R.I.P MONTY! SECRET ENDING!? [FNAF Security Breach Part 7]

R.I.P MONTY! SECRET ENDING!? [FNAF Security Breach Part 7]

Not quite done with Security Breach yet. WE NEED THE CANON ENDING.

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. We are a community. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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22 Responses

  1. xena says:

    i love how dedicated cory is to getting rid of monty after finding out he might be responsible for or have something to do with bonnie’s disappearance

  2. Bribe says:

    Cory, you’re a legend. For playing for 3 hours straight not being able to save, I would have given up. Cory, you’re truly a legend 👑✨🙏🤝

  3. That_ Ogre says:

    It must take a lot of dedication to upload for 7 days straight for a series. I loved watching it, and im happy we got to an ending where nothing bad happens to Freddy or Gregory. Thank you Cory.

  4. Blue jay3022 says:

    I’d be fine just watching Corey reacting to all the endings I mean it doesn’t change anything in my opinion.

  5. Takaishi says:

    The fact that Cory already beat the game but decided to come back just to kill Monty shows his true hatred for this alligator 😂

    • Kylie Ador says:

      Yep 😂✋-

    • Хейтер Трендов says:

      𝑪͎ᴏ͎ʀ͎ʏ͎𝒙͎𝑫͎ɪ͎ᴄ͎ᴋ͎ᴇ͎ɴ͎𝒔͎ʜ͎ɪ͎ɴ͎ ͎ɪ͎𝒔͎ ͎ᴀ͎ ͎ғ͎ᴀ͎ᴛ͎ ͎ᴘ͎ɪ͎ᴇ͎ᴄ͎ᴇ͎ ͎ᴏ͎ғ͎ ͎𝒔͎ʜ͎ɪ͎ᴛ͎ ͎ᴡ͎ʜ͎ᴏ͎’͎𝒔͎ ͎ɢ͎ʀ͎ᴀ͎ɴ͎ᴅ͎ᴍ͎ᴀ͎ ͎ɪ͎𝒔͎ ͎ᴅ͎ᴀ͎ᴍ͎ɴ͎ᴇ͎ᴅ͎ ͎ɪ͎ɴ͎ ͎ʜ͎ᴇ͎ʟ͎ʟ͎ ͎ʟ͎ᴍ͎ᴀ͎ᴏ͎🤣
      ͎ ͎𝑴͎ʏ͎ ͎ᴄ͎ᴏ͎ɴ͎ᴛ͎ᴇ͎ɴ͎ᴛ͎ ͎ɪ͎𝒔͎ ͎ᴡ͎ᴀ͎ʏ͎ ͎ʙ͎ᴇ͎ᴛ͎ᴛ͎ᴇ͎ʀ͎,͎ ͎𝑪͎𝑯͎𝑬͎𝑪͎𝑲͎ ͎𝑰͎𝑻͎ ͎𝑶͎𝑼͎𝑻͎!͎!!

  6. Taeden Voorhees says:

    Monte isn’t dead. He was in the vents when you were busy dealing with afton

  7. HëœEpłjkgvbLjùtÿP says:

    Fun fact when you are exploring down there to get the canon ending you actually can find the original Bonnie, Foxy, and China suits proving that they are indeed dead.

  8. Frozar Burst says:

    “We gotta shoot Afton into a black hole”

    Next thing you know he’ll do like Sigma or Joker and somehow survive that too

  9. Crazy Muncho says:

    Cory literally didn’t know how to hide in the Afton part or check cams in the Mazercise part, those two parts had simple fixes to easily finish but Cory still completed both parts without doing straight forward fixes. That is a quality of a true Hard-Core Samurai.

  10. o-o says:

    Does anyone realize how good this dude is at games? Like he over here making difficult stuff look easy while when I tried I couldn’t even get passed Chica

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