R Kelly Plays Victim Card, Teen Fights Anti-Vax Misinformation, & Shane Dawson + Youtube’s Info Flow

R Kelly Plays Victim Card, Teen Fights Anti-Vax Misinformation, & Shane Dawson + Youtube’s Info Flow

Happy Wednesday! Let’s just hop into it…wait that’s not right…
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Important Links/Sources:
R. Kelly Plays Victim in Interview With Gayle King:

Critical Role Kickstarter Takes Off:

Shane Dawson’s Possible Interview With Susan Wojcicki:


Teen Fights Anti-Vax Misinformation:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Neena Pesqueda
#DeFranco #RKelly #ShaneDawson

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87 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT! You made it halfway through the work week. Unless you’re one of the millions upon millions of people who don’t have a typical M-F 9 to 5, because let’s be honest that doesn’t really exist anymore but anywaysssss…. ENJOY! 😛
    R Kelly Interview (00:06), TIA (5:52), Critical Role (7:06), Shane Dawson (8:06), AntiVax (11:01)

    • Zach McMillan says:

      Allegedly Kelly is also facing numerous misdemeanor charges,for urinating on various people without their consent.

    • Justice777 says:

      Susan trolled Shane… She tweeted that post on March 1st and stated “how about next month”… next month is April… 1st…….

    • Leonis Yggdrasil says:

      I really hope you have in your script “you’ve just been Phil-ed in”

    • Poop Pancake says:

      The best, and only solution to the anti vaxers is to literally group them up and put them in their own few cities where they have to stay, they aren’t allowed out, essentially imprisoned and quarantined. They are always allowed to come out of the town/city, but only if they’re vaccinated and willingly put themselves on a watchlist where if they’re caught spreading the misinformation and promoting the idea while living outside of their quarantine they will be arrested and charged with what should essentially amount to a war crime or treason or at the very least in all seriousness the following things: assault with deadly weapon, Biological attacks, terrorism, and attempted murder or literal murder in 2nd. The reason they need to be grouped together and put in their own town is so they kill eachother off and stop endangering the rest of the population. They do NOT have the right to endanger the rest of us. Their rights end at the tips of our noses, and just because they’re fist isn’t hitting our face doesn’t mean they’re not literally causing physical harm and or death to people. I have no sympathy for them, no apathy, nothing but hate. They are hurting and killing innocent people, I don’t care if it’s through ignorance, they’re still essentially murdering/ trying to kill people despite what they “believe” their intent is. The true information is out there, they have access to it, they are confronted with it daily most likely, they do actually know better, so even if they believe they’re doing good they aren’t and they’re actively trying to hurt people. Just because they’re delusional doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t be held responsible, that’s absurd. Fuck these horrible people, let them die off in their own little locked off cities. They CANNOT be allowed to harm the rest of the world, you have the right to believe whatever you want, but you aren’t allowed to harm other people, and their beliefs are causing real harm to other innocent people, therefore, nullifying any rights they think they may have to continue doing what they are doing. It’s no longer a matter of freedom of personal choice or religion when your own choices are actually hurting other people directly, mine and your rights end there.

    • jorge espejo iii says:


  2. Jane Doh says:

    “Yes, I’m Guilty— *GUILTY FOR HAVIN’ TOO BIG A HEART!!”* ?

  3. Ben Weigt says:

    The real scare with the anti-vax movement, imo, is that it demonstrates an effective recipe for disseminating provably false and harmful ideas in a way that convinces and radicalises large portions of democratic societies. The potential applications and their implications are terrifying.

    • Ely Loew 2040 says:

      +Harper Roah maybe…. I mean, yes, could have been a spark, but so much conspiracy crap gets spread without without celebrity endorsement.

    • 고등 지능 ODINS trash says:

      Republic society

    • Charlotte says:

      This was actually a Black Mirror episode if you haven’t already seen it, “Hated in the Nation” (3×16). Slightly different application but the premise is the same — spreading information that ultimately results in tragedy. We should take all this as a cautionary tale and start working on a preemptive solution that shuts down this sort of harmful information before something really bad happens.

    • Zero Todona says:

      고등 지능 ODINS trash republicans believe in vaccinations esp when foreigners enter the US. Democrats don’t care to get votes.

    • K Cummins says:

      “The potential applications and their implications are terrifying”

      You mean like people literally dying of completely preventable diseases that had previously been eradicated? Because that’s already happening.

  4. Arman Johnson says:

    Just because your feelings hurt don’t mean it’s not true ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  5. Roger Vuong says:

    “R Kelly can’t pay child support, lucky for him it’s also alimony”

  6. WarriorDust says:

    When viruses see a body that hasn’t been vaccinated
    Virus: Let’s just jump into it

    • Kitten Pop says:

      i literally LOL’d <3

    • 고등 지능 ODINS trash says:

      Janet Porach can’t wait to see you rot away

    • Jessica Aaren says:

      WarriorDust Not just a non-vaccinated child in Minnesota the measles reached a vaccinated child because the vaccinated child was around a non-vaccinated child even though you’re vaccinated it could still get to you If they’re surrounded by somebody who is not vaccinated that’s why it’s so important that everyone is vaccinated

    • mcmeow87 says:

      Bahahahahahahahaha this is the best version of this I’ve seen so far! ???

    • Maham Lavq says:

      You won internet today

  7. Linus EpicLiO says:

    why so stupid? here in Iraq, children get vaccinated on scheduled time, even health teams go around the neighborhoods to vaccine children & it’s totally free!

    • fuccingdye says:

      We will fight stupidity like you did ISIS once anti-vaxxers pick up rifles and shit. Lol but for right now we just argue. ?

    • thSubliminalCriminal says:

      +Μαρία Ν Κίτρα you’re not implying that isis are the ones vaccinating kids, right??

    • Jared says:

      I don’t think someone from iraq has room lecture another country on an extremely stupid and dangerous minority of the population

    • Maham Lavq says:

      Because unlike with ISIS, for anti-vaxx we usually get ‘let us hear both sides’

    • Speak of the Deviljho says:

      I mean, you could say the same thing about people from the US since we LOVE lecturing other countries. You know, the whole “let’s spread peace and democracy. By force” bit.

  8. who-what-videos-maybe says:

    1. Your child had a severe adverse reaction to a previous vaccine and you’re currently in a medical search to find out why before continuing with others 2. Your child immune system is permanently compromised through a specific disorders and/or 3. Your child currently going through treatment for cancer/other major health issue that requires suppressing their immune system. These are only 3 genuine reason why a parent has the right to not vaccinate/is postponing future vaccination for their kids. These 3 reasons are also why herd immunity is so fucking important!

    • Eerie says:

      The girl who thinks immunity shots and vaccines aren’t free. Since Obama’s health care laws all vaccines are free on all health care plans. Not sure before that as I was on my parents plan. also don’t know for non health care as I hadn’t had the misfortune of not having it. And as native American, I get discounts to purchase it.

    • Eerie says:

      Also, collages give out condoms for free. What agenda is there do you think? Could it be they want to stop the spread of diseases? Noooo, of course not-so giving immunization for free can’t be the same, the government doesn’t care of diseases spread through the country like wildfire. Think about that.

    • Liz Castellon says:

      Bella Ollie the reason why the Healthcare organizations give out specific services for free is as an incentive to promote the general public to do it. For example, it is more economic to give out a measles vaccine for free than to actually treat he patient for weeks at the hospitals with IV medications, medical equipment and not to mention the staff they need to pay to treat you. It is called preventive care! That is why in many organizations your cancer screenings are free. It isn’t because they are trying to kill off your precious offspring.

    • Conor McLaughlan says:

      @Bella Ollie “When you cherry pick and miss represent data to make a point you have no point”

      Don’t prove Phils point that easily come on now

    • Bob The Pumpkin says:

      You miss the forth one, it’s the right to choose, the state has no right to dictate to parents what is safe for THEIR KIDS

  9. markitopz ponzio says:

    that’s a basic extreme narcissistic personality disorder from R. Kelly, in his own mind he BELEIVES he’s innocent, he honestly, purely, thinks he’s in the right, he did no wrong, playing the role of the victim as the interviewer says, in his head, he CAN DO NO WRONG, HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOSE. I’ve met several as a practicing psychologist, and being raised by one too. He’s “sick”, but no way in hell should be just treated as a mental patient, but sure as hell rotting in jail

  10. Volron265 says:

    “Pro tip: measles doesn’t care what god you pray or don’t pray to.”
    I need this on a shirt.

    • The Over/UnderThinker says:

      +Monocultured it matters to the religious people! The fact that you can propose to ignore their priorities for your priorities makes you a bit insensitive. Also it seems we do not prize religious freedom when it is inconvenient to others? If you can take away someone’s right when it becomes convenient to you, then they never had any rights to begin with, right? It is not your religion, so the cost of doing away with the religious exemptions is nothing, so it is a gain at no cost, but to the people that you are casually imposing upon, you do them a great harm at no benefit to them, so to them it feels like oppression. I get that some people say “religion!” just because they don’t want to vaccinate. But there are also other people that have sincere religious objections and we oppress them at our own peril!

    • Monocultured says:

      +The Over/UnderThinker it may be insensitive, but I have seen people I love be hurt by ignoring medicine. The idea of trusting God to not let you get sick has nearly killed people I am close to, so this subject is important to me. I don’t want to see people be hurt by it again, even if it means being blunt and coming across as insensitive.

    • Kaitlynn Earnest says:

      +The Over/UnderThinker at what point does the right of the religious person overrule the child’s right to health and safety? These same people that believe a fetus is entitled to life, to the potential detriment of their host, are then entitled to medically neglect their own children??
      Unless there is a DIAGNOSED medical reason not to(immune deficiency or something similar), it should be considered medical neglect to not vaccinate children. Period.

    • The Over/UnderThinker says:

      +Monocultured I think it’s their choice unless you can be legally appointed their guardian. If you can lose your rights because SOMEONE ELSE doesn’t want to see you hurt, then you have no rights. If I choose not to seek treatment, even if you think I am wrong, by what right do you force treatment on me to prevent your future sadness. Is your right not to be sad greater than my right to choose my own path through life? Seems a bit selfish.

      Again, I am not against vaccinations, in fact I just got one boosted this week (oddly enough). However, if we want to believe that people have freedom of thought or conscience or religion in this country, then we have to let people make bad and wrong choices even if it results in their harm or even death. Otherwise, we could outlaw all religious dietary restriction and medical prohibitions by the same logic. Then we can outlaw religion itself because it is not supported by science. Freedom of religion carries with it freedom to be wrong or it is not freedom. Because who determines what is wrong or what is worth it?

    • The Over/UnderThinker says:

      +Kaitlynn Earnest you can say it because it is not your religion so your pronouncement comes with no cost to you. If it is your child and your religion, you either have the right to instruct your child in your religion or the government has the right to override your religion when it chooses to. Those are the choices. Once the government has a right to override your religion when it chooses to, you have no right to freedom of religion, it is just a matter of when and how far the government is willing to go.

      you can make a case that it is medical neglect, and take guardianship of a child and then get them vaccinated, but I think that would be a pretty politically unpopular path to go down and would likely run into a first amendment challenge that would overturn it.

      It is easy to discount the dictates of another’s religion when it runs into some priority of yours. But you cannot trample someone else’s religion and also think you are a good person for doing so.

      If someone were to make a statement, “there are other children that run a real risk of death, so regrettably, we will have to limit the access of people with religious exemptions to public schools or they need to home school” etc. I would be all for that. Because the religious person can practice their religion, but the cost of their choice is borne by them. But saying “you have to get the shots; your religion doesn’t matter” seems like something you can do, but you cannot feel totally clean morally after doing it. Maybe you have to, but you are not one of the good guys anymore.

  11. Kyle Latebeer says:

    15:38 “When you cherry pick and miss represent data to make a point you have no point” Very well said.

  12. Mary Light says:

    The children of Anti-Vaxxers should be taken away for *Child Endangerment*

    • The Mudpit says:

      +Elmithian What does ‘close to mandatory’ mean?

    • Elmithian says:

      +The Mudpit Well, there are people out there that cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons. That’s simply what I meant.

      Of course there is also the preventative measure of teaching kids early how vaccinations work in school (have the teaching mandatory, just like how first aid classes are mandatory here), thus preventing more anti-vax folk from being created

    • The Mudpit says:

      +Hope Michiels People don’t have the right to refuse medical care for their children, they are often sent to jail for it in fact. Vaccinations are currently in a separate legal category to other life saving medical care, but it might not stay that way.
      Also, stop fear mongering! Do you know how many chemicals are in fish and chips? HUNDREDS!! Even NERUOTOXINS! Toxicity in all things depends on the quantity. I suggest watching a bit of Myles Power (A professional chemist youtuber) if you want to get a more balanced understanding of chemical safety.

    • The Mudpit says:

      +Elmithian So mandatory (with medical exemptions) are ‘close to being a thing’, what are the proposed consequences of not vaccinating? The ‘punishments’ for non-compiance? Sorry for the interrogation, genuinely interested!

    • Elmithian says:

      +The Mudpit Taken from the conversations/speech in congress, one of the suggestions went this way; “The initial punishment should be warnings, followed by fines, whose amount will increase as the parent continues to refuse to cooperate.

      As, or if the situation continues to escalate, an investigation by childcare service will be called to review the situation and environment of the child/children in question. This is mainly to ensure other healthcare factors of the child(-ren), be they mental or physical, are not being endangered as well.

      Of course, educating the parent about the nature of vaccine and how they operate should take precedent during the initial warning period, a rash parent can at times be more dangerous than their refusal for vaccinations”

      NOTE: Here above the guy was referring to a relatively recent case where the mother fled to Norway, with her unvaccinated child (4 y.o.), and went into hiding, with the last news about “her” being her child being at death’s door in some hospital in Norway, after that, the trail goes cold, though if she ever returns she is expected to get maximum sentence for child endangerment, illegally fleeing the country, kidnapping (The father was for vaccination and was a native and had main custody, whilst she was a recent resident).

      The speaker then continues with something about the issue with enforcing this without making it violating people’s rights. Saying that even if that was the case, the well-being of the children should take priority, suggesting that having the children vaccinated without their consent should be remain an option, albeit a distant one.

      Finally he goes into that taking the custody away from the parents should be the very last resort and all other bridges should be burned before such an action would be taken.

      NOTE: Children 12 and older can get vaccinated here without their parents knowledge or consent if they seek it out. I remember our teachers telling us this when I was around that age.

      I know this was pretty dry and long, but I am reiterating a speech that I watched 2+ weeks ago whilst translating it to a different language, and to be fair, the speech was pretty dry to begin with. ^_^,

  13. Erich Shrefler says:

    4:56 – whoever took this photo during the R. Kelly interview deserves a goddamn Pulitzer

  14. Eric says:

    “I’M GONNA PISS ON YOU….drip drip drip” ~~David Chappelle~~

    • tenshi7angel says:

      I have to agree with Dave. I would move out of the way if I didn’t want to be pissed on. In fact, I can just wash that off. Getting raped in the butt hole, no shower or bath can undo that.

  15. Lauren Bower says:

    Yay Critical Role!! I’ve been a Critter since day one! ❤️❤️ I’m so happy for their well-deserved success!!

  16. Rhino Gaming says:

    Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone

    Which one of thee can claim that he hasn’t peed on an underag… oh wait…

    • Gustave DeLior says:

      I have peed in and on many….toilets under the age of 18

    • tenshi7angel says:

      @Rhino Gaming
      That quote you are making is not canon to the Bible. Just saying. 😛

    • Shannon Shifflett says:

      +tenshi7angel What are you talking about? He is paraphrasing the statement, but it is an actual verse in the Bible:

      John 8:7 – So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    • tenshi7angel says:

      +Shannon Shifflett I don’t remember the details, but scholars found it was added to the bible, and was not actually verifiable a part of the original text.

    • Shannon Shifflett says:

      ​+tenshi7angel Haha, you’re going by that? That could be said of *so* much of the Bible. People could dissect it however they like and ‘remove’ whatever they want that way. But that’s already been done many times over with translations anyway.

      All this from a text that was written by dozens of different authors all ‘claiming’ to be inspired by a higher power, and then literally put together as one book millennia/centuries later (depending on which of the 66 books we’re talking about). With countless contradictions to one another, it’s no wonder even people that follow the Bible as a holy text for the most part ‘cherry pick’ what they want.

  17. GroupOfGamersInc194 says:

    Susan responded on March 1st…one month from March 1st is April 1st….. Phil I think she’s trolling us lol.

  18. Quarz_dk says:

    honestly anti-vaxxers are dangerous and a threat to global health, if they continue ignoring facts and keeping to their beliefs we should treat them as such.

  19. Crazee Lazee says:

    Antivaxxers: “vaccines cause autism”
    Any sane person: “why”
    Antivaxxers: *SO YOU’RE ONE OF (((THEM))) NOW!*

    • 777biggs says:

      +Hope Michiels too bad we can’t vaccinate for stupid…

    • Sharedock says:

      +Hope Michiels show us those studies

    • Bella Ollie says:

      +Hope Michiels its seriously messed up how the pro vaccine have this MOB mentality (including philly D ) its like you are not worthy to be on the planet if you inject yourself with known toxic and poisonous chemicals… just like the vitamin K thing, the dangers are right in front of you (CDC website, Health Organization website ect)… people are too lazy to look or too ignorant to believe a free injection produced by a money hungry government could be a little sketchy

    • RealityQuest says:

      (((them))) stabds for the jews. so what you are saying is just a straw man..
      i am not a pharmacist nor a doctor. nor are you we are all just beliving what has been told to us.

    • Hope Michiels says:

      +777biggs I know or else life would be easier for you lol

  20. Bell Dupont Pérignon says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the R Kelly video. I had “I believe I can fly” mentally playing in the background…

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