Quick D: UFO on the Moon

Quick D: UFO on the Moon

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Captain Disillusion conducts a thorough analysis of tiny dots orbiting a big ball.

Written by Alan Melikdjanian and Samantha Kuk

Guest-starring the stellar Phil Plait! http://about.me/philplait

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59 Responses

  1. Jonny eh says:

    A day with a CD video is a good day.

  2. Chad Williams says:

    That “Lazy Tutorial” scene was awesome!

    • Alex Johnson says:

      Rubén Pérez Alonso nah. He’s good to just put on. I DO wish he’d wipe off his camera lens.

    • Alex Johnson says:

      MrSylfa it’s such a solid joke on the awesome @ianhubert. Even his movie with his girlfriend.

    • Taimur Ahmed says:

      What is the tutorial for , like what is the name of this profession? Vfx?

    • KabeeshS says:

      @Nathan Prescott yes he did that. He is a great vfx artist

    • Katereen says:

      @KabeeshS and a pretty decent parodist. I almost didn’t recognize his voice at first and wondered how have I missed a new IanHubert’s lazy tutorial 😀

  3. ASomewhatLongAndMeaninglessUserame says:

    1:28 I was very disappointed to find out that “Make a Moon” video doesn’t really exist on youtube… >:(

    • HungryHunter says:

      You arnt ready yet. It will take more time and studdy to be worthy of watching it. Its hidden for a reason to not spoil your young soul with pure blenderpower.

  4. Jason Keyes says:

    “Staring at the moon since it was invented”, did I hear that right? 😂

    • Old Ben says:

      Wasn’t there a few years ago. NASA invented it as part of the Apollo program to get all ‘you’re’ money , <=Space Comma

    • Kermit Hezmuth says:

      I specifically remember the moon not being there when I was younger.

    • Yiğit Arslan says:

      What are you, like 10 or something? When i was a kid it was always morning. No night, At all.

    • Angel with the Phonebox [Angel Bear] says:

      @Yiğit Arslan Yeah? Well, when *I* was a kid, God hadn’t even invented “morning” yet!

  5. deliz dony says:


    • Franko Bacic says:

      yeah, i was sad not to hear it. he have been doing this for so long, probably kid audience got older and don’t need funny catchphrases 🙁

    • Jason Hardman says:

      Not sure he usually says it on the Quick D episodes.

    • deliz dony says:

      @Jason Hardman yh but i missed it 🙁

    • Octoberfurst says:

      @deliz dony I miss it too. It is kind of his trade-mark send-off. I also miss the music he used to play at the end of his videos. I don’t like the new tune that much.

    • deliz dony says:

      @Octoberfurst the three dings? (not dings per sé but you get what i mean)…

      to get my hit of CD i rewatch the whole blender conference

  6. George Russell Music says:

    The ian Hubertz impression 😂😂😂😂

  7. Metashrew says:

    That Ian Hubert impression escalated quite quickly.

  8. John Simons says:

    Answer to the last question in this video: No, but your logo does… more or less.

  9. Odditorium Leviathan says:

    “Do I look like a damn paperclip to you??!!?”

    Do you really want me to answer that cap…

  10. Gabriel Tobing says:

    CD is an illusion himself.

    The motions are too perfect to be real.

  11. oGrqpez says:

    That was a good Ian Hubert impersonation

  12. Caleb Lee says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know who Ian Hubert is, he is the God of the Blender Community

  13. Melancholy says:

    damn that “tutorial” was hilarious and it’s small things like that which make me really enjoy your videos

    • Bolicob IV says:

      That Tutorial is actually a whole other channel, you should check it out (“Lazy Tutorials”)

    • Purrspctiv says:

      That tutorial is a real video made by a real channel, he’s pretty great

    • Youtube Algorithm says:

      @Purrspctiv ​it was made specifically for this video, you won’t find it on Ian Hubert’s channel.

    • Federico says:

      I wonder how many viewers actually thought it was a Lazy Tutorial and didn’t realise it was a Captain’s parody lol

    • ann onn says:

      @Purrspctiv It’s a parody of that real channel, made specifically for this video.
      The effort that goes in to CD videos is astonishing.

  14. CagedRex says:

    Ian Hubert is the blender king, as we can see his sphere of influence

  15. Exotic_Manticore says:

    There should be no dislikes on such a platinum level video, it would be a crime to do so!

  16. TheKidWhoLivesToBe GREAT says:

    As soon as that guy said kilometers the way he did, I realised he’s the guy from the videos on my science class

  17. Anuel says:

    it took me a minute to realise you were making a fast blender tutorial parody instead of just playing someone else’s fast blender tutorial.
    that was convincing damn

  18. Pohaku Rockstar says:

    CD: posts
    Me: drops everything to watch it

  19. Jovany Hi says:

    Who else’s thought the moon was water spilling

  20. Cylent says:

    Everyone: **Bored in quarantine**
    CD: _Allow me to introduce myself_

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