R. Kelly Interview Cold Open – SNL

R. Kelly Interview Cold Open – SNL

Gayle King (Leslie Jones) interviews R. Kelly (Kenan Thompson) about the allegations leveled against him.

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64 Responses

  1. Janettea Davison says:

    Maybe I can’t read or write or Math???????????

  2. Floyd Thomas says:

    Oh my god the trapped in the closet theme in the background ?????

    • Growing Warrior says:

      Please don’t use God’s name in vain. Please turn from that, ask for forgiveness and begin a walk with Jesus. Turn from all other sin as well.❤

    • Floyd Thomas says:

      +Growing Warrior sorry I meant oh my goodness

  3. Floyd Thomas says:

    Damn that was a good question I wasn’t expecting that ?

  4. Demarcus Milton says:

    R.Kelly: 6! That’s almost 10!
    Me: Did he just maths??!!

  5. Floyd Thomas says:

    I gave y’all trapped in the closet ???????

  6. Kristin Leydig Bryant says:

    When he turned the wrong way to yell “live from NY…” ???

  7. Daniel B says:

    SNL didn’t waste any time on this!!!

  8. Bran Don says:

    “So Yall Just Keep Yall Camera Out In The Open Like DAT, Boi Yall Some Freaks”???

  9. deli_12play says:

    lmao @ “nice horns…gives good advice” ????????

  10. Elliott Avant says:

    Thompson has lost a lot of weight. Seriously, good for him.

  11. Natalie Nightwolf says:

    Omg this is amazing!!! ??????????

  12. Afta Death Films says:

    Nailed it! good job SNL.

  13. Natty By Nature says:

    I love this comedian, but they should have brought back Dave Chapelle to write/do this skit.

    This guy did a 7/10 performance; while Dave would have done a 13/10.

  14. Google User says:

    They have no respect for this interview…omg?so funny because that’s exactly what he does…gets accused and then makes a song to make ppl forget that’s that pied piper shit..?

  15. ThaOfficialKimo says:

    “My lawyer was tellin’ me NO, but my EGO though!!? my EGO was tellin’ me YES” ???

  16. Senju Goku says:

    Keenan always sounds like Keenan, no matter what role he is playing.

  17. Ba ba says:

    Now I *UNDERSTAND* why ma *nana* said *”they can TAKE away EVERYTHING from you, however they’ll NEVER take away your EDUCATION.”* Thank you nana, RIP, miss you terribly ??!!!!#lockHISassup#grandmotherwisdom#thatPART

  18. Artemis Wolf says:

    “Call me victim”

    Must underrated phrase of the whole sketch

  19. Ask Nathaniel says:

    You can’t spoof a spoof,R Kelly’s interview is already a classic & original comedy …unfortunately

  20. Desmond Alohan says:

    *What’s the name of that burger I like again, starts with a Q…*
    *Me:* *_Shouts out Quarter Pounder_*

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