R. Kelly says surviving childhood abuse has not affected his behavior

R. Kelly says surviving childhood abuse has not affected his behavior

In his first interview since he was jailed last month, R. Kelly says the charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse are all lies. The singer spoke with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King for nearly 80 minutes Tuesday. He strongly denied having sex with underage girls or doing anything illegal. King asked Kelly about his rough childhood and his story of surviving years of sexual abuse. He also discussed how the allegation against him could affect his personal life and career. Jericka Duncan, who has covered the allegations of abuse against R. Kelly, also weighs in.

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96 Responses

  1. DrewTube316 says:

    Why can’t we get the whole 80 minute video?

  2. TLT says:

    Can you post the full video at once. ? The multiple uploads disrupts the flow. ?

    • CG Boy says:

      Ad revenue, only reason they doing multiple post. More money.

    • cjshaker says:

      +CG Boy Yep, more videos means more views = more money. Typical MSM move these days.

    • jnnlis says:

      I know. I think this whole interview is pretty distasteful. Not only giving him a platform, but sensationalizing the interview (see gayle’s instagram with the dramatic photos), and now teasing various clips and releasing it like a trailer. Too tacky. Too irresponsible.

    • Diana Prince says:

      +jnnlis Yes! ?

  3. Latisha Huff says:

    I wanna see the whole video not them talking ?

  4. Thapelo Chuene says:

    Dear CBS… When are you posting the FULL interview?

    • I, Always says:

      Fallyne Princiotta
      I missed the now deleted comment by RedSoxFan, but I can 1,000% validate that Boston is a disgustingly racism, classism and prejudice-riddled city (surrounded by such cities, towns, and N.E. states), and ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Nearly as bad as the rural south, if not worse. I forgot which state is was likened to, but I think it was the “West Virginia of the North” or something.

    • Lisa Brown says:

      +Eric T some people don’t have cable or if they do, they may have been at work.

    • rowdies4 says:


  5. Milly Moretti says:

    Where is the full interview?!!

  6. Lord Frieza Christ says:

    Can y’all do this interview for the Catholic Church also.

    • Alison Craig says:

      Better yet, when are they dragging them to jail also!!!

    • Betty Boo's Sister says:


    • nickoleme says:

      There’s literally several

    • MOZMOLLOY says:

      @+Nushka19 true, but are they living on them like they are R. Kelly? Tell the truth ,now

    • Nushka19 says:

      +MOZMOLLOY R. Kelly is in the news right now because of his recent arrest and the fact he gave a bonkers interview but, yes, the media has lived on stories of sexual abuse by priests and the cover-up by the Catholic Church for years.

      For example, the Boston Globe newspaper ran a series of articles focused on a local abusive priest and the archbishop who covered it up. The reporters won a Pulitzer Prize.

      Then a book was written about the investigation.

      Then the book became an Oscar- winning film.

      The truth was hidden for years because of the power of the church but people on this thread saying that the Church needs to be investigated have somehow missed a decade’s worth of reporting by almost every major newspaper, magazine, and radio station all across the world. A quick Google search will yield more interviews than you would want to watch and more articles and books than you would want to read.

      R. Kelly, like the thousands of priests, were enabled by their privilege and the silence of others. This, thankfully, has ended for both.

  7. Kevin Persichilli says:

    I smell a South Park episode.

  8. DubtownRob ? says:

    I feel like he has no one left so he has to make an appeal of innocence. He needs help for real.

  9. rogerskolney says:

    Imagine how terrible R. Kelly’s lawyer must be to have allowed him to go on national television and behave like this.

    • Virginity Vikings says:

      How will you feel when so many people keep saying evil things about you? Will u just seat and let your Lawyers keep defending you when your entire life is on line? Please let’s grow up and be honest with ourselves for ones.

    • Virginity Vikings says:

      +M Jones Let them bring their evidence, seating down with an under age or taking a picks proves nothing

    • gigi black says:

      He probably didn’t listen to his lawyer

  10. Chant Bagby says:

    He’s not ready for prime time.

    • Michael Bond says:

      U sound so ignorent . The man has been primetime for like 30years. It’s not about that..their trying to take his LIFE! Even u would be EMOTIONAL

    • jnnlis says:

      Chant Bagby he’s not even ready for public access tv

    • Cameron J says:

      +Michael Bond Before you call someone “ignorent”, you should learn how to properly spell “ignorant”. ??.. Oh, and FOH with that “fighting for his life” BS.. The MF’er is guilty & you know it ??

    • Aaron Najera says:

      +Michael Bond they should take his life for what he did the fact you stand up for him is hilarious

  11. Snoop-Dogg views says:

    The CIA won’t let us see the whole 80 min video

  12. theKONGBLOG says:

    He loves his kids? Yet doesn’t pay child support for them! ??? LOL’s

  13. Caleb West says:

    I’m not agreeing with his lifestyle but what parent would take their children to an r-Kelly concert?

    • Kay Camille says:

      The same people who would take their kids to a Michael Jackson concert. Stupid people are gullible and paedophile predators are clever and believable

    • Kay Camille says:

      Caleb West you don’t know how he was found innocent Caleb??? Have you been living under a rock all your life ? Ok simspson was found innocent it’s called celebrity talks and so does money!!!!!!!!

    • Caleb West says:

      +MsRiff4U which even adds to the agurement they are technically legal so he’s in the clear in regards to the girls he’s living with

    • WESTECH MEDIA says:

      Free entry!

  14. Ivy Lockett says:

    He’s a textbook Narcissist. He is not fighting for his career, his life or his kids.. He is fighting for his image.. Because without RKelly he is not RKelly and his ego is his life and the avenue to his predatory behavior.. Think about it.

    • THA D.O.C. says:

      +Rockets going for title are u owning ur sins??? Who showed u a 14yr old girl? Do u know the police involved in this? Let’s start a rumor about U!!! Yep and see how u feel

    • Ellante Myers says:


    • Rockets going for title says:

      +THA D.O.C. I’m shole am owning up to my sins!!!!! When I wasn’t saved, I saw the tape. It still is proof it WAS HIM, regardless. It ain’t no rumor, when ur face is on a video tape, and legal documents showing u married a 15yr old girl. Sound like u need some repentance urself!!!!

    • Tiffany Ware says:


  15. W says:

    What attorney allowed him to do this interview.

    • Karen Wright says:

      An Attorney that is Clearly Not affiliated with Sony Records ….

    • Terrence Malbrough says:

      What if this is a conspiracy against R.Kelly?
      The documentary says the girls was underage but Kelly says they were not under age they were legal.
      It’s completely totally understandable how upset and hysterical R.Kelly became because you are talkin about a man’s life hangings in the balance.
      At first I believed the accusations against him but honestly there’s a lot of deception and evil people lying on innocent people for revenge in 2019 and the me-too movement doesn’t seem to be a Justice giving movement.
      I have to think about this one.

    • mynellemail Nell says:

      White attorney

    • Jamica Monroe says:


  16. Sheda Belle says:

    Now, he wants a relationship with His kids.

  17. Berry moe says:

    Sir, u wanted a relationship with everyone’s kids. ?

  18. jo Lady says:

    R Kelly is not answering the questions….. ?
    He keeps going around the truth!

  19. l. oliveira says:

    He completely victimized himself. . What a damn narcissist.

  20. Isley Claymore says:

    He says absolutely not soooo many times ?

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