R-Truth invades Drake Maverick’s hotel room: Raw, July 15, 2019

R-Truth invades Drake Maverick’s hotel room: Raw, July 15, 2019

R-Truth’s mission to win back the 24/7 Championship takes him into the hotel room of Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle, where a title bout unfolds.


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68 Responses

  1. Blasta231 says:

    For once, the 24/7 championship left me speechless.
    Also, does Drake Maverick not know how boners work? You don’t act like you’re going into labor to keep one ??

  2. S.N.E Da Label says:

    R Truth: I Hope Y’all Not Constipated No Moe ????

  3. ANTI- ROXAS says:

    Drake wanted to pin his wife down…
    *But little did he know he would be the one being pinned tonight….*

  4. Hussein Ali says:

    Drake Maverick being called Hornswoggle by R-Truth is hilarious ???

  5. Suliman Sultan says:

    Mr. and Mrs. crash Holly
    Correction mr. And mrs. Swoggle


    If you want to know How is professional wrestlers life is look like you have watch Drake Mavericks life situation ???
    Lmao ???

  7. Lasha Xoperia says:

    The best champions holding 24/7 title:
    1. R Truth
    2. Drake Maverick
    3. Jinder Mahal

  8. Jamie Clarke says:

    “Waiter you’re supposed to leave”
    But the camera man can stay ?

  9. Angel Hernandez says:

    Renee’s “whaaatt!!!?” Sealed the whole moment after Truth said “I hope y’all not constipated no more.” ????

  10. Gilbert Garces says:

    “That could be yours, STILL crispy.”???

  11. Raghav Shukla says:

    Kid’s watch Lucha Dragons Men’s watch Seth Rollins and Legend’s watch R-Truth ????

  12. JP The Goat says:

    it’s crazy how much I doubted the 24/7 championship and now it’s one of the best things in wwe today…

  13. beat smif says:

    R Truth will go down as the Greatest 24/7 champ of all time

  14. TDItaly98 says:

    “I hope you are not constipated no mo!” – RTruth, 7/11 champion, 2019

  15. Sulekha Devi says:

    R-truth destroyed his honeymoon????Funny moment in WWE ever

  16. Theodore Graves says:

    Is it me or has R Truth wrestling Drake Maverick become more entertaining than wwe itself

  17. Lana Johnson says:

    I freaking love R Truth… constipated ???? best story line

  18. Jonathan Price says:

    R-Truth and Drake Maverick = WWE Tag Team Champions

    Carmella and Mrs. Maverick = WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

  19. maurice alexander says:

    No body commenting on R-truth great selling, getting hit with flowers @ 3:24 ????

  20. Dan says:

    Surprised no one mentioned the funniest part when they cut it back to the announcers –

    Renee: Did you see what Truth did to get it though?
    Cory: Utilized the small package.


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