R. Kelly’s Outburst Didn’t Faze Gayle King

R. Kelly’s Outburst Didn’t Faze Gayle King

‘CBS This Morning’ co-host Gayle King was impressively calm in the face of R. Kelly’s self-destruction.

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86 Responses

  1. Khales Saeed says:

    We need more Stephen Colbert in this world ❤

    • Kato9Tailz OwKneeAune says:

      Khales Saeed …. 8 years ago him and a friend of mine’s
      mother were the first two people I followed on Twitter almost 9 years ago…
      He soooooo funny, but what’s really funny is how a lot of people say they can’t stand him.
      Then they start describing why, I always end up bring up that he’s playing a character,

    • Khales Saeed says:

      +Kato9Tailz OwKneeAune and that is what American people looks like beautiful just like Stephen Colbert ❤

    • Kato9Tailz OwKneeAune says:

      Khales Saeed
      We really do need more good hearted men,
      not afraid to let us women be ourselves,
      Proud to have a beautiful know it all,
      back you up, no worries partner.

      But we also shouldn’t have to worry about
      “GROWN MEN” messing with our daughters & our son’s.

      He loves his mother, but he’s abusive to women. Smh.
      I think I’m going to tweet him, he’s a liar,
      But more than that I wonder what his mother would think.
      I mean I hope that she would not coddle him, for sure. I mean I would think if
      she was any kind of a decent woman she would probably be disgusted.
      Then she probably blame herself somehow. Anyway then go all over the place.

      But this patriarchal shits got to stop, in a herd
      of elephants the female is the leader Called the matriarch.


    • Nina Star says:

      I agree with you! ?

    • Amadu Bah says:

      Or Gayle or whatever

  2. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    Take your victory lap, Gayle!

  3. Alec says:

    Gayle deserves a Pulitzer for that interview.

    • Patti White says:

      More like a medal for combat duty

    • our hair defies gravity so can we says:

      +roxanneworld11 WTF are you talking about Hollyweird is FILLED with sexual predators that get interviewed all the time. They just hardly EVER get asked about it cause they White.

    • Comment Maker says:

      She did great but come on, Pulitzer? No. Just no.

    • Alec says:

      Some of y’all are acting like I’m the first person to hyperbolize praise on the internet lol. I’m just saying that the interview deserves to be lauded.

    • DeiDuke says:

      +Alec does it though? She sat in a chair and he freaked out near her. Never at her. He stood up. That was the most “aggressive” or “threatening” thing he did, and yelled at the camera man. The only interaction with her was him asking if the camera was on. How is that award worthy?…

  4. TheVarpuli says:

    She has such a beautiful calmness around her.

  5. Ry Sun says:

    CBS need to give Gayle a raise before she is poached

    • MrUser10001 says:

      Now only if Weinstein lives in a Trump tower apartment it can be 3 out of 3

    • dan taylor says:

      By whom? Fox news? MSNBC? BBC? There’s only so much you can ask for before you earnt what you’re worth.

    • Greg Palenschat says:

      Why all she does is gives stupid opinions on things. She can never just report the news. This is the problem with the media in the US to Biased either way. Report the facts and do not give me your opinion.

    • Daniel Johnston says:

      I would fire her! She just reads what the execs hand her to read! She’s got no talent, no integrity, no conscience! Failed fake newsy!

    • brandon ayong says:

      +Kate McPhail oh for sure

  6. nelsonta00 says:

    So R.Kelly lives in the Trump Tower. No wonder he has a thing for peeing.
    Also those stilettos look like real struggle

  7. Alex Gutierrez says:

    YOOO!! R Kelly lives in a Trump Tower. That is just perfect.

  8. Brain says:

    Gayle is a classy lady.

  9. Walter De wit says:

    He went full R.Kelly. You never go full R.Kelly.

  10. Blak says:

    Gayle was a real living EXAMPLE, a role model for people, on how to behave in adverse times. Big respect.

    • T M says:

      I swear if I hadn’t seen the interview for myself, i would have thought the image of her and R was photoshopped! She looked like she could be on a beach somewhere and he’s about to lunge at someone in a prison riot. lol.

    • Patti White says:

      I feel like she has been in that situation before. Not a normal reaction.

  11. Mark Lyell says:

    Wish I had that Zen Master composure, Respect!

  12. TheCstar07 says:

    Makeup guy’s got some skills that’s a fantastic shot

  13. Melody Thomas says:

    I want Ms. Gayle to be my Auntie ♥️

  14. BCPR says:

    Reminder: that scenery-chewing crybaby in the interview with Gayle King is _52 years old._

  15. MadAboutSaffron Red says:

    R. Kelly in Trump Hotel. Sexual predators unite!

    • Fatty Acid says:

      Many family guy episodes are slowly coming true…

    • TheNzFox says:

      +Fatty Acid family guy never ‘predicted’ anything (not like some Simpsons episodes), what they DID do was take those ‘rumors’ around Hollywood, the ones everyone knew where true but nobody ever talked about, and plaster them in plain sight

    • inside speachless says:

      MadAboutSaffron Red exactly

    • Perry Walton says:

      +Sarah Anderson ?

    • I’m 42 years old woman says:

      MadAboutSaffron Red gayle is friend with Oprah who is friend with a sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.so what are you talking about? You talking garbage.

  16. Lisette V says:

    I heard today on the radio that they thought Gayle was rude and stuck up. Oh hell, nah ……this woman is a professional ?

  17. Jamedra A says:

    I bet you Gayle can throw down. The way she said his name “Robert”, was the same “simmer down” tone folks use before they open a can of whup ass.

    • Jamedra A says:

      +Gurunath Subrahmanyam pfft, tell that to my great grandmother! She wouldn’t even get up from her chair, but in one motion would grab her slipper & launch it. Once was enough for me. I was not about THAT life.

    • Plen122 says:

      +Gurunath Subrahmanyam too old? She’s 64. My karate sensei is 62 and can woop my ass easily. Not saying Gayle trains like that currently, but please don’t assume what ppl can do just bc they’re “old” ?

    • Plen122 says:

      +Jamedra A LMAO

    • Miss Ginger_ Marie_Cat_Feline says:

      ? flash back (my grandmother was Puerto Rican ?)

    • Mike Tisone says:

      Robert you need ta chill…we’re on national t.v….lol3

  18. pj23nl says:

    wait… lives in trump tower but can’t afford child support?

    • shine tebs says:

      pj23nl Prob why and the 2 girls he lives with. He is a dummie. They did him right locking him up. Can’t fool us.

    • jaja says:

      +shine tebs He should clearly been in jail for long time, but those 2 girl is over 20 and should decide for themself, dont really care about them at all crying and try to protecting him. Maybe i am wrong about them, maybe those 2 girl really love him. But R-Kelly is fucking sick and should be in jail 20 year ago

    • InstantChildBirth says:

      He has 500 kids it’s expensive

    • Elizabeth Lestrad says:

      He does what rich people do…hide all their money overseas then pretend they’re suddenly broke the moment they get in trouble.

  19. LJ B says:

    R. Kelly lives in Trump Tower? That’s a red flag right there.??

  20. Chrysaura says:

    I wasn’t surprised by Gayle’s composure at all. I grew up under an abusive father who would flip out like that, full rage, throwing shit. An eery calm would come over and I’d freeze in a kinda of high-adrenaline stillness. Your autonomic nervous system can take over in moments like that, and a freeze response is very common when running or flinching could just make you a target.

    • MOTH mythos says:

      +R S yes, totally normal response.  its now known there are 4 responses, and usually combinations of the 4. They are fight, flight, freeze, fawn (as in catering to the threat in order to de-escalate).

    • Wendy Pastore says:

      MOTH mythos

      Oh my god, I’d never heard “fawn” before but I’ve done that.

    • MOTH mythos says:

      +Wendy Pastore Pete walker has written a lot about the 4 trauma responses. Here’s an article about it, might be useful

    • Tracymmo says:

      I grew up with a violent dad too. The photo of Kelly flipping out scared me. I have no idea how I would have responded if I was in Gayle’s place. I definitely developed a heightened awareness of people’s body language and moods from being hyper-vigilant as a kid. It has made me strong in defusing tense moments when others are upset. But even thinking about all this is making me cry, decades after I lived through it.

    • Tracymmo says:

      +MOTH mythos Thanks for posting this link. My sibs and I are all here. My sister is largely fight, my brother freeze, and I am fawn. Never saw this written up so well.

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