day, Jason aldean released “lights come on” on April fools day last year. 10:08 (October 10)(8th zodiac of the year) Let us not forget the shooter on the 4th floor and why there is no good footage at all of people literally getting hit, ive seen real footage from military overseas and they are not even allowed to film. Paddock means field almost like a field you harvest from. The (ZIONIST) Jewish holiday Shavuot is happening celebrating the harvest of their …… Sacrifices. Could break this down into simple minded words but have a good day, either be on the side of the media or get out of this matrix while you can and get rid of your labels. Peace to the families that lost lives.

  5. Neo Bear says:

    Alex Jones claimed ISIS wired some $ to Stephen Paddock’s bank account to pay off his Gambling debts in return for a favour hence the reason why ISIS claimed responsibility??

  6. Benny MacPage says:

    Getting a kick out of all these stupid comments from people so dumb they can’t fathom how this could possibly have been done by 1 person… so they just cry conspiracy. This man was sick in the head but he wasn’t stupid.

  7. Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff says:

    Those poor people sang “god bless America” and this happens? Wow, your god is such a loving god.

  8. James Harris says:

    He did it to kill him self and take the world with him it was a suicide plot he’s probably plans it for years waited till he got bored will life and thought he go out with a bang.

  9. Archi Ari says:

    HOW IS 10 suitcase carried by just one person not suspicious ??

  10. prallund feucht says:

    really… 10 suitcases. 23 rifles. that is about 160 pounds WITHOUT AMMO AND ATTACHMENTS.
    coming either in RIFLE CASES or otherwise OBVIOUSLY NOTICEABLE by any detection device, bell boy, room service or
    by ear alone. who carries metal rods with him that cling in your suitcase? The preparation must have been to long for this to be a random killing spree


  11. kooker sleether says:

    This guy was a pussy hat, leftist, liberal RETARD

  12. Shout itOut says:

    dont watch cbs morning show. it’s all liberal crap. nora is an idiot also for asking stupid questions about gun control

  13. digital1 ministry9 says:

    This was not an assault on all Americans, this was an assault on neo-nazis and their sympathizers.

  14. BettyBettyBoBetty says:

    Apparently ISIS don’t have to plan and execute terrorist actions in the US…Americans and their obsession with guns are doing the job for them
    The phrase “the worst mass shooting in modern American history” has been said so much in the past 15 years that it has lost almost all significance.
    Nothing will change this time either. If Sandy Hook didn’t do it with all those dead children, then certainly nothing will change by shooting adults at a concert
    Gun deaths are this nation’s third-leading cause of injury-related fatalities, Over a nine-year period, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost a million people were hurt or killed by firearms in the United States — with a just-released study finding that such injuries cost nearly $25 billion in hospital emergency and inpatient care from 2006 to 2014.
    This is one sick country…

  15. CapiTen10 says:

    he left a note but it’s not being released, he was likely leftist attacking conservative whites.

  16. lc11214 says:

    I don’t think we would ever know why he did it.

  17. Jeremy L says:

    Dude wtf I’ve watched 200 vids and I hate seeing blood from real accidents, I was hesitant to watch but said fk it, well I’ve seen none so far. I’ve seen 3 bodies with no blood, and in every single video some people are standing as if nothing’s going on while others are screaming and panicking hiding walls, as well as at least 1 person in every 5 vids says the gunfire is fake, like it’s a recording played over the pa, a guy says fireworks which is a stretch because the timing, 4people say it’s fake!, like pissed & mad, idk…also there is no shots hitting the ground or any structures and def not people, I will say the night it happened I could have sworn I saw people being hit, as well as hearing shots landing whats seemed like close to the person videoing, but now I’ve rewatched those videos to confirm what I remembered and to my amazement the ones hitting the ground seemingly shot, aren’t shot in fact they all get up and run, and the shots that sounding like they were hitting the ground, sound way different on my iMac then my phone where I first watched the vids, plus I hear a lot of other odd out of context talking. One guy says “he didn’t play my song dammit.” Another girl says “baby it’s a helicopter” he says “shut up , it’s a active shooter” which is not a typical thing for a civilian to say but he coulda been military, but in another video a taxi driver picks up some victims that are frantic and saying they were hit. The taxi driver says “omg are you ok?” And one girl replies “my leg is broken, take us to a hotel” 🤔 why not a hospital lol then a guy “get us out of here she’s been hit, take us to the Luxor” really, no bodies concerned for the girl with the broke leg? Then the girl says “just get us us to a hotel, I’m hit, there’s a active shooter” I guess she is military too…(note: all vids played by msm refer to the shooter as “active shooter”) so anyways she like such a boss that she plays through the pain. oh her broken leg, there’s no blood, Not a gun shot, possibly trampled, maybe drunken accident but regardless they were not ready to stop gambling or drinking or whatever lol and well the best part is when she gets out the cab and walks away as if her legs self healed during the drive.

    I’ve seen many comments of people that had friends shot and a couple friend killed, not seen any witnesses claim to be shot yet, I am not implying that people were not hurt or killed. I’m sure they were and I pray for the families of those. If you know of someone shot or killed or injured yourself, let us know how you are doing hopefully ok and tells us what happened so we are not confused by all the vids please. Thanks

  18. Justifyed Mattitude says:

    They wont tell us the motive because it makes the left look bad.

  19. Noe Sanchez says:

    Questions unanswered!!
    Question 1 how would white Americans react if it was a Muslim, black or hispanic???
    … Answer… Muslim… Wider travel bans…
    Black…. Blacks get hate and they blame black lives matter movement
    Hispanic… Build the wall deport them all……
    White…. We’ll be OK….

  20. Aka Panda says:

    I wonder why he brought so many, wouldn’t one be enough

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