Quickie: Suicide Squad

Quickie: Suicide Squad

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20 Responses

  1. Kate Firestone says:

    He needs to chill

  2. Sup Doode says:

    It was actually good I liked it I would give 7.5/10

  3. ShimmeringPilgrim says:

    superhero movies suck nowadays

  4. Hoodie Weather says:

    I know the movie wasn’t that great probably 6/10 but jfc man I see you do a
    quickie for almost every movie that comes out now and you hate ALL of them.

    I’m not even bitching about suicide squad, do you even enjoy films anymore
    like honestly? seems like you are incapable of not knit picking the shit
    out of every single film.

  5. awsomeman350 says:

    fuck you dude, I don’t watch your videos cause you are black.

  6. EandEvids says:

    Fuck this guy why am I even commenting this movie is Amazing and The Joker
    couldn’t have been better

  7. Bellfire 123 says:

    I liked katana

  8. Bdb eautiful says:

    Wtf u talking about u pervert. Will Smith playing will Smith? Who fkin
    cares u inbred fuckface. Will Smith is one of the greatest actors and
    should star as himself u dumb fuck. Stop hating on good movies u testicle
    cheese. If the only sense of satisfaction u can get in ur sad creepy little
    life is by hating on movies ur jealous of cus u can’t be there groping the
    dead bodies of the actors then u should kill urself and try touching gods
    penis u waste of space

  9. Stefan Plump says:

    I’m just looking forward to another cut for the film, anyways how’s the
    best of 2014 video going adam?

  10. E Pat says:

    your voice is terrible
    stop bitching please.
    your literally a hypocrite making this youtube clip
    god ur dumb lol.

  11. Karston James says:

    wow so hateful !

  12. I'm Nubby says:

    It’s Ghostbusters again. If you hate it, it’s because you are just a
    [insert derogatory adjective/insult combo here] and not because you
    actually dislike the quality.

  13. Ryan Parker says:

    Whoever was in charge of the trailers should’ve made the movie.

  14. Umer Ali says:

    I’m not invested in Marvel or D.C. films, but this film wasn’t too bad for

  15. MrTellitToYa says:

    This movie was just a lot of fun. If you’re a film junkie that cares only
    for well-structured, carefully paced movies (YMS), then you won’t like
    Suicide Squad. HOWEVER, if you’re a comic book fan or just a casual movie
    goer with a soft spot for super heroes (or villains), then it will be an
    absolute blast.

  16. Alex Bartiş says:

    If you didn’t see it, it doesn’t mean others haven’t seen it either. I am
    allowed to vote before you see it.

  17. Jamie Turner says:

    Take that for a fucking RAGE!

  18. Dwayne Wade says:

    Man of steel is better than bvs and suicide squad combined

  19. Isaac Stoddard says:

    your reasoning is completely bullshit

  20. yaahyak says:

    This review was just brilliant. Thats all.