R. Kelly released from Chicago jail

R. Kelly released from Chicago jail

R. Kelly was released from jail on Saturday after a law enforcement spokeswoman said someone paid $161,000 that he owed in back child support. Kelly addressed the media briefly in Chicago, and his attorney took questions.

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75 Responses

  1. Jay Montana22 says:

    Baby mama gonna be blasting “step in the name of love” all damn night tonight…

  2. TheOfficialFlyGuyTV says:

    Aye anybody see Miss Thickness at 0:46 when R. Kelly van pulled off ???

  3. Shavon Reed says:

    PREACH SIR?????? this lawyer is???????

  4. Shavon Reed says:

    If something happen with me… DEAR LORD PLEASE LET ME BE ABLE TO HIRE THIS ATTORNEY??????????

  5. Fiona Clacken says:

    He’s got a cut-throat lawyer

  6. Jay Cee says:

    hes gotta cold lawyer.

  7. Lena Blisstina says:

    He’s a very good defense lawyer to be honest. Very impressive.

    • michael belcher says:


    • GeniusTrill713 says:

      IDK seemed pretty stupid to let r.kelly seem guilty by doing those interviews

    • Sam Galea says:

      Girl please…All these women coming forward?? It can’t be they’re ALL lying. EVEN IF everything was fake, there’s something sketchy about a 27 year old marrying a 15 year old and then producing an album for her called “age is just a number”. Take several seats

    • Ace.Boogie Lostcrowns says:

      He out for child support nothing to do with the sexual abuse case calm down ppl he still has a long way to go

  8. Nay Writes says:

    Nothing scarier than an angry white man fighting for a black one ??? stay out their way

  9. CJ Underdogg says:

    That Lawyer is a PIT BULL … R. KELLY CHOSE THE RIGHT ONE..

  10. LYC says:

    ??R.Kelly on his way to McDonald’s RIGHT NOW for that BIG MAC ? AND FRIES ?. ???

  11. Choflew says:

    This is a miracle guys!!

  12. Rackz 1k says:

    I think his lawyer should run for president❗️❗️❗️ this a prime example of someone who really give a damn we need more people like him?? got my respect

  13. sharon Thomas says:

    Mean while the Media is focusing on R. Kelly and MJ with no reportings on Harvey Weinstein trial. Where’s the multitasking of coverage?

  14. Meno Bueno says:

    I know he got money because this is a damn lawyer he got on his side. He can’t be cheap.

    • GeniusTrill713 says:

      Nope. Alot of lawyers take cases for free knowing the exposure it will give them for their careers

    • Smo0thCriminal4 says:

      He already came out and said a lot of his money is going towards is attorneys for new and old cases constantly being brought up

    • jakobi black says:

      +GeniusTrill713 I’ve not known any lawyer take such large case of this scale and not receive upfront a large amount of money. because positive exposure is ideal but if they were to lose negative exposure would harm the attorney reputation more then anything which means he would loose existing clients plus future clients , doesn’t make sense to take a case such as this one without a nice hefty payment up front if not all . because this lawyer is not your average.

    • Rickelle Williams says:

      Kelly ain’t broke TRUST!!!!!!!

  15. All Media Access News says:

    Kelly made a smart move hiring this lawyer

  16. MoodyHD says:

    20k a month for child support……wtf are they buying and y’all wonder why he broke plus taxes then y’all stopping his bag omg ???‍♂️? I would have been done with life

    • Marci LK says:

      I don’t think you guys understand how child support is figured. Well, if his income situation changed, he can go to court and request the amount adjusted anyways.

    • BullRed94 says:

      Child support from a dad should be that dad paying 50/50 with the mom on food, clothes and essentials the kid needs, the mom is probably out spending on herself

    • Marci LK says:

      Nunya Damn Bidness If you adopt and get divorced, you still have to pay child support.

    • Aiyana Williams says:

      MoodyHD I’m just going to politely disagree with all of these comments. I am beyond flabbergasted.

    • Martinez Julian says:

      MoodyHD it sucks bro it’s like being locked up for life

  17. khalid Muhammad says:

    Why no lie detector test? I’m calling Maury!!!?

  18. Stephanie Ferguson says:

    Did I hear his attorney say “”I’M NOT TRUMP””,,, I hit the floor… LMAO ? ?

  19. Jose Sanchez says:

    Arrest the parents for accepting hush money to keep quiet

  20. Renee Griffin says:

    I like this Guy!!!We need him in politics he’ll fight for is??

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